Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amphibians' Crisis, Maybe The Last Call


Scientists are knocking alarm warning people from a mass wave of extinction. This time amphibians – four-legged organisms that have double life in water and on the land are threatened with dreadful extinction. In this research paper, we are suggesting several particular and significant plans to address the crisis. Creating protected areas, banning amphibians’ trade, reducing global pollution, and solving the road-kill problem, all these solutions might be quite helpful to resolve the crisis.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The topic of this paper is importance of krill. It argues about whether global warming, which is the cause of decreasing of krill, is an important problem or not. First of all, I deal with solutions. There are two causes of global warming and three solutions of global warming. First is individual endeavor and second is government endeavor. And last is ban of intensive fishing. I'll introduce opponents of protecting krill and then I'll argue this opinion. Last, it is conclusion. I'll summarize my thesis.

Sea Pollution

The topic of this paper is sea pollution. It argues that people are doing bad things that cause the sea pollution. There are three things that people do and they cause the sea pollution. They use the ships to travel over the sea. They dig oil under the sea. They are shipping the oil over the sea.
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Coral criss-Research paper


The topic of this research paper is coral crisis. It argues that coral reefs are still shrinking and bleaching because of other hidden factors. There are three elements for this argument. First, marine tourism is a real killer that destroys coral’s habitats. The soil erosion of grazing land, furthermore, injects a huge amount of chemical substances into the marine ecology. Finally, the jellyfish feed on corals as nutrients, and some underwater creatures absorb many algae which adhere to the surface of coral reefs.

Losing the coral reefs


The topic of this paper is coral reefs. It argues that coral reefs should be protected by us, because that will keep the sea life safe. First, we should stop trawling. Secondly, we have to protect the sea life and coral reefs from the damage that happens because of blast fishing. Finally, the government should protect the ocean from people who contaminate the ocean.

The Positive Effect of Hurricanes that humans create on Corals

The subject of this research is the benefits of hurricanes that humans create because of the pollution on coral reefs. It explains that hurricanes can save the population of corals from death. The research gives three supportive points. First, the temperature of the ocean decreases when a hurricane comes; second, hurricanes relieve bleaching on corals, and finally, hurricanes’ effects on the principal cell that lives inside corals are positive.


The sea pollution


Sea pollution will cause food problem, animal problem and human health problem. This paper argues that human being should pollute the ocean. There are four reasons for this argument. The first is that world food problem, and the second is that people pollution will kill all of the animals, and will have big environment problem. The third reason is that people will have health problem, because of pollution. The last one is now still have some people think the ocean is big and we do not think a lot, it can clean by itself.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Caribbean Sea Pollution


The topic of this paper is sea pollution in the Caribbean Sea. It argues that human beings should focus on sea pollution because it is harmful and has already threatened the environment and human life. There are three reasons for this argument. First, ocean ecosystem has been interrupted. Second, the coastal soil is damaged. The third reason is that more disasters happened frequently.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Captive Breeding for Amphibian Survival


The topic of this paper is captive breeding for amphibians’ survival. It argues that people should be concerned about captive breeding for endangered amphibians. There is reason for this argument. “Amphibians” means “double life”, which refers to the fact that these animals can live both on land and in water. The amphibians are important animals because they were the first vertebrates to conquer land. Also, amphibians have a much longer history than humans. Recently amphibians are faced with a critical situation. Researchers propose captive breeding for amphibians’ existence. Also, the researchers claim problems of captive breeding. In this paper, I plan on writing about how to help the captive breeding for amphibians by addressing such problems as of global warming, fungus diseases, and lack of funds.

The way to protect krill

The topic of this paper is the crisis of krill living in Antarctica. It argues that we should protect them because krill is a very useful species to maintain the food chain and ecosystem in Antarctica. There are three ways we can protect krill. The first way is that individuals pay attention to the ecosystem in Antarctica and reduce the pollutants from our lives. The second way is that the government reduces the total amount of pollutants and imposes legal controls on the amount of krill fishing for protecting krill. The third way is that environmentalists and environmental associations investigate and watch the ice shelves and species in Antarctica periodically, let people know about the crisis of krill and Antarctic Ocean and convince the governments and fisheries to reduce the amount of krill fishing.

