Monday, November 17, 2008


The American election is different from a Japanese one in some ways. First, in America, citizens can choose the president. But in my country, we can't do it. The gorvernment appoints the candidate from their parties. Second, there are many negative campaigns to beat the cmpetition. We can see the speech on TV almost every day in America. On the other hand, in Japan we can't see the negative campaign. Moreover, after Obama won, many people in Carbondale were crazy at night. Compared to America, we don't care about the election so much. Especially, some of young people don't know who the prime minister is now. So, I was so surprised at the difference between America and Japan. Since I don't have opportunities to hear the speech of the president, I could learn what the policy is. I thought I want to learn more and more after the election.


The American election is different from a Japanese one in some ways. First, in America, citizens can choose the president. But in my country, we can't do it. The gorvernment appoints the candidate from their parties. Second, there are many negative campaigns to beat the cmpetition. We can see the speech on TV almost every day in America. On the other hand, in Japan we can't see the negative campaign. Moreover, after Obama won, many people in Carbondale were crazy at night. Compared to America, we don't care about the election so much. Especially, some of young people don't know who the prime minister is now. So, I was so surprised at the difference between America and Japan. Since I don't have opportunities to hear the speech of the president, I could learn what the policy is. I thought I want to learn more and more after the election.



I like to play table tennis. But it is not a popular sport in the United State. When I went to the recreation center to play basketball, I saw some people playing table tennis in a room. I was so excited about that because I thought there were few people who play table tennis in the United States before I came to America. The most different thing is many people don't use an academic paddle. They use the paddle supported by the recreation center, but we use good paddles in Taiwan. Second, people don't play very well here and few people like to play this in America but there are many people who play table tennis in Taiwan. We can find the table tennis clubs everywhere. These are differences in America. However there is a coach playing with us. My American friends are getting better in a short time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

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Cleveland, OH, Mr. Leverett
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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Soccer is the most popular game in the world. We can watch it, play it, and even play it with play station every time and anywhere. The best thing in soccer is that this game doesn’t know rich or poor, friend or enemy, and son or father. People all play and have fun together as friends. First, soccer is my best game ever. I play this game every time I have free time. I am a good goalkeeper, especially when I have an important game. Second, the difference between soccer in the U.S. and my hometown is that people are don’t have good knowledge about soccer. So, we can’t find a lot American players to play with us. But, there are many international friends who can play with us. The two big differences are that in my hometown we don’t have a lot of grass in the ground but here, most fields have grass. The second big difference is that in my hometown, people speak the same language about soccer, so my team can understand each other and can negotiate with the referee. For Example, foul, corner, plenty, or he kicked me. But that is easy for me now, because here I learned many words with the time. Finally, soccer is the best game for me. I play it, watch it, read news, and the best gamer, in it.

FE#5 Election

November 4, 2008, I heard that a lot of people shout with joy when I went outside at on 10: 30 at night. First time, I did not realize what had happened to them. After a little while, I thought this moment was the second most historic in U.S history since the American Revolution of the 13 colonies from Britain. Actually, I was surprised that a large number of guys were interested in politics. Maybe, it is not true. I think that because this election was special. Because is he Obama? Or he is African American? Whatever, I hope he changes a lot of things affirmatively. Congratulations! You got the new president. I feel marvelous that I am living at this moment in the U.S.

FE#4 Botian

The Moonlight Day

The Moonlight Day is the traditional day in China. It is one of the biggest holidays in China. All the members of family will go to the oldest person’s family to have a dinner and see the beautiful moon. Also, do not forget the moon cake. It is really delicious. In recent years, we eat moon cake and watch the slow about Moonlight Day. That is fantastic. It is completely different from Halloween. In Halloween, people wear some very special clothes and make much fun outside. People have parties and celebrate Halloween. However, Moonlight Day is different from Halloween. In China, we just stay home and watch the moon and say something fun. We are happy but it is not like people on Halloween day. They are crazy. Although, Halloween and Moonlight have many differences, I still like both of them. In China, I like Moonlight Day. In the U.S., I like Halloween

Tomb-sweeping day

In china, we have no Halloween day, but we have Tomb-sweeping day like Halloween day to respect of the dead. But some situation is different. In America, people celebrate Halloween day very crazy. But in China, we just celebrate quite. Tomb Sweeping day is one of the few traditional Chinese holidays. That follows the solar calendar-- typically falling on April 4, 5, or 6. Its Chinese name "Qing Ming." literally means "Clear Brightness.” Tomb sweeping day is the most important springtime festival. Similar to the spring festivals of other cultures. Tomb sweeping day is also a happy occasion for outdoor activities, such as picnicking, tug-of-war, kite-flying, swinging, dancing, etc. This might be an important reason why this festival has been very popular for thousands of years. Tomb sweeping day, Chinese visit their family graves to tend to any underbrush that has grown. Weeds are pulled, and dirt swept away, and the family will set out offerings of food and spirit money. Family elders will visit the gravesite at least once a year to tend to the tombs. And we go to there take some food and paper money. The food usually consists of chicken, eggs, or other dishes a deceased ancestor was fond of. Accompanied by rice, the dishes and eating utensils are carefully arranged so as to bring good luck. Sometimes, a family will put burning incense with the offering so as to expedite the transfer of nutritious elements to the ancestors. In some parts of China, the food is then eaten by the entire family. And, also to burning paper money.

