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“Wal-Mart’s impact on wages was first felt in rural towns in the south and Midwest where Wal-Mart got its start. Often, it became the biggest employer overnight, setting wage rates for all retailers,” experts said in USA Today (2003, par. 21). While many spotlights beam on the Wal-Mart’s legend appearing in the grocery stores of the United States, it has broken stock market trading records many times. It became a superstar and performed as a giant. “Wal-Mart is one of the most impressive success stories in history of business,” E. Loke said (2004, par. 3). However, does Wal-Mart need to be adored? While someone answers it as “Yes,” I have my own opinions that just came in my mind.

In my view, the main cause that makes Wal-Mart rising in its standing among the grocery stores is the lowest price strategy. J. Hoenig said (2004, par. 6) ”The company’s ‘low price guarantee’ shouldn’t be dismissed as marketing…Wal-Mart can save a family over $ 2,000 a year compared to shopping at higher priced alternative.” When everyone agreed with this, I was much concerned about the product’s quality. From my shopping experience in Wal-Mart, I would say there is no good quality item in the store. The items I bought never could be used for more than half a year. Besides, I was a computer design engineer while I was in Taiwan. We produced two different prices models of the same computer. One is made in Taiwan, and the other is made in China or other countries. Why? That is because we made it for low price marketing though they have the same design; Wal-Mart purchases these products from computer venders. The cheaper electronic consume products had worse qualities the more problems in it.

That Wal-Mart has hired too many illegal workers is another main issue. This issue is so obviously to notice. It has made many families lose their jobs, fall into poverty circumstances, and move to another place. For the rich, they still can swing between Wal-Mart and other high quality product companies. On the other hand, it is a kind of activities, which grab money from poor families and give to the rich.
That Wal-Mart is beating local businesses to die is another serious problem. Wal-Mart has set their stores in many small towns. This strategy will make the small towns’ businesses completely gone. N. Jacobs (Daily Egyptian, 2005, par. 1) once said, “Some Murphysboro and Carbondale residents… fear it will destroy the town’s small businesses and quality of life for some of its citizens.” When the grocery store giant, Wal-Mart, takes place of the small towns’ businesses that citizens’ life of the area would be controlled.

Mal-Mart’s retail strategies seem to have been successful in the past in the USA, but it might not have the same success in the future in both the USA and other countries, because there are many potential issues that are waiting for people to discover. We have a company which produces a rice steamer that can be used for more than 20 to 30 years without any repair, and it is very cheap; and most Taiwanese families have owned one or two of them. Its name is Da-Ton rice steamer. That is just an idea of a good product that I expected. When illegal workers take the place of those legal employees that will cause another serious society impact. The biggest profit of small businesses in a small town is you can control your lifestyle and business’s diversity and it will not prolong the gap between rich and poor.


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Fluency Exercise #6.

I like to go on vacations a lot and I love to go with my friends. I have a lot of vacation activates I like, such as going to farms. In my city there are a lot of farms that have pools and big yards. We can rent these farms but usually we have to do so 2 months or more in advance to get a reservation because a lot of people go to farms during vacations. In addition, when we go to a big city like Chicago we usually like to go to the museums. We also go to the entertainment places like the cinema center, Walt Disney, and Universal studios and spend a lot of time taking pictures and enjoying ourselves there. In a big city, I also like to go to its malls and buy new clothes and go around its neighborhood. Also, at night, as a guy, I usually like to go to the café to drink cup of coffee and talk with my friends about everything.

Fluency Ex.6

Watching movies is one of my favorite hobbies. One of the best movies I have even seen is Gladiator. I saw this movie seven years ago. Rassel Kro was acting as an honest Roman soldier (his name is Maximus) whose family has been murdered and he would like to take his revenge. I like many points in this movie, like how it shows me some of the Roman culture. Moreover, I like the story of the movie because it shows me that policy is something that is hard to understand. One more thing I like about the movie is when the emperor thought that Maximus died, and one day in the battle the emperor asked some soldier to remove his helmet and tell his name. This moment was one of the worst in the emperor’s life because he saw Maximus alive. Then, the emperor did his best to kill Maxemos but he couldn’t, and the worst is that the reputation of Maxemos increased around the country and there are many events that came later. If you like Roman history, don’t miss this movie, and there is one advice for you, which is don’t see this movie beside children because it contains some aggressive scenes.

Fluency Ex.5

If I have no responsibility in this life and have enough money, I will stay one month in each country in this world. I really like to see different people, and to see different cultures. I wish that I can see what people laugh about, what people are sad about, what they eat and how they live. I have been to different countries during my life and I have found different topics and jokes could make each people laugh. For me it is amazing to meet new good people and start a good friendship with them. One important point I like during traveling is to try the traditional food in each country; sometimes it causes problems to me, when I don’t like the food and I should eat it in front of the others, trying to act like it is cool and I like it. Moreover, I like to see what each people care about in their life, for example in France, people care a lot about their looks and spend a lot just to have a beautiful appearance, but in England, people care a lot about saving their money. Maybe I am not a good judge, but I can notice some different cares in each country. Furthermore, I like to compare the developed countries with my country to understand why we are considered from the developing countries or the third world. Finally, I like to know the wisdom of each culture such as the old stories and what they strongly believe in.

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- Fluency Exercise #6 -

- Movies -

My favorite movie is Titanic. I think everyone in the world knows about this movie because it is a very big and real event from the past. The Titanic was the biggest and grandest ship, so many people didn't think it would sink but it did. When the Titanic hit the iceberg, it was going to sink. The event of hitting the iceberg is possible because people can make mistakes, but there is another mistake made by the captain. When the ship was sinking they needed enough rescue boats, but the captain didn't want them because he wanted the ship to be good looking. When they were rescuing people, rich people had an advantage. This is so crazy in this terrible situation. Actually, it was the winter season, so many people died in the cold water. It is a really tragic affair, but this reason is why I like this movie, because this movie showed me people's self sufficiency, vanity and something like this. This movie gives me an instructive lesson.