Penguins Abstract

The topic of this paper is about penguins. It argues that even though people have made global warming, they do not really try to prevent global warming. These are three solutions for penguins. The first one is that people should not use things that can cause global warming, and second is that we should provide them food. Finally, penguins have lost their habitats due to melting ice, so we should make them artificial habitats.

Abstract (Sea Turtle)

The topic of this paper is the protection of endangered sea turtles. It argues that an amount of species are threatened in their lives as the world advances in civilization. Because of them, today mankind and species have gotten the environmental problems. Humans have to preserve both endangered sea turtles and the environment. There are three solutions for this argument. The first is that humans have to study about the endangered sea turtles and environmental problems. The second is that people have to reduce the human activities. Finally, humans should make a reservation for endangered sea turtles.

Solution of ice shelf collapse


The topic of this paper is a solution of Ice shelf collapse. Ice shelf collapse is because of global warming. This paper argues that humans should do about the danger of global warming. There are three solutions for this problem. The first is that people should stop use plastic bags, and the second is that people should use public transportation. The third solution is that people should stop use Freon gas.


We are living in the middle of the technology age. A high competency exist amongst these companies providing millions of people free Internet and computing services. Those companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are just examples, and here, what we are going to talk about. Microsoft is the largest software company in the world. It is well known for its operating system. Yahoo is the largest Internet company and the most visited web site according to Alexia Ranking - an Amazon company. Google is the largest data company and has one of the best search engines ever. Yahoo and Google are Internet companies that Microsoft is not able to compete with. There were several attempts from Microsoft to buy Yahoo and acquire it so Microsoft Internet services would be much better, since Microsoft MSN cannot survive. These attempts have not succeeded yet. What do you think about it?

Fluency Ex #6

Data Mining in Yahoo

I usually use the Internet on computer. Nowadays, a lot of people in the world use the Internet and they get extensive information from a lot of web sites, especially, South Korea has transformed itself into one of the world’s most wired nations. We have a lot of web sites in the world; especially, I usually use the Yahoo. I use e-mail and messenger on Yahoo, and I try to find educational information through Yahoo’s search. I also look up the internet shopping mall because Yahoo in one of big companies has attached a great number of companies. Yahoo also has extensive search systems, so I can find some information every time when I want something. I can use the Yahoo maps when I want to travel somewhere, I can use the chat with people in the world. Yahoo gives me convenience and pleasure.


The Bluetooth technology is the most modern technology that bothers me. In Saudi Arabia we have huge problem with this technology, because we are such religious people and e have a very strong culture. And Bluetooth technology is very popular in Saudi Arabia. But, the problem is that some people use it to do bad things to other people. For example, they record personal videos and publish them in the public places or on the Internet. And there are many people who use it just to hurt other people, or have fun with other people's personal lives, which is not okay for us, because of our strong culture. And now in most public places, the Bluetooth technology is not allowed, and nobody can use it , partially in the places that are especially for women. Moreover, there are many tragedies that happened because of the phone camera and the Bluetooth technology.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Save the Antarctic ice shelves

The topic of this paper is Antarctica’s ice shelf collapses. It argues that humans should prevent ice shelf collapses because they will bring lots of environment problems. Also discuss that global warming, because it is main cause of Antarctica’s ice shelf collapses. Global warming would bring lots of environment problems so try to follow those solutions. There are four reasons for this argument. The first is that people have to reduce greenhouse gases emission. And the second is that people should use renewable resources more than nonrenewable resources. In addition, people have to take care of the earth’s natural resources. Finally, global warming is not a supply for business market place.

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Polar Bear facing extinction


The topic of this paper is polar bears facing extinction because of global warming. It argues that humans should protect polar bears, because decreasing of polar bears is caused by human’s activity, destruction of environment, and development. There are actions that could be done to protect polar bears. The first is that the government has to make a regulation to reduce greenhouse gases and the use of fossil fuels, and the second is that the government should protect polar bear from humans. Finally, people have to know and announce the situation threatening the polar bears. -Moon-


Google is the largest search engine in the world. It is convenient because we can find all the information we need for free, such as websites, news, maps, stocks, videos, images, and all the phonebook lists of every city in America. All the information has been classified, so we can get both general and specific information easily by typing the key words in the search toolbar. Furthermore, all the information can be translated into many different languages, which is helpful for language study. Google also provides advertising service and matches them with different information. In conclusion, it is a comprehensive website and includes global information.