Soccer In USA

Soccer is my favorite sport, so the first thing I did when I came here to the US is find out where I would I play. I really enjoy playing soccer in the US because they have many nice fields, they have many players with different nationalities, and we can play without a referee. First, in my country we do not have grass fields free because we should pay to play on them, but in the US I am surprised because we have more than ten grass fields in Carbondale. In my country almost all the fields are sand, and they get muddy when it rains. Also, if we want to play on a grass field, we should rent the field for two hours to play and that is very expensive for us, because we play twice a week. Next, I enjoy playing with people from many different countries, because every country has a special background in playing soccer. For example, I know someone he does not move on the field a lot, but he passes the ball wonderfully. I admire his way of playing soccer. Finally, I had a strange feeling when I played the first time because there was no referee on the field. In my country we should have a referee, because there are many problem that happen, such as offside problem. In US everyone is referee on the field, which means if someone makes a soccer mistake, he should tell us honestly. In conclusion, I like the way they play here because it is easier than in my country.

My Dream


Each person has one or more dreams that he try in many ways to meet. Some of them are easy to get and some of them are hard. When I was a child, I had a big dream that I wanted to be a surgery. My mother was proud of me because of my dream. I wanted to protect any children from losing their father. I was suffering a lot from losing my father because my father dead when I was a child. When I played with the other children I liked to portray a surgery. It was a great feeling. However, the fate was stop in my way. Since, I graduated from the high school. I applied to the medicine university in my city. The challenge was the university just accepted 200 students each year and had difficult test to join this university. I tried to pass the test, but I failed. I was sad because I lost two things the opportunity to help the people from losing someone they love and making my mother keep proud about me.
Next, I was adult, so I was looking for realistic dream. The second dream was a successful businessman. I chose the prince Alwaleed Bin Talal as role model. Also, I put his picture in every place in my room. I started my first step to make the dream in 1998. I opened a small store to sell cellular phones and Accessories of the cellular phones. The second big jump was investing my money in new business in Saudi Arabia that was advertising. I started with four employees and rented digital printing machine. Now, I owner a small company, which called Dimensions advertising, that have 28 employees and two branches. I had a big fear before I came to the United States, because there was no one can manage the company after I left. My uncle learned the work very fast and he control every thing. My last dream is to find beautiful girls that respect me and the marriage life. I hope from God to give me long time to accomplish my entire dream.

EAP2 WW- Fluency Exercise #5

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)
EAP2 WW- Fluency Exercise #5
November 6, 2008

Language Learning

Remembering vocabulary is the hardest part in learning a language. There are three situations that happened often when people remember the vocabulary. First, people can remember, but they forget soon. Second, people mix all the vocabulary together. Third, people cannot remember the vocabulary. I think my problems are the first one and second one. So, the best way for me to remember the vocabulary is to write them on a paper and paste them on the wall of my room, table…where I can see and notice easily. That will help me to review all the time. And if I see them many times, I can remember them quickly. Then, I try to use them often; if people use a world one time, two times or more, that world will be yours.


My dream is designer but I’m not sure exactly what part of the jobs. Actually I had major in my country. My major is metal smith also I have degrees. So, I want to transfer in S.I.U but I am not deciding my major yet. I want to learn Art but I can’t choose one. Now, I am very concerned two things. First, what part of the Art majors do I like more? Which kind of majors can I enjoy? Second thing is getting job. What part of the Art major is getting good job. I know that job is depends on the people who has a good talent. But I figure out the general cases. Therefore, I have very hard to think about the major. I really don’t know which one is better to me. So, I am still thinking.

Also, I have some fear. I never had been to get fear about the future but I am not anymore. I don’t know that I got some fears now why those things I have. I think that reason is the ages. If I am getting older and older, I will get more fear and stress because I am not child. I should decide many things by myself. I hate this things but I have to do that. Another reason is less confidence than when I was young. When I was child, I did know about the social things. I thought if I grow up, I can do that everything. But it is not true. Now, I got a little less confidence than before because I know what is true.

I will try to find my dream. Actually, it is not easy. I will struggle more than before.

Dreams of my life

I think dreams are a huge topic, because everybody could have an idea of dream. Everybody has a different dream. In my case my family always thought me how to be independent, so for me one of my biggest dreams is be a successful person. I don’t want to be dependent of anyone or anything. To make this possible I need to be ready in my career and my life. I am studying all the levels of my profession to be the best one. I am living my values to find someone who think like me. The successful of my life, all the aspects, love, profession, relations are the way that I can live in happiness. For me, happiness is a style of life, is not something that we can get with some steps. In other words, my dreams and aspirations are do whatever I want that make me feel happy, because I don’t want to think in the future Why I didn’t do something?