Favorite movie

If people refer to movie, everyone has their own favorite movie. They will talk about scenario of the movie, and which performer is the best. So do I. I like many kinds of movies such as comedy, action and romance.

My favorite movie is Big Fish. I like it because it talked about what is relationship between the father and the son, and how they change their relationship. Moreover, it is a comic and poignant. The father is a talkative and friendly person. The movie talks about the father likes to tell stories to his son and other peoples, but his son doesn’t like it so there has block between them. When the father told the crazy story on the son’s wedding day. They quarreled and did not contact each other for three years. they are quarrel and never contact for three years. A long time passed after father got cancer. It changed their relationship when he got bad news. Son and his wife returned to look after his father. He found his father is older than before. they have more conversation than before. When his father saw him still told the stories that he did at the past time. The son listened, but he thought these of were are not true, or they are fake, but there was something being change when her mother told him the truth. The son knew all the stories were true and made the stories more colorful. Finally, he knew his father is a great man, while he still loves his father when his father dead. It told us treasure your relative when they are alive, and have a conversation with them.

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Global warming and polar bears

Is the world boiling? Global warming, or what some scientists call climate change or climate disaster, can be defined simply as the high temperature in the earth, which some think may cause an environmental and humanitarian disasters climate change and high temperature are not that controversial because they are already happening; temperatures are measured every day and compared with other records in the past, higher temperature is a facts. The problem is not in the high temperatures, but the reason for this rise; people interested in the environment say that the impact of pollution caused by humans from the various materials consumption is the main reason for the higher temperatures. Despite this laws have been designed to protect polar bears, who are suffering from this problem, especially restrictions that prevented polar bear hunting. But the future of these animals is still unsafe. The threat of global warming is equal to the threat of terrorism. In other words, global warming does not differentiate between people or animals; therefore, we should all work to fight this disaster.

First of all, as humans we have daily requirements, such as energy, including electricity, natural gas, and gasoline, as well as operation of machines by burning fuels such as oil or coal. Those gases release other gases to the air which cause problems such as the greenhouse heat, ozone hole and air pollution, which makes the lives of some organisms in danger. One of those lives is that of the polar bear. In “Global warming could starve polar bears” the author said, “climate change is threatening polar bears with starvation by shortening their hunting season, according to a study by scientists from the Canadian Wildlife Service” (1999, para. 1). On the other hand, scientists are currently working on different kinds of alternative energy which are much safer for human use and which keep the environment free from pollution as possible, such as bioenergy; also, these use of water as an alternative energy that cars and other forms of transportation can use instead of chemicals that could make the situation much worse.

Next, we must preserve the environment and wildlife. Moreover, the environment suffers, as well as organisms such as animals and frost which can not defend themselves against what humans do. The high temperature in the Arctic as a result of pollution caused by modern technology put the polar bears’ lives in danger(ice melting). J. Carlton said, “scientists for the first time have documented multiple deaths of polar bears off Alaska, where they likely drowned after swimming long distances in the ocean amid the melting of the Arctic ice shelf…, the bears spend most of their time hunting and raising their young on ice floes” (2005, para. 1). As a result, some organizations seek to find some natural reserve to protect the polar bears from extinction.

Finally, it is the duty of the developed countries to reduce the pollution by establishing strict laws. The burning of waste and pollution released by factories must be under control. J. Carlton said, “while the government researchers won’t speculate on why climate change is taking place in the Arctic, environmentalists unconnected to the survey say U.S. emphasizing oil and gas development are exacerbating global warming which is accelerating the melting of the ice. “ ‘For anyone who has wondered how global warming and reduced sea ice will affect polar bears, the answer is simple - they die, said Richard Steiner, a marine-biology professor at the university of Alaska” (2005, para. 5).

In "what global warming debate"?. the author said, “Scientists have conducted a number of ‘attribution studies’ that compare observed changes in the global climate with those factors that are known to influence climate. These studies indicate that the climate change observed over the 20th century is due to a combination of changes in solar radiation, volcanic activity, land-use change, and increases in atmospheric greenhouse gases. Of these, greenhouse gases appear to be the dominant driver of climate change over the past few decades“ (2005, para. 2). On the other hand, in global warming human fingerprints the author said, “ In its 2001 report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated, "There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities." Carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning and land clearing has been accumulating in the atmosphere, where it acts like a blanket keeping Earth warm and heating up the surface, ocean, and atmosphere. As a result, current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are higher than at any time during the last 650,000 years”(n.d, para 2) Moreover, the fast increasing in temperatures is one kind of the evidence that did not previously exist and it shows that there are activities that help to raise it. But how some humans are involved in this case. Thus they should wait until the last moment as to whether we know the real cause or not.

In concluding, It is necessary to find the alternative energy and it is the duty of governments to preserve the environment and species and seek to find effective and quick solutions to stop the disaster. Regardless; of who is the main cause of the global warming effect, global warming has not difference between its treatent of the accused and the innocent. As global citizens we should work together to stop any danger that may threaten our life or the environment around us.

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Planning for vacation sin not the easiest thing you can do. Where, how, who and how much. All those questions got to be answerd before starting any vacation It is difficult to choose a place to hade to. However, in my vacation I am going to Maldives Island. The first thing that I am going to think about when I get there is diving. Diving in one of the most interesting sports ever. Despite the danger that divers might face underwater,the beauty of Maldives' virgin beaches could let them forget any kind of faer. Also , in Maldives Island I can enjoy the hot sands during the day, to mention the oil and mud massage. In addition, In Maldives I can choose between different kind of hotels, some hotels are are located in the water and some on hte land. As I like fishing I will choose offshore hotels to enjoy fishing through a small hole in the living room.

