Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wal-Mart Greenwashing

The topic of this paper is greenwashing. It argues that Wal-Mart should become green. There are four ways for Wal-Mart to be green. They should change the bags that they give to the customers, use organic food, save energy, care abut the people’s health, do not show the people show the people that they are green, and do not use the carbon in their products.

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Teachers are our second parents


The topic of this paper is I argue that students, who rate their teacher, capture pictures, and videos, put them online and write bad comments harm teachers’ pride and careers. Government should be involved in solving this problem. Government is the higher authority. Government has all the authority to set any rule in favor of people or not in favor of people. Schools should take part in solving this problem. Parents should take more interest in this problem and do something to solve this problem.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The topic of this paper is Starbucks. It argues whether Starbucks’ activities are “Geenwashing” or not. These are three arguments here. First, their activities for the environment are not the activities for the environment. Second, coffee bean makers, Starbucks’ essential partners, complain to Starbucks because Starbucks does not make enough money for their partners. Third, Starbucks attracts us who are concerned about the eco-activity and health-conscious, but they deceived those who try to act against the global warming.

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The topic of this paper is an argument about shell's negative greenwashing problem. It argues that Shell's greenwashing has been done on various defferent fields. There are three solutions for this argument. the first is that the advertisement standards need more intensive regulation, which would require proven information to prevent controlling of companies' images and the second is that the public should know and announce about shell's behavior through mass media. The third solution is that public and government can encourage Shell to go green. -Moon-

Digital Television


This paper argues about Digital television and the transition. First, Digital television is affected by the transition. Next, it still under development and they should not convert to it right away. Finally, digital television can be affected by the signal reception. It also talks about the problems and how we can possibly fix it.
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Cargill Dow, fabric from corn; Abstruct

The topic of this paper is the environmental problem of marketing by Cargill Dow environmental. It argues that human beings should take advantage to make better life for a tomorrow, because the fabric from corn has many advantages considering global warming and many environmental issues today. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that our using of fabric from corn will help us cut the use of oil. Second, using organic corn will be much better than genetically engineered, because genetically engineered crops cause harmful effects. Third, working toward eco-business will be good marketing worldwide because Cargill Dow makes corn-produced clothes cheaply and for environment impact.

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The topic of this paper is censorship of YouTube showing videos in the world. It argues that YouTube hasto have responsibility. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that YouTube made people hurt. The second is that they freedom with no responsibility. The third is that They are mischievous and immoral.


This paper argues that Facebook has problems. First, Facebook is not compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Second, Facebook has privacy problems. Finally, Facebook affects education. This paper also looks for the possible ways to find a solution for each argument.

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Nike Inc.-Abstruct

The topic of this paper is several problems that Nike Inc. has. Nike shoes and t-shirts included toxic chemicals. It argues that Nike Inc. should be admired. There are three reasons for this argument. First, Nike tries to save the environment. Next, the firm has an obligation to offer good-quality goods to people. Last, Nike is not afraid of risks.

Monday, May 5, 2008


The topic of this paper is limiting internet access. I discuss the fact that the internet has many problems that won’t accrue if we limit the access to the internet. The first problem is companies’ losses, because the internet is used by employees, and the second is waste of time because of long hours that people spend surfing the internet. The third problem is the misuse and the crimes that are committed by some people who surf the internet.

Friday, May 2, 2008


It is one of the most popular video sites in the internet. Usually I spend three to four hours watching different videos from all over the world. It has interesting videos and once you watch one video you want to watch another one. Homemade and comedy videos are the ones that i like to watch. It is really nice and funny too and some videos also catch the feeling specially if it talks about personal problems. In addition, shocking videos are there too but I don't recommend that any one to watch them because those videos are videotaped and it is without any image controlling


Carbondale is one of the best places i have visited. It is really small but at the same time it is full of life. when I drive around Carbondale I enjoy the views of the nature that human beings were less likely to be involved in. Tress are everywhere; also lakes and parks are huge enough to attract anyone's attention. Bahrain is a nice place to visit, but it is like any other big city, full of cars, air pollution, human-made parks and so on. If you wake up in the morning in Bahrain you smell the air mixed with pollution, which is totally different from Carbondale where there is fresh air only, so that you will miss a lot if you do not wake up in the early morning in Carbondale.