My biggest fear is broke my dreams. I don’t want to lose the chance of do anything. I don’t want to regret any of my actions. I don’t want that my personal aspiration will be destroy by my professional aspirations. I don’t want that my professional dreams will be destroy by my personal dreams. So, my idea is be in balance, or at least try it. The important thing is do what make you feel good. If that action doesn’t have relations with your initial dream, maybe this new one is better. People should be happy with their decisions. Those decisions are pieces of their life, and because of those they have the life that they make. I don’t know I think this is a very controversial topic, and everyone has their own answer for this!

Save The Environment, Save The World


In Hirsch's article "Animals 'hit by global warming'" (2005), the author states that global warming affects many animals' living patterns. By an association's report, there is a big effect that can cause animals to change their migration routes if global warming continues. Some animals are unlikely to adapt to the climate changing, so scientists are trying to figure out a way that can help animals cope with global warming. Nevertheless the climate becomes warmer so fast that many species have died because they are unable to deal with changes. So a report shows that scientists are supposed to find more methods to help animals avoid being killed by the new climate.

Absolutely, the author’s opinion is correct in the article. Global warming affects many animals by changing their habitats and living scopes. Although scientists have found some approaches to help them adapt to the environmental changes, there are still some species that died during the period. In author’s article, he points out that if animals keep staying in the environment that can harmfully affect them, there will be nowhere that they can be alive. So people should use more alternative ways to help animals to avoid dying, such as population control, new technologies, and education.

First, during the last century, people destroyed the environment more and more since the population of the world has gone up more and more rapidly. By the population raising, the demand for material has been exponentially enlarged. Cutting trees, air pollution, exponential world population growth and so forth make the environment worse and worse, and everything that negatively affects the climate is influenced by humans. That means the larger the population is, the more serious the environmental condition will be. So all governments should have a plan that can effectively control the population. For example, the Chinese government carried out a law that citizens are only allowed to have one child in each family. Although China is still a country that has the most people in the world, and there are 1.4 million people more than last century, it has started to decelerate. The population of China would be almost equal to the total population of other countries in the world without that plan. In addition, so far, the environment of China has become better and better because of the population control plan.

Next, the old technology is one of the biggest reasons the whole earth has gotten warmer than ever. For a long time people have done a great deal with harmful gas in an inappropriate way, and not only have people suffered from hundreds of diseases that have been caused by air pollution, but also animals have died by climate changes that are caused by global warming. Therefore, people should realize that new technology that can prevent the development of global warming, such as heating by solar-energy instead of firewood, getting electricity by wind energy instead of some methods that can cause air pollution, and so forth. All of the above are the ways that have been used by people in their normal lives, but during the time that global environment is getting worse, it is the time for scientists to figure out more advanced technology to cope with the situation that may be likely to be more serious in the future. Species can avoid extinction from the earth; So can humans, especially if people are able to invent more new technologies that can replace those which can cause global warming.

Finally, education is a factor that can influence people to protect the environment, because people improve their qualities only by the education. And people's qualities keep them decide how to cope with those environmental problems that can be directly or indirectly related to their lives. For example, there are many workers who are from the countryside of China, and some of them rarely have been educated so much in school. The money becomes the most significant issue for them, so they expect to be rich, rather than focusing on whether they are not supposed to expectorate here or there. Consequently, whether environmental problems can be solved depends on people's realizing how important the environment is. And the only way that can make people clear about that is education.

In conclusion, people should use more methods to help animals prevent dying, because climate changes are more rapid because of global warming. That is a big project for people all over the world, since people can solve this situation by population control, using of new technologies, and education. Therefore, if people can deal with the environmental problems together, animals will be saved soon, and so will we humans.


Hirsch, T. (2005, October 5). Animals 'hit by global warming'. BBC NEWS. Retrieved on October, 15, 2008, from

*** Step for Learning New Languages ***

Most people learn the different languages for different purposes. Most of them think that it is difficult to learn a different language; others think it is not very difficult for them. In addition, learning a new language is neither easy nor difficult. It depends on the person and his interest. Firstly, I believe that the interest in a language is the most important factor of learning a new language. Put in mind any reason which makes you interested in the language. For example, listen to foreign music which will give inspiration to understand or make foreign friends. Because if you are interested in the language, your studying will be as a pleasure; you want to fulfill your interests and achieve your goals. Second, I advise you to be talkative in the other language; it does not matter what people will say or think of you, just break the border of shyness. Even if you are a kind of introverted person and do not like to socialize with people, you turn over a new leaf. Third, as what people said, if you want to learn a new language, you have to first learn its abuses. Actually, I do not completely agree with that, but I think it helps you to be interested to learn the language and start talk with the languages native speakers. Finally, force yourself to read and listen to the language you want to learn in the field that interests you. Following these steps will help you learn very fast and more easily.