Solutions for Three kinds of Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Antarctica


The topic of this research paper is solutions for environmental impacts of tourism in the Antarctic continent. It argues that the international society should make ceaseless efforts to protect the Antarctic environment from various kinds of environmental impacts of tourism. On this, there are three factors and their solutions for this argument. Three factors are the effects of physical factors, the effects of biological factors, and loss of non-material environmental value; accordingly, their solutions are to enact strong legislations against tourism, to tighten control of the quarantine system, and to give wider publicity throughout advertising media.


Google is my favorite technology field, because it is a complete website; I can find papers, photos, and videos; also it has its own e-mail. Gmail. Before Google I used Altavista; it is another finder. But, my problem was the language; almost every article or paper was in English, so it was complicated for me in that time, because my English was less than basic. Another advantage of Google is that every country has its own website, for example in (Chile). I can search for Chilean writers, articles, photos, and more. But, I also have the possibility of searching documents in other languages. Google bought YouTube, this is an advantage too, because everything is in the same site; it is easier.

Res. Paper


scientific efforts for penguins

The topic of this paper is the fact that Antarctic penguins have been decreasing because of global warming. It argues that humans should protect Antarctic penguins, because decreasing of penguins is caused by human activities. There are three ways for this argument. The first is that the scientist prevents making global warming worse, and the second is that the scientist should make an artificial city for penguins. Finally, scientists should produce their food.


Google is always high on my priority list of favorite technology. Using Google is the best way to broaden my horizon of knowledge, to help me complete my homework, and to organize personal weblog online. Firstly, when I use Google to surf the Internet, it will show various useful knowledge resources. I can derive a wide range of information from them, and these resources span different fields. Astronomy, for example, is my interesting subject in school. I can absorb a diversity of background facts about space, and connect into some experts’ websites. Furthermore, it is a good helper to finish my homework, because it is filled with professional articles. It is the biggest online library of knowledge in the world. If I use other systems to search for these special articles, they are always covered with advertising messages. Finally, Google provides instant software for users to upload their personal photos. The system is very clear, simple, and charming. I do not need to enter my weblog online, and the system will connect by itself to deliver my files. With these practical functions, Google helps me open a new chapter of studying: a key to open the door of knowledge.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fluency Exercise #6

My preferred technology company is Google because it provides various convenient places. In Advanced technology, there are a lot of Internet sites, and they offer lots of services. Every day a number of people are using the Internet to get information. Also, there is a popular site that is favored among people. Actually, Google is distinguished by other internet sites, because they give more special and useful information. One thing is that Google gives various information. When I try to find information on the Google web site, I could always find lot of different information. They also offer a useful map searching program. It shows specific location with easily controlling and searching. Moreover, Google images is also famous. They have lots of pictures there. So, when I need or find a picture, I can find various creative images. Google is also a huge company now, so that I can trust Google’s information and they try provide good web searching. -Moon-


Of three giants in the technology field, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google, which do you prefer? Why?

I usually use Google because it has more specific information, like Google map. Actually, when I was in Korea definitely I always used Korean web sites such as Naver. However, after coming to the United States, if I need some information, I usually find it in Google. I haven’t learned how to use Google map, because in Korea, we didn’t use maps due to small land, but in the U.S it is a very useful item when people go travel or go to other areas. This map’s direction is very detailed and specific, so whether it is the first time to go or not, people might find their way very easily. For instance, I went to Orlando last spring break, I joined with a few friends; however, we visiting there for the first time, so we printed out the map from Carbondale to our Orlando’s motel. While traveling we never lost our ways

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yahoo website

Most of the time I use Yahoo. I have Yahoo mail. I like go to the Yahoo website, because it has many interesting things. For example, when I go to there, first I will check my email. Then, I will listen to the music in there. Yahoo has many different languages. I always go to Korea Yahoo. In there, I can learn about whatever I want to know, such as star who I like or the new news of that star. Sometimes when I have something I do not know, I can search in Yahoo. It is why I like to use Yahoo.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Technology I want