Favorite Movie

Watching a movie is not really my preference but sometimes when you are in front of the TV, some program appears on the screen that attract your curiosity and you may need to find out what is interesting about that. This is what happened to me while I was watching TV with my big brother. He really likes movies and if it is interesting, he usually influences you to watch it for appreciating or discovering. That movie which became my favorite one since that day is "Desperado", by Antonio Banderas, from Spain. The first reason I like this movie is the Spanish language. I also like speaking this language; it is more likely to be a soft and smooth language. Moreover, the music sounds played from the movie are Afro Cuban, Latin American, like Salsa, Meringue and other styles of music from there that I admire so much.

In the story of the movie, I really appreciate the relation between Antonio Banderas and a lady called Salma Hayek (Carolina in the movie). They have escaped from all the attacks organized by Banderas's brother to kill them. In addition, some of the actions occured in the movie such as the arrival of Banderas's friends to help him face his enemies; and also one more thing that is interesting about that movie is that Banderas and his friends were the "el Mariachi" which means guitarists; they used to play guitar and sing well but inside their guitar case they had some guns hidden in it because they knew that everywhere they were going, people were after them in order to threaten and provoke them.



There are more than hundreds of movies that have been produced each year. From my memories, I would like to pick one of them to write about because it not only has a touching story but also the music is dramatic and awesome. It is “Les Choristes”.

The movie was produced in France in 2004. It talks about a small school in a small village of France that had many trouble students. Why people thought they were all “trouble” was because those students were wild, untrained, rough and did not study books at all. One day, the school had a new teacher. He gradually found out they had the talent to sing. Then, he started to train them.

This movie presents a serious question; it is most teachers love and like to teach good, smart, intelligent, and well-rounded students. For those trouble students, however, they always give up their eyes first meet each other. I like this movie’s story because it warns us that education should spread out to each single child in the world without asking their background. Besides, to find out students’ potential abilities would be another main point. Let us try to think about how there are so many crimes in our society. Obviously, the answer here is that most criminals were abandoned by the education at first and then were neglected by society. If we could save them from the edge of self-destruction before they feel frustrated and disappointed to the society, we do not need to pay so much in social resources. However, we should really care about our education, not just only focus on the subjects but also notice the students’ moral characters.

Vacations (fluency exercise 6)

My favorite vacation activity is when I am on the beach in the region called “Landes” in the South West of France. I like to go to the beach because with my friends, we can do different sports on the beach, like beach soccer and beach volley. We can also play in the water with the ball and we can also surf and do body board. It’s very funny and we have some good sensations.

If I can be wherever I want, I would like to be on the beach because I like to go there; it’s a place where I have a lot of good souvenirs and I had a very good time with my friends. I also like sports and water so on the beach I have both. I am a swimmer so water is like a drug for me and also a sport. It’s like I need to do some sport activities to feel good and when I am on the sea it’s so good to do body board with just a board take the vague so good sensations.

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A Moment to Remember (FE6)

A Moment to Remember is my favorite movie. It is a Korean movie that was released in 2005. The hero and heroine are a newly wedded couple and just enjoy their marriage life. However, the heroine got Alzheimer's disease, which has been considered a genetic disease. Gradually, she forgot everything, even her husband.

Because she doesn’t want to be a burden for her husband, the heroine asked her family to send her to a nursing home and to be hidden in secret from the hero. However, her husband crazily tried to find her. Finally, the hero found her in the nursing home. But, she was completely forget him and tried to introduce herself to him. It is a sad movie with no end of happiness, although the heroine remembered the hero at the last moment.

The movie has touched my heart. If someday, my lover forgot who I was, what would I do? What can I do? Or, maybe I am the person who lost everything. In my life, there are some people surrounding me. They are my lovers who also love me. I don’t want to lose memory of them.

After watching the movie, I realized that the most important thing is not earning more and more money or getting a good renown. The most important thing is every moment with my family and friends. Because my grandfather was suffering with Alzheimer's disease, maybe one day I will forget everything just like the heroine. But I only do what I want to do at least and no regret.

My Ideal Vacation

If I can travel in different countries and see different cultures, that will be the best vacation. People need to have a vacation after working hard for a long time. I also need a vocation to relax my body and my mind. If I have a short vacation, I will do something that I didn’t do for a long time. Such as I will have enough sleep. I also want to do some exercise and I need to hang out with my best friends. These things will make me relax and have more power when I work. If I have a long vacation, traveling aboad is the best choice. I can imagine that I lay on a golden and beautiful beach and have a cold cocktail. I also live in the luxury hotel and enjoy the best service in the hotel. I also take a walk on the street and visit this city that is different from our native city. Visiting different place will expand my view and make me have different thoughts and experiences. There's an old Chinese saying: "It's better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books." Traveling will give me more knowledge and experiences than just reading books.


Dolphins: endangered animals (Qin Zheng)

The topic of this paper is endangered dolphins in the Amazon River. It states that dolphins can keep ecosystem development so local people should preserve dolphins. There are three methods that can protect dolphins species. First, local inhabitants should address the problem of pollution, which has an important role in killing dolphins. Next, the local government should set up people’s right consciousness. Finally, the local government should make polices for fishermen to conserve the Amazon River dolphins.

My Favorite Vacation

Last Christmas was a great vacation for me. I went to my country after I spent six months in the US between Texas and Carbondale. It was one of the most wonderful vacations because I missed my family, friends and my country. The three days of vacation made me really tired because I spent it between flights and five airports, but when I saw my family, especially my young brother, I forgot the the tiredness of the last three days. I stayed almost one month. I met all of my big family in the first week and my friends in the last three weeks. I went to Mecca and another sacred place hallowed pace. The weather was wonderful in Saudi Arabia. My parents and I were very hopeful but they were sad when I went back to the US. I wish to go back also next Christmas but I can’t.