Fluency exercise #5 Surprising Election

There was a presidential election on November 4, 2008. I was surprised because of people’s reaction which I have ever seen. When an elected person was decided, people got out into the street. And then, they shouted and started fireworks to celebrate the new president. And, a party in which people looked crazy continued untill dawn. In addition, I saw people who were crying when they were listening to Obama’s speech on the television. It was my first experience of an election day in the United States of America. Usually, Koreans are not accustomed to expressing their feeling with acting. Although Koreans also celebrate the new president, they never make a party to celebrate that like Americans. That kind of big celebrations are just for their running mates, families, and their friends, not for all people in Korea.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Summary and Response #1

Peregrine Falcon is in Danger
According to Marla Cone in her (2008) article, “A new toxic threat to bird of prey," the peregrine falcon is in danger of extinction due to pesticides. These dangerous chemicals are found in high concentrations in the urban areas where the Falcon is living. In addition, many studies have found the same chemical in the breast milk of women in this area of California. In addition, this is not only dangerous for the falcon but also can hurt humans. Furthermore, scientists believe that these toxic substances are used in electronics and move through the dust of house into the air, then to the urban pigeons on the streets, which are then eaten by falcons. The study discovered that the eggs of urban falcon are composed of higher levels of chemicals than these in rural inland and coastal areas. The writer also explained that children are more susceptible to injury than adults are, because they are playing in the dust-infested streets. In the end of the article, the author hinted at the importance of preventing the increase of toxic substances in California, and he wrote about the prohibition of certain harmful substances used in electronics.
The dangers that threaten the Peregrine Falcon are taking many forms, such as environmental pollution, over hunting, and poisoning, of the falcons. Obviously, the birds cannot avoid these things by themselves.
First, environmental problems are very different depending on the atmosphere, for example, a tropical climate; it is rainy throughout the year, which causes floods that cover the land, forcing the birds to migrate looking for safer areas. Another climate such as the desert climate is very hot, and there is neither water, nor foods. Therefore, there is no vegetation in which the birds can find food. In this case the birds try to change their places in search of survival. In the frozen area, the global warming is melting the ice, which is causing many changes in the environment; birds might move to dry regions. These are simple examples that explained how the environmental problems contribute to hurting the birds or even human lives.
Second, we know there are many people who desire to hunt the falcons! They usually do that for many reasons, for instance, using it for hunting other birds, or selling it to the people who are able to teach it in the falconry; this trade is common in the Arab Gulf countries, especially in Saudi Arabia, and we aren’t surprised of that, if we know the cost of peregrine falcon might be set from $20,000 to $70,000, and the highest record reached around $250,000 ( Yasater, n.d.). People try many ways to catch it alive. Sometimes they put prey into nets then the falcon lands in the net and may get stuck in it. Many people in Saudi Arabia take this kind of hunting as a habit, and some of them use it as a sport. However, they might hurt the falcons, or force it to leave the country, and this is immoral and illegal in most countries including Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, in the United Kingdom, Mark Foster (2008,para.5) wrote, “ According to the charity's Bird crime report, there were 1,190 reported incident relating to wild birds last year, an increase of more than 50 percent on the previous year's total of 726,” and one of these crimes is shooting; actually I don’t know why they are shooting the falcons. The governments should punish people who trying to hunt falcons or shoot them just for fun, or another fake reason, and they should regulate hunting operations if that is necessary.
Finally, another danger of the falcon is that it is accursed by industrial chemicals that spread worldwide; many of falcons were injured, or killed by the pesticide DDT, or another kind of industrial chemical. The problem is very complicated, because we cannot prevent factories from using some dangerous chemicals, because we do not have safe alternative resources. Although we can organize our lives by avoiding establishing new factories near wildlife areas, also we can create new falcon’s centers to breed birds in quality environments. Most chemical problems accrued among eggs, so we can make it under our protection. Moreover, the companies can help governments by innovating new safer materials that do not destroy the ecosystem, or pollute the atmosphere.
In conclusion, the life of Peregrine Falcons responds to all people; as a community, we can help the governments around the world to avoid using chemical contamination in our products or avoid selling chemicals; also we can prevent illegal hunting, and poisoning of the flame; if we do that we have contributed to giving the king of the sky- the Peregrine Falcon- his previous freedom.

