Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome to CESL, 091 students!

what is below this, was done in 2008.

Letter exchange with Bryan Crow

To the CESL community:

One of the consequences of being an award-winning blog (read the template of this weblog at the bottom) is that when someone puts a word, such as "falcon" into Google, our blog will come up near the top, if that's what we happen to be writing about. Thus, a researcher, Bryan Crow, stumbled on a reference to him in a paper about the endangered peregrine falcon, and wrote to point out that:

1) he appreciated our efforts to save the falcon,
2) characterization of the substance that is endangering the falcon is slightly inaccurate, in the article that our student quoted;
and 3) correction of these things is not always timely or visible.

In the letter exchange that followed he told how important it is that we not only read and write about such things, but also carry out our discourse in the public arena.

I thank Mr. AlOtaibi, the original writer, for doing this, but also Dr. Crow for pointing this out and for doing the research that is finding out what exactly is hurting the falcon. I am humbled by the reminder that what we are doing is in fact very important, to the world, and, especially, to the falcon. I also thank all CESL students, who toil hard and long, as you never know when someone will stumble upon your work, and be truly moved. -Tom L.

Read the entire exchange by starting at his original letter.
Then read my reply (on the bottom) and his reply to that (on the top) here.
I made a similar comment here.