My favorite movies

I have two favorite movies. One is "Pirates of the Caribbean" and another is "The Princes Diaries". I like both very much. First, I will talk about "Pirates of the Caribbean". I like their story and music. Their story is very special and sometimes funny, because the background is about a pirate. Their story is about adventure and some amazing stories. The story always has too many things happen and every part is connecting other things, so I never feel bored with this movie. Their music is also good, because it sounds very powerful and good. Finally, I want to say I like Johnny Depp who acts as the captain. He performs this role very well. In my opinion, I think he is the main point in the movie and because of him the movie did very well.

Another movie that I like is "The Princess Diaries" and also I like this movie because it’s a romantic movie. This movie talks about a high school girl who one day became a princess. That is so amazing and romantic. Then, the movie talks about how she learns to become a good princess and her love story. Another part is that the music in this movie is very good listening as this music describes her life. In the end, I really like these kinds of movies and I think it is because these movies have amazing stories.

People (Fluency Exercise # 6)

Possibly, my parents have most influenced my life for 20 years. When I was young, I did not recognize that my parents are such great people, but I have considered it after the hardship of my family's economy. About 5 to 6 years ago, my father had some problems with his company. However, surprisingly, my father made the company solve the problems. In my opinion, it was really kind of a miracle, because we had a lot of debts rather than funds. After the happening, there were two or three times of difficulties, but my father dealt with them well each time. So, my family's economy is not really bad, even though we are not really rich. My mother has also influenced my life a lot. She has been so kind to me that I have been able to seek counsel from her about many problems. In addition, I want to meet someone like my mother, because she has managed my father's company well. She did not study a lot, but I cannot help admiring her wisdoms. Those things are why I chose my parents for the persons who have influenced my life.

CESL Trips

CESL had maybe one trip for each level. I think that is a great plan to refresh and it is a time for fun. Actually, I went two times on a CESL trip; they were not bad. But in my opinion, CESL did not successfully chooses the places of the trips. CESL usually choose to go to one or two places, the zoo or St. Louis. Some students might not be interested in the zoo, but they do not change it. On the other hand, many of the Carbondale students know St. Louis too much. Students would like to visit some place they did not know before. Public places are easy to go to privately. I wish CESL would vote, sharing with the students before they choose the place.


Technology is developed each day from maybe 15 years ago. One of the inventions translates life quickly with computers. I believe there are many technologies coming in the future. First thing is technologies we have now will become smaller and smaller. Also, I think we are going to have new technology we did not see before. Usually people invented technologies to help us make our life easy and produce quickly. The important part, which I like, is developing the medical field and also I would like to improve that part more and more. I like that part because I spent many years in this major. Also, I saw how it is helpful to produce. Let us think how our life would be if we lived without technology; I would expect our education to be less than now.

Fluency Exercise #6 Vacation

If I have a problem where I go, I would like to go to the islands, especially Fiji and Hawaii. I like calm places and don't like many people, so this choice must be good for me. First, when I arrive on the island, I will look for a great hotel, because a great hotel will give me many good entertainments. Although the price is expensive, I will go to a good hotel. Next, I'm going to go swimming. Usually, those countries' beaches have many coral reefs, so the sea is very clean and there are no waves. It's very nice for swimming. Then, I will go fish. Actually, I don't like fish, but I want to go fishing in those countries because there are many wonderful fish. If I'm in Hawaii, I will go shopping. Actually, before when I went to Hawaii, there were many shopping malls and the prices were so cheap. Also, I will watch traditional shows. After I finish my tour, I will go back to my hotel. Then I will go to the casino if the hotel that I stay at has a casino. If I have enough time to enjoy the vacation, I'll stay there continually.

Fluency exercise #6


My favorite trip is a deep delicious traveling. I like eating, and trying different cuisine. In different countries, they have their own special cooking styles because of their weather, products, or customs. The food reflects the country’s traditional living completely. I also like to see the traditional market; they are maybe not very clean but are noisy, but I can see the different and foreign scenery. It is a deep way to join the countries life. I know some organizations that have the classes to teach foreigners to cook the cuisine in a few hours in Thailand. I am interested in this activity. It is a perfect way to let me recognize this country. Moreover, when I cook in my home after traveling, I will remenber the country and its customs. I also think it can bring business opportunities for the country. Many people, like me, are interested in food, and not only in eating, but also in cooking. We value the experience when we touch the foreign cuisine. I hope I have time and opportunities to take the eating tour, even to the far and secret countries, like Morocco, Hungary, or India, and I think this is the best vacation for me.

Fluency Exercise #6

My Favorite Movie "Once"

I have changed my favorite movie since I have watched a new movie. It is an independent movie of Europe, and its title is "Once". The contents of this movie are that a hero and a heroine in the movie express their lives in singing, even their dreams, and each other's heart. Also, they believe that music is in their lives, and they make something to live for because of the music. This movie also makes our lives beautiful with musical expression. I like to listen to all kinds of music, so I was interested in this movie. It freshens my point of view, and I think that it is a poetic movie.

Fluency Exercise #5


I want to go to Manchester and London in England. I really love soccer, so I want to make a tour of England from my boyhood. Also, I want to experience it first-hand because my friends told me about the story of their experience in Europe. I want to see tourist attractions of England and I want to experience their ardent love of soccer. Manchester has a famous soccer team. Manchester United Soccer Team has a time-honored tradition and because of the soccer teams it is a famous tourist city. London also has many kinds of famous soccer teams and it has beautiful buildings and natural objects. Especially, I want to learn about all of the architectural buildings in England because I heard London has traditional buildings and people of London live to commune with nature. Finally, I want to see the England League at their stadiums and I want to make dear memories with my wife.