Cone, M. ( 2008 , May 9). A new toxic threat to bird of prey; the state’s peregrine falcons, once victims of DDT, again face a deadly contaminant: flam retardants. Retrieved October 16, 2008 from Lexis Nexis database
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Summary and Response # 2
Peregrine falcon return

In Cindy Hoffman's (1999) article, “The peregrine falcon is back” she talked about the deletion of the falcon from the list of threatened bird species. After many success stories with other birds, now the turn has come over the peregrine falcon. The falcon that nests in the cliffs or urban skyscrapers could not withstand the massive proliferation of DDT after the Second World War. The Environmental Protection Agency prohibited the use of DDT in the United States. Because the population of falcons in the eastern United States disappeared, and population in the west declined, falcon listed under the Endangered Species Conservation Act. As result of cooperation between American institutions as well as internal and international cooperation led by the Government of Canada to preserve the culture and the protection of nesting hawks has achieved impressive results. Some of the falcons started their new lives in the skyscrapers where they can find their prey. However, the peregrines are still protecting by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which prevents any kind of threat to birds unless being under regulation hunting. In addition, they continue to follow up on the falcons after they are removing from the list for next five years to make sure they do not need to be listed again. This amazing success story might encourage other countries to try the American plans, which contributed to making the numbers of peregrine falcon double several times.

There is an Arab proverb that says, whoever does not know the Falcon, might grill it. This proverb describes the situation of many people, who do not respect the falcon’s life, or do not know how deal with them. However, the United States and Canada have taken strong action about protecting peregrines lives, they established many ways to let them survive, such as adding peregrine falcon to the list of endangered species, prohibition of use of harmful substances like DDT, and following-up, and monitoring the falcons after the birds removed from the list. These approaches helped in the return of the falcon to his natural situation.

First, the United States has a list for all of endangered and threatened species; after they noted high declines of the numbers of the birds in the United States, “The peregrine falcon has been protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act since the early 1970’s” (The peregrine falcons of Morro Rock, n.d). Many countries have the same idea, in the United States that when the government has the ability to apply the roles strongly; people also have high respect for rules. These two factors contributed to the scientific success. On the other hand, people in Saudi Arabia obey the rules in general, but they have problem with their friends or relatives who desire to break the roles for personal needs. Therefore, we still have many species on the brink of extinction, although they established several protection rules.

Second, these falcons suffering long time from harmful industrial toxics; in her article (2008, para. 7), Sharon Lem said, "DDT causes the shell of eggs to thin and break before the chicks are ready to hatch.” That clearly explained why the number of the falcons dropped sharply in the United States in the past. The government banned the use of DDT; this solution aims to protect the life of peregrine falcon. This decision helped to purify the atmosphere and paved the way for the chicks to grow naturally developed during the incubation period.

Finally, in high provisional treatment, the government started a new program to breed new generations of peregrine falcons. “Peregrine falcons from various sources were used as breeding stock. Chicks were hatched and raised in captivity and then “’hacked’ into the wild” (Peregrine falcon, n.d). Many falcons live right now in the urban places such as cities or bridges. A recovery Plan has along strategy. They watched the birds for five years to make sure that they do not need any more recovery.

In conclusion, all governments around the world must protect our variety of species, especially peregrine. They might use the American method, which protects it under the force of law, or prevent everything that may affect falcon’s lives, and follow up in their planning without any excuse for any reason. If the world does that, we can keep our environment rich by various organisms.

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Being a bride is hard

I want to talk about my dream and problems for it. I have a lot of dreams and the most important dream for me is being a bride. I have to take over many things in making the dream real. First of all, I'm not sure if I can find my destiny or not. The possibility which I can find a good man is not high and it's difficult to continue relationship forever. If I particular about characteristic or appearance too much, it's more difficult to get married. Second, I don't have confidence in housework, because I'm not good at cooking, cleaning and so on. In additon, they are very hard and stressful. But I must do housework every day no matter how I have a job or not for my future husband and children. Finally, the most important fear is that I will get divorced. Nowaday, in Japan, the rate of divorce is increasing more and more. There are various reasons. The number one reason is difference of sense of value. Many people notice that characteristic they haven't known after marriage although they have dated for long time. So I need to see congeniality very carefully. Also, I have to choose a man who suits a marriage partner not just a lover. Moreover, sometimes visions of matrimony aren't realized and some people are disappointed at marriage or partners. It's rare to be able to make them real faithfully. Thus, there are some things I'm afraid of in being a bride. Some are things I can take over by effort, and others depend on my fortune. Anyway, I hope that I will find a perfect man for me, and have a happy life with him forever.

