Thursday, September 30, 2010

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The First Wonderful Speaking Class
Since I came to CESL, I hope to have a speaking class in which we can communicate with native speakers. This year my hope became real, so I was very happy and interested to have this class. The last Thursday was the first speaking class that was very interesting. During the class, there were many groups and in our group, there were nine members; two native speakers, three Saudis and three from Japan, Korea and China. At that time, we discussed many issues such as gender differences, school system, some American cities and using different ways of communication with friends. The most interesting was different school systems from a country to a country. In America, there are differences between public and private school in terms of uniform; a few public schools have the formal uniform, but students in private schools should have the same uniform. In Korea, the school system nearly is the same as American school system. But in Saudi Arabia, the system is diiferent; student should have the same uniform nevertheless the kinds of school. In addition, we had different opinions about using internet to communicate with friends; most of us said that facebook is the best and others said that skype and hotmail are the best. Moreover, I learned some American cultures, especially formality when speaking to strangers that is very different from our country. That day was wonderful, but class length was very short.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Culture through Media - Student Clips

Ahmed A. - Travel Guide California
Saeeda - Los Angeles Apartment Living Guide
Elsie - Go wild in South Beach Miami
Mesfer - Saudi Arabia Yours to Discover
Seung Kyu - Fixed Gear Review - State Bicycle
MJ - Get an Insider's View of Jeddah
Bin - History of Pizza
Aurelie - Secrets of the CIA - Congo
Nour - History of the Women's Center in Carbondale, IL

Summer - Chongqing Hot Pot
Baker - Fastest growing city in the world - Dubai
Mars - How to spend only $100 dollars in Hong Kong ($100HK)
Ray - Problems with Disneyland
Hyun Ho - A tour of Detroit's ghetto
Ahmed A. - AlJouf Saudi tour
Yuki - Akihabara - Life in Tokyo #16
Ahmed F. - Top 5 things to visit in Turkey
Haitao - Dim sum discussions with Chua Lam

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Culture Media - Possible videos

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Documentary (3:34)
Downtown Los Angeles Tour (music only) (5:29)
>Los Angeles / Santa Monica Beach 2008, California (5:41)

New York
How to visit New York on $100/day (3:55)
Tour of Greenwich Village (Habitat) (3:36)
Adventure Guy Tours pt. 1 (6:15)
Adventure Guy Tour pt. 2 (3:33)
Adventure Guy Tour pt. 3 (6:04)
Driving around New York City - 1928 (5:11)

Reasons why "We Tube" (5:21)
The Anonymity Project (5:54)

Mag Mile (1:28)
chicago august 2010 (4:08)

Homeless in America (2:37)
The Homeless Crisis in Los Angeles (2:33)

Las Vegas
Driving down the Las Vegas Strip in HD (4:09)
Ben's Tours - Las Vegas at Night (3:07)
My Las Vegas Trip 2008 (5:11)
Dunes hotel & sign demolished (3:55)

Culture & Media - Class videos

1. Moving to Los Angeles
2. SoHo Tour - New York City
3. You tube and popularity
4. VEGAS - Neon Boneyard (2:11)
1. Las Vegas Travel Guide (5:39)
2. Travel Guide - Los Angeles (4:14)
3. Hunting the homeless in Los Angeles (8:13)
4. Digital Frontiers - Social media and social change
5. Facebook addiction - Growing issue (5:07)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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