Fluency Ex#6
Mr. Leverett

I remember a vacation when I was eighteen years old. I went with my family to United Arab Emirates in one group; it was great. Before we finished final exams my father told us if we passed all exams he promised to give us a big gift. Actually, we finished and passed the exams. We went to Emirates by Saudi airplane. We arrived in Abu Dhabi airport at night and we went to a hotel. The emirates have a lot of nice cities. For example, Abu Dubai is capital, Fujairah, Ras Al- Khamiah, and Sharjah ;all these cities have good beaches, streets, malls, and restaurants. We rented a car and we went to all the cities' places. We went to all restaurants and we ate different meals of different countries. For example, we ate in American, French, Italian and Mexican restaurants. We bought kinds of things from malls the were expensive because they have famous stores. My vacation was great; I won’t forget it.

Favorite Movie

Have you watched “Transformers” before? It is a funny, amazingly technical movie, and even girls like it. When I heard the title of this movie, it seemed to be violent or full of fighting machines, and I didn’t want to see it. However, under pressure, I went to watch it and got a big laugh. For example, the androids can urinate like a man, which was amazing for me. When the leading man wanted to find the old glasses at his home, the androids couldn’t get into the little house and hid themselves to not be seen by the leading man’s parents. This amusing section was just like a hide-and-seek game and induced laughter. Not only these examples, but also others that I don’t want to mention here, because you have to watch it and enjoy this movie, which will be better than being described by me. I think these kinds of surprisingly comic movies would teach my heart to love them.

My Favorite Movie (Fluency Ex.6)

I like watching the romantic movies. "If only" is a favorite movie which I watched. It describes about how a couple love each other.

The couple lived normally. The woman who wants a romantic love is violinist and the man who wants to success in business is a businessman. One day after fighting, she went out and died from a car accident and he saw that scene. The next day, when he woke up, he saw her and everything happened the same as yesterday. However, the man already knows how the woman will die. Then, he helps the woman to do what she wants. She made the song for him and he knew that she wants to sing a song for him. Then, after she played the violin in the orchestra, he made her sing a song with the orchestra in front of an audience. After that, he tried to prevent her death and he died instead of her.

I’m impressed because of their love. The power of love is marvelous. Even if the result was so sad, I realized the love is amazing. And I want to love like this movie. The movie touched me. I also like the song which was made by her and is named ‘Love will show you everything’. I believe that love can show me everything.

A Person that Influenced My Life

The person that really influenced my life is my mother, because she helps me with everything. Also, she supports me in whatever I do in my life. She teaches me if I’m wrong. We also talks about the future several times because she said that a good future is very important in life. If there is no future, it is not worth living in this world. She is good looking, very strict in life, straight, and always thinks before doing something. She always said that everybody makes mistake because in life there are no prefect people. She also says everytime “ if you were right, stand up for yourselves”. She is very organized in life. I saw how she acts in life and I want to follow what she did. She is my idol in my life and I’ll follow everything she did.


Favorite Movie

If people refer to movies, everyone has their own favorite movie. They will talk about the scenario of the movie, and which performer is the best. So do I. I like many kinds of movies such as comedy, action and romance.

My favorite movie is Big Fish. I like it because it talks about what is a relationship between a father and son is, and how they change their relationship. Moreover, It is comic and poignant. The father is a talkative and friendly person. the movie talks about how the father liking to tell stories to his son and other people, but his son doesn’t like it so there was barrier between them. when the father told the crazy story on son's wedding day; They are quarrel and never contact for three years. As long time passed after father got cancer. It will be changed their relationship when the son got bad news. Son and his wife returned to look after his father. He found his father was older than before. They have more conversations than before. When his father saw his son, he still told the stories that he did in the past. The son listened, but he thought these of were not true, or they were fake, but there was something that changed when his mother told him the truth. The son knew all the stories were true and made the stories more colorful. Finally, he knew his father was a great man, while he still loves his father when his father is died. It told us treasure your relative when they are live, and have a conversation with them.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

fluency Exercise #5

I like to travel to anyplace where I have not been. So far, the place of my first choice to is Egypt. Sometimes I like to just to take a rest, and sometimes I like to explore. But if I can go to Egypt, I want to be an explorer. I want to see the pyramids, even enter the inside; I am not afraid of kinds of curses. I like the history of the Egyptian empire, the strong empire that disappeared quickly; moreover, I am interested in mummies. The people who lived thousands of years ago could figure out the way to build the structure and had enormous knowledge about medical science. How special the empire was. Of course, I want to eat the Egyptian native food. I like eating, and going to Egypt to eat the traditional food. If I have enough money I want to take the ferry just along the Nile river. I can get off where I want to walk around or where they have the remains. I like the place which is historical, which has many stories or constructions. So, Egypt is the best choice I think. Most of all, I think I should save money for traveling to Egypt.

-vacation- Fluency Exercise #5

I live in Carbondale, so I think the best place to take a vacation is Chicago. Because Chicago is near here, we can take a car to go and it is cheaper than other big cities and Chicago is big enough to sight-see and shop. The costs depend on the purpose, if people want to take a sight-seeing tour, it is going to not be too expensive, but shopping and something like that will be expensive. Chicago has many popular places to see; such as the Shed Aquarium, The Field Museum and the John Hancock Building and so on. Many people visit Chicago for those things. Chicago is also good for shopping. Actually, Chicago is the biggest city in the Illinois state and the center of America, so Chicago has many kinds of fancy clothes brands and unique stuff such as oriental stuff; many kinds of goods come in through to Chicago. So Chicago is a good place to take a vacation from Carbondale.