Common Ways that People in my Country Meet the Love of their Live

People in my country meet the love of their live in many different ways. The most common, popular, and traditional is arranged married. However, some people meet their loved ones through friends, at their work place, college or university, church, radio and through wizards. Arranged married are from generation to generation, is our tradition and is the most trustful. In the arranged married the parents from the girl and the boy decided or arrange the marriage when both the girl and the boy are still babies. Thus, by the time they will be already grown up, they will have to get married because their parents have already decided and they are not supposed to break the promise. Before the girl leaves her parents to go and stay with her husband, the boy has to pay or give a lot of money to the girl parents. Besides it the boy has to buy clothes to the girl’s parents that have to fill at least three luggages. Most of the parents who arrange married to their daughter or son believe that ancestors play an important role in deciding and choosing the future couple that will get married. Therefore, many couples do not easily divorce because they believe that who arranged their married are the ancestors. Thus, if they divorce or think of divorcing they will be disrespecting, breaking the pacts and they will be cursing themselves. The churches in my country play an important role in making people to meet by making services for singles who are looking for a partner. The other popular way in which people meet their loved ones is through the radio. Most of radios stations have romantic programs in which people call and leave their details like age, height, educational level and from where they are. Then if somebody will be interested in the person with these characteristics will call to the radio to find out how to meet the person. However, meeting through the internet is not common and popular in my country. Thus, people would rather consult the wizards about with whom to get married, where to find to find the person, how to get or impress the person and what kind of magic can be used to call and seduce the person. Those who do not believe or trust in the wizards and do not have any arranged married, do not think that radio programs or church services can work wait for the opportunity to come by searching around in their work place, college and university.

Nesting eagles add twist to battle with Wal-Mart

Summary Responsible#3

T.Blackwell (2008) article “Nesting eagles add twist to battle with Wal-Mart” the author shows us one of the threat that faces the eaglet . This kind of bird has trouble in life, and he talks, about the Wal-Mart problem, when they want build a parking lot for the cars. First, Wal-Mart wants to destroy the nest to build a supercenter. Second, the residents start an argument with Wal-Mart because they don’t want Wal-Mart to affect the eaglet. But the Wal-Mart officer said we just did it before; that means there is no problem. Third, all the agencies that work to protect the eagle will never let them do what they want to do. However, a Wal-Mart spokeswoman said we have an environmental engineer who can know everything about the environment. Finally, a wildlife biologist from Florida said it sounded difficult to do construction during the nesting season.
I like this article and I agree with some of the information in it. The reason that I read this article is the threat that faces to the nesting eagles. There are many good points in this article but I will talk about only two points, which are destroying the nest to build a new supercenter and agencies that protect the eagles.
First, destroying the nest to build a new supercenter is harmful for the environment. If every new business starts without looking at the influence of his business on the environment, it will be a threat for the human’s and animals’ life and specifically that of the eagle. That’s because cutting trees and destroying the nest makes the bird extinct and it harms the human. It is harmful for the human because will if decrease the oxygen from the earth and increase the carbon and this will cause global warming. Therefore, we must plant a lot of trees everywhere to save our earth.
Second, we need to support agencies that protect the eagles. If we support this kind of agency it will save the animal’s life and specifically that of the eagle. That is because, if we work together we can save our environment from the harm and we can help the eagle reproduce. But this work is not easy to do by the residents and this kind of agencies only need help from the government. Moreover, if all the countries and the organizations work together and make advertisements on the television and tell the people about the harm of cutting trees, it will help. In conclusion, agencies must work hard to save our lives and the eagles’ life.
Finally, it is not easy to save our environment from the harm that we can find in the future. But we can do it in many different ways, such as agencies that work to save the eagles life. And all governments, if they start to work together, they can save the eagles’ life and the environment. Moreover, we need to stop cutting trees everywhere. Let’s stop cutting trees and help the eagle reproduce.References:Blackwell,N.(2008). Nesting eagles add twist to battle with Wal-Mart.St.Petersburg Times.Retrieved October 28, 2008, from

Wahidah Alsibiani

My Dreams

I have a lot of dreams that I hope to fulfill. In my life, I dreamed since I was young to become a woman who can change something. When I was young, I wanted to become an actress and a singer because I loved television so much. In the same time, I wanted to become a professor. I think child's dreams stayed with me while I was growing. I didn't become an actress because my family never encouraged me about it, and i didn't become a singer because my voice was terrible. But the dream of having a doctorate degree has never gone from my mind. I started to like math when I was in the secondary school. When I applied to the college, I chose medicine, but I haven't been accepted. I cried when I got denied from the medicine. I applied to the math department and studied my bachelor degree. I think this the best thing that happened to me. Math was my love and I'm happy that I didn't study medicine. I started my master degree in math and finished it with honorable excellence. After that I worked as a teacher in the same department. My dream was to be a professor. I wanted to continue my study and finish the doctorate degree that I have always dreamed. There were a lot of problems that were about to prevent me from this dream. My parent wanted me to get married instead of studying and I didn't want to till I get my degree. Also, I had problems with the admission process. But, finally I was able to come here to finish my degree. I believe that my other dream was to marry a good man and have kids, but my love to math kept that idea away for some time, but now I think about it and I want to finish studying then marry. Another dream is to write a book in math. I think this is the next thing I will think about after few years of my doctorate degree.

The time when I am alone

Yunfei Zheng

People can not spend all the times together, because every person is individual, we need some time for ourselves to thinking about something or have a rest. In my country, there is a famous logion; it says that the distance between people create the beautiful. It is hard to understand because many people think that we should spend more time together to improve our relationship; the fact is if people spend too much time together, they will feel uncomfortable with each other. The solution is using our private time to thinking about our life. We don’t think it is a strange thing and even most of us believe that we must have the time.