Now, the world’s technology is developing really quickly, and we can have a lot of new things to use. Like cell phone, the old cell phone is very big, but now we can use a very small cell phone which can do more things. But I want my cell phone to be very real different from others’. I love computer, so I want my cell phone to be like a computer. Now the basic cell phone needs high calculations per second, because this decides whether your cell phone can be used to play games or use other software. The next thing is you need the video card, because in some games the 3D is very good, and you want to play a good game, not an old cell phone basic game, so you need a video card. Now iphone is very famous. Yeah, it is famous because of its touch screen. So I want my cell phone to have a touch screen that will look cooler than others. So this is my dream cell phone; I want to be able to have this kind of phone.

Friday, June 13, 2008


In the modern life we are living, technology is involved in almost everything in our daily life. For instance, we use technology in the production of our food, our dress in factories, our houses in security devices, our communication in cell phones and emails, our transportation by driving cars or using public transportation, et cetera. Technology brings us money too. Nowadays, it is hard to get a job if you don't know how to use computers. It is almost impossible to succeed in your business if you do not use technology as an advantage. Sometimes, we can’t survive if we do not use these medications and devices found in hospitals that are developed by computer industry. We live in the technology millennium or generation that was evolved from the industrial generation starting from the late 1800s to mid 1900s. Some people claim that technology in the computer industry did decreased jobs and caused pollution and damage to our environment and ecosystem. Those people have their reasons and arguments. However, it is very controversial. Should we stop this innovation, evolution and modernism?


Actually, I had not used Mac computer before I came here. However, when I came here I had to use Mac computer in writing class. At that time, I had no idea even how to turn on the computer. It was really hard for me to use Mac. So Gil Jae taught me many things, but it was difficult to remember. I could not learn how to open Word or how to even save. I used to use only PC, so Mac was very strange for me, because Mac has a very different system from PC. I think Mac is very complicated, because I have used Mac for 5 months now. But I can use only Word and Safari. There is a uncomfortable thing, which is that Mac cannot accept a video file that is from PC. In my opinion, Mac is really good for students or some people whose major is art, and PC is better for the other people.

Fluency Ex #5

The High-Tech Cell Phone

Koreans are a fad-loving nation, so IT industries in Korea try to make new kinds of high-tech items every month; especially, cell phones in Korea try to lead the fashion. Most young people in Korea want to use a cell phone with new kinds of styles and new kinds of technical abilities, so they usually change their cell phone every year. When I used a cell phone with a lot of abilities like watching movies and watching television on cell phone, listening to music, and even extensive Internet abilities, I paid a lot of charges. Nowadays, I don’t have the free use of cell phone with extensive abilities because I want to use cell phone to communicate. I don’t want to know about various abilities of the cell phone. Today, cell phones in Korea have become miniature, so I feel that is inconvenient.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Facebook Briefing

Imagine you saw someone in your dream that studied with you in high school ten years ago. Then, you go to this superior website, where you type in his/her name, and in seconds, you get connected. Seems interesting, doesn’t it? Do you want to try it? Go to Facebook and just do it. I am pretty sure you are going to find many of your friends that you did not hear anything from for years or decades. But before you join Facebook, I recommend that you read more about it from Wikipedia or other sources and get the full image, with the advantages and disadvantages. I would like you to focus on privacy. If you are ok with that, then the next step should be setting your privacy settings. Ask a friend who you really trust to make sure that everything you did was ok, i.e. what you configured was correct. Finally, start searching for other friends and get connected with the community. Now, you should have so much fun.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The dramatic weather in Carbondale

The most dramatic change in the weather I have ever seen is when I came to the United State of America. When I came here it was the summer season and everything was reasonable, until I heard about tornados and hurricanes. I was scared to death when people told me about them, and also when my teacher taught me about tornados. It was something amazing and very weird. I started to read about tornados and one of my friends suggested that I should watch one movie, and then I will learn a lot more than I thought. However, it is really good to know about the country you are travelling in, before you do so, you have a clear image about everything. And also, we almost had one in Carbondale, and I did what I was supposed to do. For example, you have to hide in the lowest place; you have or you near to, and do not go out of your home.