SAUDI ARABIA is located in the Middle East. It is considered as one of the hottest areas in the world in the summer. In the winter Saudi Arabia usually gets few days of rain and it gets very rare reachng zero degrees. However, Saudi Arabia has noticed changes in the weather. Recently, the temperature in Saudi Arabia has gotten higher then befor during the summer. It was between 50 degrees and 55 in the hottest days, but now it is going beyond the 60s. Also, in the winter rain quantity is getting much more than before with floodubg days which are considered uncommon in that area. The experts said the changes are one of global warming results.

Fluency exercise #5

During vacation, I’ll go to New York with my Korean friend. New York is a big city in the U.S. and it can be called the center of civilization. There are a lot of famous monuments.

When I arrive in New York, I’ll go to the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. After looking around those, I’ll go to Broadway and 42nd Street and watch the musical. I will also go to the Madison Square Garden and watch the NBA. If I am hungry, I’ll go to the Korean town and eat a lot of Korean food. If I have enough money, I’ll go to the Woodbury outlet that sells discounted fine clothes and then buy a lot of clothes. I’ll tour the famous university like Harvard, Columbia, MIT, etc. Then, I can study hard because I realize that I’m too lazy. If I tour New York, I can see the big world and I can be challenged by the huge size of New York.

Polar bear and global warming

In "Is global warming killing the Polar bears?" by Jim Carlton, the author claims that Polar Bears are in danger because of the global warming. He added that some scientists witnessed multiple deaths of polar bears in their nautral habitat as a result of ice melting. According to the author, polar bears can swim for long distances. Yet, polar bears need to get some rest during their swim on a small floating ice piece; otherwise, polar bears may face the danger of drowning. Therefore, many international organizations such as Greenpeace understand the great danger of global warming and what its influence on polar bear’s environment is. Despite, the efforts staged by many governments to try to end this threat, polar bears are still in danger. I believe that all governments and the interested organizations must work together to stop this threat.
First of all, the threat of global warming is a real threat not only to the nature, but also it threatens human. The current change witnessed by the world in the climate and high temperatures it caused for several reasons, such as pollution from the industrial cities around the world. Also, the indiscriminate destruction of forests, and pollution from individuals through the use of vehicles have added up to make the global warming. As a result, global warming has caused contraction in the area of the Arctic and increasing the temperature in that area. Therefore, neglecting this serious issue by the governments and organizations may cause several disasters.

Next, most natural disasters in the world like floods, forest fires and sea pollution have many causes including human. Also, the industrial revolution has made people have forget disasters that may occur as a consequence of pollution from factories and chemical plants. Therefore, the continued progress of the development could lead to deliberate further disaster if we do not take the necessary precautions.

Finally, the melting ice in the Arctic threatens the lives of Polar bears. According the author, some scientist witnessed polar bears deaths as a result of the shrinking space in that area. the high temperature plays a key role in ice melting. Thus, all governments and other organizations should stop this disaster by creating effective solutions to ensure the progress for humanity and the preservation of natural wildlife.

In conclusion, it is the duty of governments and organizations to fight the threat to the life of the polar bear. Moreover, Arctic climate change is the result of the latest pollution caused by human; therefore, it is their duty to devote all efforts to reduce the danger that may threaten human life before bear’s life. In addition the high ratio of sea water and changing climates around the globe may be the end of the evolution which humans seek.


Carlton, J.(2005,December 14). Is global warming killing the polar bears? The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved Nov 1, 2007 from


In the dark ages people used at walk. Walking was the only way to go from one place to another. After, hundreds of years people started to use animals in their transportation, like camels and horses. Since they started to understand that they have alternative solutions to develop the way that they used to use by coming up with new inventions like rock and wood wheels to use in their transportation, also to carry their needs. As a result, people at that time started to think about speed since they have wheels they need something that can carry them faster. Therefore, they invented steam machines. Unlike the dark ages we now have planes, cars, trains and ships. Accordingly, all those inventions drive people to think about transportation differently like the invention of the time machine.

by khalil

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vacation (Fluency Exercise # 5)

If I have enough money and time to plan to travel, I would like to go to some countries in Europe, such as France and England. Actually, I am so curious about Europe because I have not been there before. I want to visit the place where the background of the movie, “the Da Vinci Code,” took place. I want to see some famous structures in France, and I want to eat some French food, also. In addition, I want to watch a premier league soccer game in England. When I was in Korea before, I usually enjoyed watching the soccer game in my room. So, I want to watch it in real. Not only do I want to travel to Europe, but also I would like to travel to some African countries. I think that it is exciting to walk through a desert with just a camel for a trip. Also, I will be really excited if I am standing in front of a pyramid in Egypt. If I see huge and famous structures, I will be impressed by the scale. Additionally, I want to go to Hawaii or California for vacation. I want to enjoy my time in those places where I have seen only in movies. Whether I see something or play with someone in the place during the trip, in my opinion, I can get a lot of impressions and challenges through those trips.

Best Place for Vacations

One of the best places that I can think of is Miami, Florida. If I have the money I will go to Miami, Florida because there are so many nice places to go there. For example, the beach in Miami called the Fort De Soto Park’s North Beach was really awesome. The water is so clear I can see the bottom of the ocean. It is so calm and peaceful around the beach that I can relax for a whole week and the stress around me will be gone. This is a good place to bring your family with because people can spend time with their family and be happy with their family. There are a lot more places that are fun to go in Miami like Disney World. If I'm done with the beach in Fort De Soto Park’s North Beach, I will go to Disney World to have more fun. If I go to Disney World I need to stay there for two weeks to finish the tour because it is so big that I need time to finish the tour. It is so much fun in Disney World that I can meet all the Disney characters. This is one of the places that I want to go if I have the money in the states.