CESL is one of the most successful programs around the country. I have been at CESL more than one year and half. I enjoyed every single day at it. I learned a lot from CESL, not only educational stuff but also social things too. In my case, what I want to advise our awesome CESL to do is to give students some SIU classes while they are in CESL, because most students are shocked when they get to university for the first time. Also, it is great thing for breaking down barriers between CESL students and American students. In addition, some students have the abilities to speak English, but because of the lack of pronunciation classes they pronounce most of the words wrongly. Moreover, if CESL organizes its social life programs with SIU programs, like arranging for visiting different places, this kind of program will help students to interact with other students and improve their language. Also, there is a very important thing that CESL should provide, which is a " psychiatrist" at the CESL. Most of the CESL students suffer almost from the same symptoms, homesickness and loneliness and that might affect their studying progress. Thus following up students on studying as well as personal matters might help to parallel their college life.

YouTube Phenomenon-Abstract

The topic of this paper is the YouTube phenomenon. Following this popularity, it has become an instant tool to showcase homemade videos by Internet. It argues that some countries should forbid the popular video-sharing website around the world. There are three factors for this argument. The first reason is that YouTube directly impacts some countries’ traditional culture. Furthermore, it is a helper to spread the violent videos. Finally, YouTube will become a safe haven for infringers.

Fan, Kang-Hsin

Thursday, May 1, 2008




People have different taste when talking about food. Regularly food type changes among cultures and countries. In my country people usually eat a lot at breakfast. A regular breakfast is composed of two tortillas, rice and beans, and coffee as a drink. Other people prefer eating fried eggs with rice and beans. In my case, I can start my breakfast with coffee and bread.
In my country, lunch is considered a very important meal. People usually eat enough in order to have energy to face the long boring afternoon. Lunch is usually composed of beans and rice, beef and tortilla. The drink is usually made home juice because people don’t like to depend on Coca Cola or other famous drinks.
At dinner, people usually like eating rice and beans, avocado, fried eggs, and coffee. Many people in my country do not like eating a lot at dinner because most of them go to bed early. Rice and beans are both part of every day meals in my country. People cannot live without eating them. Beside that, tortillas, they are made of corn, and are always accompanying the different meals during the day.

Second Life


The topic of this paper is a involving virtual problem in Second Life. It argues that Second Life should solve crimes including finances, human rights, and violence. It insists on three solutions and the first is that police and cyber experts need to work together. Second is that society should make appropriate laws for online criminals. Last is that Second Life need to prevent people who use fake information from entering the virtual world.


The topic of this paper is the greenwashing of Wal-Mart. It argues that people should pay attention to would greenwashing especially around companies like Wal-Mart. There are four reasons for this argument. The first is that Wal-Mart should reduce carbon dioxide level. Second, it should start a class about saving environment for the customer. In addition, Wal-Mart should make a better recycling program. Finally, Wal-Mart wants to solve the environmental problem, so they have tried several ways but it isn’t working well in according to Green.

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The topic of this paper is video games. It argues that video games are both good and bad for people. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that we should stop playing violent video games because it will abet people crime. Second one is we should stop playing video games because heavy video game use by kids will slow brain development. The third is we should stop playing games because it is like drugs; more and more people are addicted to video games right now.



APRIL 29, 2008.


The Internet is a very popular resource, especially for children. However, there are many negative sides of the Internet. There are three reasons for this argument. This paper argues that the internet should be restricted among children whose ages range between 6 and 12 years old because children become addicted to internet use, they can experience pornography online, and they can also experience violent games that can cause a negative effect in their lives.

Stabucks cup - Abstract

The topic of this paper is Starbucks cups. It argues that Starbucks does not really care about the environment. There are three reasons for this argument. The first one is that Starbucks could have switched to fully recycled cups for the environment, and the second is that large amount of paper is going to be garbage. Finally, if Starbucks announces that bringing one’s own mug will be cheaper for customers, then garbage will be less than before.

Internet Revolutions


Internet Revolutions

The topic of this paper is Internet revolutions. It argues that there are people who are unable to use the Internet and there are some solutions for people who have no benefits of access to the Internet. The first solution is that some organization should provide free or cheap computers in the rural areas, because they don’t even have enough money to buy computers. The second solution is that some corporations should provide free Internet access to children or students. These could change the world’s perceptions. And the last solution is that municipalities should provide mobile computing Internet accessibility in their towns. They should provide some free cyber cafe so people that don’t have computers can use them.

Starbucks Attempts Green Business Strategy

The topic of this paper is Starbuck is greenwashing. It argues that Starbucks, which are greenwashing, should quit pretending to be going green and make an effort to make themselves green. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that Starbucks is one of the companies that say they are going green, but actually they aren’t. The second is that Starbucks made strange decisions with their money, which means they didn’t pay any money until they were forced to do so. Last, paying money for others to work for environments is not a solution to making itself green.

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