I like Carbondale and I think I can live her forever. It is different from where I came from. Carbondale is a small and quiet city which is excellent for me. I come to the U.S for education, so I believe Carbondale is the perfect place to study. Because I came from a big city, it is so crowded and noisy it is hard to study there. In Carbondale it is much better, since the life here is not fast. I have much time to finish my work. Also it is cheaper here; I do not spend the same amount of money that I spend in my city back home. In the big city it is so much fun but the costs a lot of money. However, staying in Carbondale is the best decision I ever made.

I prefer Traveling by Boat

I like traveling by boat because it has a lot of advantages. First, when I travel by boat I have enough places so I can walk and stretch my legs. Second, I think it is simpler than the other ways; for example in the plane it is faster, it is true I will save the time, but it has many hazards. Third, there is no place that you can stretch your legs when you feel tired from sitting there all the day. Also, when you travel by boat you can enjoy your time by swimming or fishing. Indeed, if you travel by cruise you will take pleasure from some of activities they have. Moreover, you can also enjoy the sun if you travel in the summer. Besides, you can meet with different people and you can have new friends. In fact, my advice for you is if you do not have the seasickness and if you have never tried it just make an effort one time and I think you will love it.

Saudi Arabia

If you want to travel to Saudi Arabia there are many places you have to visit. First, I will write about Mdain Saleh it is a famous place in Saudi Arabia. It is located 22Km north of East Alola city in the Almadenah Region. Also, Mdain Saleh exists in the Mid-second millennium. Moreover, it is the city of the people who refused the call of a prophet of God Saleh, and they slit the camel’s neck with a sword. It is a very gorgeous place and it has huge houses that are built from the mountains. Second, I will write about Alkhobar city; it is the most beautiful modern city in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Alkhobar has the most wonderful sea view. This city is located in the East of Saudi Arabia in the Eastern Region. In Alkhobar city there are many elegant restaurants.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fluency #4. Facebook

A few months ago I was talking with a friend and she told me about Facebook. That same day I went to my computer and I created an account. It seemed complicated because of the language, but now it is easy. On Facebook we can do different things, such as chatting, uploading photos and videos, answering quizzes and more applications; it is not boring, because every day there is something new. The good quality of Facebook is that it is private, you have to confirm your friends if they want to see your account. I use it because it is fun, also it is more comfortable when I want to share my pictures; instead of sending my photos to all my friends I can upload them in my account and then they can see them. Moreover, now that I am not in Chile, my friends and family can know about me and my recent adventures in Carbondale. However, sometimes it is addictive, but if we have the ability to control our anxiety, it is not bad.


I’m one of the people who use Facebook. I like Facebook because it is one site which makes the world small. If you do not have an account in Facebook you should have one. When you have one you could find your friend there. It is easy to use. You can find your friend by just typing his or her name and searching, then you will find him or her there if he or she has an account there. When you find your friend you can connect with him or her easily. You could send messages or you could chat with him or her. You can also share your picture with the people. Facebook is the easiest way to find and connect with people.


Since I came to America, Facebook has become my first personal blog that shares my experience. Facebook is a sharing web site where members can upload their photos, videos, and messages. To use this e-book, it has more privacy, more fun, and less advertising. First, if users want to join Facebook, they will build their account and password to get the application. When people want to visit other members’ Facebook, they need to send an invitation to get permission. By the way, privacy is an important reason people like to use Facebook. Following the privacy, furthermore, users can get more fun from there. It provides a room for members to embed their living videos. Visitors can not only watch the photos, but also enjoy these interesting movie clips. Besides, users can chat with their friends by typing messages online. Finally, it creates a comfortable environment and clear arrangement. There is less advertising to disturb visitors. In conclusion, with these kinds of entertainment, Facebook has become very popular around the world.

Facebook good or bad

Facebook is a new weblog online; you can share photos, information and a lot of things. This is a new thing, so a lot of young people love to use it to share everything. This is very good for people to communicate, but this has a lot of problems; for example if you have real information, other people will send you a lot of messages and you never know who sent you this information, or if you find very good people, but they use unreal information, they cheat online all the time. So Facebook will let you never know what is or is not a real thing. All things have two sides, good or bad, but we can’t use Facebook because a small mistake that tells other people this is bad. People, before they use Facebook and type their information, need to be more careful, think a lot, or you they have a lot of troubles.