Take a Vacation in Japan

I want to travel to other different places. The United States is the farthest place I have been. I just traveled to three different countries, like Thailand, America, and Hong Kong. Even though Japan is very close to Taiwan and a lot of my friends have been there, I have never been there. If I have time and money, I want to visit Japan. I would like to visit the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. I want to stand on top of Mt. Fuji to see the skyline of Tokyo in the distance. I would like to wear the traditional Japanese clothes – Kimono. I think it would be nice when I wear the kimono. Hokkaido is also a good place that I want to go. I start to imagine that I will put myself into a hot spring, drink some wine, and eat fresh seafood. I also want to see the beautiful snow scenes. It must be very nice. I think if I take a trip to Japan, it will be a memorable travel.

By Jeremy

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fluency Exercise #5 Vacation

I want to go to Switzerland and New York if I have enough money to go there, because I heard that Switzerland has many beautiful cities and New York has many shopping malls. First, I want to take a train when I go to Switzerland because my friend said it's wonderful. Then, I'm going to go to many beautiful hotels and take a rest because hotels in Switzerland are very famous. Next, I'm going to go to New York after I finish my first vacation. I wish to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Also, I want to feel downtown life. I think that downtown is very crowded and complicated, but I'm interested in downtown. While I'm downtown, I'm going to go to many shopping malls. Also, there are many of my friends there, so I will meet them and play together. Finally, I will also go to a casino. Actually, I have never been there, so I hope to go there with my friends. Then, I want to feel Switzerland and New York's Christmas. I think that both of them have many festivals to enjoy during their Christmas. If I have more money, I will go to all over the world except the North Pole and South Pole.


I do not seem to quite remember it; a long time ago, I saw a drama. There was a saying in it: “In your whole life, you might not always live as well as you want, sometimes it was better than you expected, but how about when you are frustrated with it? Do not feel sad for it. Just treated it as a vacation, the one you have never had”.

If you asked every single person whether they wanted to have a long vacation in which there were no time pressures and no financial issue problems, the answer will be absolutely, “Yes”, because nobody wants to have frustration in our lives. Let’s forget about the frustrating things and focus on the long vacation.

Alaska, the most northern state of the United States in which part of it extends into the North Pole, is the Salmon fish’s home, and has mantles of white color over all areas in the winter and green in the spring and summer. It has been popping up in my dreams for several years and it is my best idea for a place to go. You can call it the last virgin place of the US as well. The extremely cold weather blocks tourists from visiting and the city from developing. It keeps the natural scenes as it was several thousands of years ago. You can see the glacier running among the mountains, icebergs in the sea with some animals lying on them, and ice cap on the mountains radiating different colors of light varying with the sun’s angles. Colorful northern lights will always occur in the nights of summer. Green grasses cover the big plains and decorate some yellow, white and purple flowers; animals run and have fun in it. The air is the cleanest you have ever breathed. Lakes are scattered everywhere and the water in them is so fresh that you can see through it to the bottom. Because it is also the Salmon's home, in every summer, all of the salmon will come back to breed their next generation. Humans and brown bears will have a salmon feast at the same time.

I am a person who loves natural life and am anti-urbanization. And Alaska is my dream place that I have not been to yet. No matter how far it is, no matter how cold if is, I will go to it in my lifetime, and hope Alaska will never be changed from what it was.

Why do some species succeed in being saved (by people) while others do not?


Why do some species succeed in being saved (by people) while others do not?

While humans are developing and striving, some creatures are depleting in numbers or have already been extinct for a long time. The reasons are that we have obtained resources from nature too much and neglected its recovering timing. When we were surprised that those species were disappearing in our environment, we started to breed and protect them. Somehow, we were not really successful to save them all. We failed and lost them for good. In my opinion, there are three reasons for this.

First, we have noticed too late those endangered and extinct species. On the other hand, some species were gone before we discovered them. We could not get at lease a couple of living creatures for breeding them the natural giving birth way. Second, our gene engineering technology is still on its way; it is not perfect enough, nowadays. Our scientists are still studying the gene’s function, and what the nutrition for gene re-creation is. Or you can say that, the gene engineering technology is not ready to play a main role on the stage. The gene engineering technology has still a long way to struggle. Environment will be the most important issue here. While we are capturing some high value animals and some others for some reason, we make their numbers reduce but we do not disrupt their living environment. Thereby, these species will still have a suitable environment to live in and have a next generation if we stop overexploiting and polluting our environment, and damaging them.

We always do what we do when we want to do in any time such as deforestation and capture wildlife. We always notice everything after we have already lost it. You might say it is because we did not have enough information. But in my view, it is just an excuse. We did not use the same sense as the Native American (Indians) – getting something from nature, one day you must payback to the nature. The only way to stop the species from becoming endangered or extinct is to stop damaging the environment; educate people to know how species are important to us and protect them; and improve our gene engineering technology on Recovery of wildlife is important.

The best place to take a vacation

A one month long winter vacation is coming. I think I have to plan to spend my last days in the US. New York City will be one of the places I will visit in the winter. Much information shows that New York has a lot of attractions, such as Ellis Island and immigration, the Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History, the biggest shopping mall in the US, Broadway shows and so on. Counting down the last day of this year in Times Square is a big activity in New York, and people in the whole world would like to go at that time to enjoy the biggest count down activity. Accordingly, there will be a big Christmas tree and a big apple falling down when people count down. China-town there is large, too. I might find some delicious Chinese food. Seems everything in New York is big. No matter how cold, how expensive New York City is, to visit it should be the most important thing to do as people come to the US. Of course, I will go, either way.

the Trips in CESL

To get a trip is one of the best moments in life, because at this time you go to the places you have never been before. The trip opens you to the diversity of the world by understanding the other people's lifestyle and culture, by visiting some interesting areas, and by meeting other people. In my life I used to like trips; I always take advantage if the opportunity is presented to me, especially the trip by bus, like CESL organizes, which seems to be very important for me because when you are traveling by bus you have a chance to admire the nature, to watch some of the environment. For example, in my country when you take a trip to go to a town called Matadi, you will be crossing an area where you can see big rocks with extraordinary forms from the past, when the Belgiums were living in Congo; they designed a sort of watch in those rocks to attract the attention of people while traveling.