The world is developing so fast, we use a lot of time to work or communicate with others, we loss something inside ourselves little by little. At intervals, we hesitate. So, let’s have a pause from the stress world. Today we come back home early, close the door and turn on the light in order to look at ourselves clearly. We find that the loss of the spirits. So, let us pick it up, we read some books, listening to the music, doing some interesting things which we want to have a try. We always find something new from these; we find the truth in life by this time.

It is hard to imagine if a person doesn’t have his or her own time for themselves, they can’t find the meaning for living on this earth. They work like a machine and live like dead person. In my life, I spend a lot of time being alone, maybe it is because I like psychology very much and I always try to find something from other people’s behavior, I also thinking about myself like how to make myself become better. So private time is a big deal for me, I can’t live without it and so do my country’s citizens I think.

Golden-Cheeked Warbler

Summary Response#2

In his article “Vanishing in the Wild: Golden-Cheeked Warbler,” the shows us the threat that faces golden cheeked warbler. This kind of bird is one of the birds that faces extinction. There are many different threats, but he lists a few and the solution for this problem. First, the weather change affects the Golden-Cheeked Warbler, because the weather changing affects the forecast. Second, cutting the forests to build houses and make land available for people to live there affects their ability. Third, the pollution affects them to live. Also, they are spraying chemical products to kill flies. Those influence the food source for the Gold-Cheeked Warbler. Moreover, the author talks about the solution of this problem. For example, in the U.S., it is illegal for anyone to kill or destroy the nesting-set for the endangered animals.

I like this article and I agree with the writer’s opinion. The reason is that the writer mentions one of the endangered animals and what it faces. There are many problems they face and ways we can fix those problems, such as cutting forests and pollution.

First, everyone knows that cutting forests is a big problem for our life. The reason is that forests protect us from desertification, and is not only for our life, but also for the animal’s life. For this reason, cutting forests is a big problem for the Gold-Cheeked Warbler’s life. That is because if we cut the trees in the forest, we will destroy the nesting sites for this bird. For this reason, we need to find solutions and new rules to protect this bird from extinction. This is not only the bird facing this problem, but there are other kinds of animals that face the same problem. In conclusion, we need to grow a lot of trees everywhere, not cut them, it because we will save the animals from endangerment.

Second, as we know many countries face a pollution problem. The pollution is not only affecting the people’s life, but also affects the animal’s lives. For example, the Gold-Cheeked Warblers face a difficult time with the pollution. Using chemical spray in the trees to kill different kind of flies without control, influences other animal’s lives For example, the Gold-Cheeked Warbler became in danger because many people used the chemical and made pollution. For those reasons, all countries need to find new solutions for the pollution problem because the pollution is one of the reasons that make global warming. And these affect the weather in all worlds. Therefore, we need to be careful when we use the chemical product, because it is dangerous for the environmen

Finally, we need to save the Gold-Cheeked Warbler’s life and other kind of animals from endangerment. If we want to save the Gold-Cheeked Warbler life, we need to find solution for many different things, such as cutting forest, since cutting forest is a big problem for this bird. And we need to solve the pollution problem in the forest by controlling chemical spraying. Also, the governments make difficult rules to save this bird and other animals. The reason is that the pollution affects the weather and the weather affects the animal’s life. For all those reasons, we need to protect the animal’s life all over the world. If we don’t try to fix this problem, our life will be in dangerous in the future. Americans, let’s go to protect the Gold-Cheeked Warbler.

(N.D) Bagheera :Vabishing In The Wild. Google Web. Retrieved October, 20, 2008, from

Summary Response

Danger of Extinction

According to the article “The brown pelican’s return to coastal Louisiana” the author states that brown pelicans have a history in Louisiana, but they disappeared from there. Brown pelicans arrived in Louisiana because Iberville, first coasting of the Gulf of Mexico, took the pelicans and carried on to the New World with 24 feminine birds in hope that they would provide an incentive for permanent settlements. Then in 1966 the pelican received the honor to being officially adopted as the state bird. However the author explains that the pelican bird started to decrease it’s population in the state of Louisiana until they totally disappeared. The scientist began to study why the pelican had disappeared; they could not have proof to know at that moment why the birds migrated. They believed that the reason had been two tropical storms in 1956 and 1957. However, years later, in California, the pelicans started to disappear too but the research found that thousands of pounds of the pesticide DDT had been used in the state. Fishes that are part of the food of the pelicans had absorbed the DDT. As a result of this in 1968 the Louisiana state started a program to restocking brown pelicans. They transported the pelicans from Florida. The program started to be successful and the birds started to increase and sustain their population.

So many of the environmental problems are caused by humans but human cannot migrate across, the Earth like pelicans did when they did not find food. However some of the humans can create a lot of programs to help to maintain the Earth. Also humans are intelligent to use the technology to help the Earth and try not to cause more damage.

Humans are always creating pollution without thinking of the environment. The problem is that when they started to think about the environment, it could be too late. Every day too many species disappear from the Earth because of the damage of humans and one of these species could be humans too. Humans do not have the possibility to migrate to another planet, like the movie WALL-E. Neither do we have the possibility to move to another country like brown pelicans, because we are too many people for just one country. Humans have to be more conscious to think about the future. Humans have to respect the environment to subsist in the Earth. We have proof of the damage that we are causing and the migration of the pelicans can be one example of this. Humans do not have possibilities like pelicans.

However humans can start to create some programs in order to protect the environment. The program that Louisiana State started protected one of the species of the Earth. Humans have to take the environmental problems seriously. They have to start to take seriously the methods of reuse, recycle and reduce. It is incredible that people, knowing the environmental problems that the Earth has, are not worried about doing something. Every day you can see in the place to recycle a lot of things that are not to recycle. Even if people have to places to put the garbage, they mix everything recyclable and not. However it is important to create educational programs to explain to people how they can take care of the environment.

Humans have to think about how they can create technology to help to clean the environment without causing more damage. Some person is creating a machine those functions in order to clean the air pollution. Mexico City is one of the cities where the machine had been tested. Humans have to figure out the problem of why green technology is more expensive than regular technology. Whirlpool, for example, has a line of washing machines that are green and not cause damage to the environment, but this line is the most expensive, and no one will buy it. Humans have technology and they must use it for the best.

Humans can continue causing damage to the environment, but they could disappear if they are too late. If the human race wants to live in the Earth forever, they have to think of the planet. They have to create programs that help to take care of the environment, and they have to use the technology in the same way. The Earth could not be forever.


USGS National Wetlands Research Center, (n.d) “The brown pelican’s return to coastal Louisiana”. Retrieved on October 28, 2008 from

Learning Language

Khalid A
EAP 2 – Writers’s Workshop

Learning another language is something interesting and hard at the same time. For me I decided to learn another language because it is required in my job and because English is the first language in the world. To learn a new language there are many steps you should take. First, you should have the motive that makes you study hard and not give up. Second, you should find a good institution for teaching this language. Next, you should learn many vocabulary because vocabulary is your basic instructor that help you in learning; then, try to practice what you learn with native speakers if it is possible or others who speak the language. Moreover, you should watch TV and listen to music to improve your listening skills. Also, reading is very helpful for you, so you should read as much as you can. Personally I try these methods and it helps me a lot, but the most helpful is to have friends from the native language so you will learn fast and they will help you if you have a mistake. I hang out with my friends and I learn many things from them. Finally, learning another language is very important for people

summary response # 1

summary responce #1
OCTOBER 22, 2008

Human Kills California Condor

In John Ritter (2006) article “Lead poisoning Eyed As Threat T o California Condor,” the author says hunters use dangerous material that is harmful for California condor. According to article, organizers will establish laws, which are in favor of California condor. However, people who are fond of shooting they disagree with laws. Also, copper bullets would solve the problem but they are more expensive. Moreover, researchers also found that most of California condors are under risk. Therefore, lawmakers spend money to protect birds’ life.

I agree with author’s opinion that lawmakers established laws against sport foundation. California condor is farmers’ friends. However, California condor creates bad impression in our mind.

First, people hunt California condor just for hobbies the lives of the young. Some organizers organize shooting competition. But, they forget the valuation of birds. They also increase the number of people who join that kind of activity. Government establishes laws to protect California condor. For example; there are number of shooting sport foundations in India. They catch condors and other birds to organize shooting competitions. Suddenly, populations of birds collapsed in India. In the end, the Indian government established laws against shooting organizations.

Next, condor helps farmers. He is a predator of insects. Condor always prefers to live in green areas and farms. Condors play an essential role to maintain an ecosystem. Condor eats bugs in farms and it is really helpful for farmers. To some extant, condors save money and protect farmers’ crops. For example; my grandfather is a farmer. Whenever he grows plants, he irrigates his farm. At that time lots of condors come to my grandfather’s farm and eat bugs. My grandfather doesn’t need to use pesticides. It saves our money and time.

Finally, as we know, California condor is an omnivorous bird. It creates a bad impression in human life. We often see condors around dead animals. Condor is dirtier bird than other birds. He can’t adjust in our society. For example; in my village after animals die people throw them far away from the village. There are lots of condors who come around dead animals and eat with a very dirty style. It creates bad impression in our society. Sometimes, people are scared of condor’s eye.

In conclusion, shooting foundation is the worst way to get entertainment. California condor helps farmers and sustains eco system. Condor’s life styles encourage thinking about his negative characteristics.

Ritter, J. (2006, October 24). Lead poisoning eyed as threat to California condor. USA

Today. Retrieved October 22,2008. From lexis nexis.
Posted by krunalkumar at 11:11 AM


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