Regarding CESL trips, the one that has been good for me was the St Louis trip where I got the chance to visit some animals in the zoo that I have never seen in my life. In addition, that trip allowed me to visit around the place such as the big city market of the Mall. The CESL trips are best in the way they are organized-the transportation is comfortable and ensuring, and the teachers who guide students usually help them by explaining to them some places, their features and importance. If possible CESL can organize a trip to Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami, as long as the feasibility is well analyzed.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Travel in Japan (FE5)

I dreamed of traveling in different countries since I was a college student. This year, I joined a group that traveled to Bali, which is one of the islands that belong to Indonesia. I had a bad experience with the trip because the travel guide tried to sell something to us, and complained too much about their government. Since then, I decided that I do not want to join any more guided tours.

Today, individual travel is a popular choice. People can book the flight tickets and reserve a hotel easily by the Internet. If I have a vacation, Japan is the best choice, especially for individual travel. One reason is that I can orient the direction easily because the public signs in Japan are usually written down in Chinese characters.

Another reason is that I don’t need to worry about the traffic problem because the transportation in Japan is very convenient. In Tokyo, the capital of Japan, the subway station connects each scenic spot and the train schedule is very frequent. I can spend the whole day taking the train to anywhere and without following the tour schedule.

Besides, I love the Orient culture. In the past, Japan has gone to mainland China to learn their music, customs, language and art. Japanese kept the most of the Chinese culture and made a different style gradually. Fortunately, they are trying to keep reserving the soul of the culture.

I believe that you cannot wait until the next vacation. Japan is a perfect option.

The Ideal of Vacation

When you want to leave the routines, you imagine your own vacation. It can be spending time by a beach or going to an abroad country. The best vacation, I think, is spending a week at a beach such as Florida, Cuba and Bali. Just lay yourself down on a hammock, and take a nap or drink while listening to music. Mandatory things for the vacation are somebody who accompanies with you and enough money. You need someone to spend the time with; girlfriend, family, and friends are fine. Without money, you cannot do everything that you want. Having the best vacation is not difficult. If you want to have a nice vacation, just save some money for a while before you go, and plan it specifically. However, the most important thing for the nice vacation is your attitude. You don’t have to worry about your work at a beach, and you don’t have to worry about your budget because you are there to spend the money. Just be prepared for your vacation and enjoy every moment of the vacation.

Climate Change of Korea (FE2)

In Korea, there are four distinguishable seasons and especially it is very nice in spring and fall. Since a few years ago, spring and fall have been diminishing due to global warming. There are just long summers and winters. Generally, the hot weather in summer lasts until October in Korea. Global warming is a serious problem that is taking away spring and fall, our superfine weather. Even though the problem is very serious, Koreans do not care about it. They think development is the best priority. Can our environment be recovered after being damaged?

Friday, November 9, 2007


In my life I still have two places I want to go. One is Japan and another one is Europe. First, I want to go to Japan, because Japan is a fashionable country which always makes a lot of special things for people to go shopping. Also Japanese food is very delicious to me, because I like Japanese food very much. Then, Japan is beautiful, too. Therefore, these reasons make me want to go to Japan. Another place I want to visit most is Europe. Europe is very a beautiful and romantic place. I like their history and their countries. European country has a lot of old century buildings. These buildings are very beautiful so it makes all Europe so romantic. Also European food is very delicious. I strongly feel Europe is the best place to take a vacation. These countries are romantic; foods are delicious and have a lot of old buildings. Some European countries have some beautiful views we can watch and some countries’ lifestyles are romantic, too. I think taking a vacation there is very good; because we can feel relaxed in the beautiful country, watch the beautiful views and buildings. We can enjoy the different moods in Europe; it’s totally different from the mood in our country. I like Europe very much. Therefore I hope I can visit all of the European countries if I can’t, I still will visit one or two European countries, because I like it very much.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

CESL trips

I have been to the corn maze with the teachers and students who are working and studying in CESL, which is an organization to learn English for non-English speakers. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. The teachers are friendly and kind.

They always have other activities such as go shopping, go boating and go to the museum. There are many benefits for students. When they are traveling, they can obtain knowledge. If students enjoy it, students will have a lot of fun. First, the most important benefit is that students can speak English, because there are many students who came from different countries for improving their English. There are good chances that they can exchange more interesting things from their own countries by spoken English. On the other hand, the teacher helps you when you are in trouble. Next, they can come into contact with more Amerian culture and lifestyles. Moreover, English is difficult for the foreign students. It gives them more stress when students go alone. If they go on a CESL trip, they will feel better.

Vacations (fluency exercise 5)

The best place to take a vacation, for me, is on the South West of France, in the region named “Landes” and the city’s name is “Hossegor; Capbreton” which are two cities glued one to each other; it’s near the beach and there is a big forest which is beautiful to ride, to run or just to walk through. For the teenager like me, it’s kind of fun because there is the beach where we can surf and the beach is big enough to do some activities like beach soccer, beach volley, land everything we want that is fun for the day. For the night, there are some different places where we can eat, drink and dance. It’s also for the younger and the older person, so we can find a lot of activities there, which is why I suggest to go there.

If I have enough money to go wherever I want, I will choose this place in the “Landes’, because I always went to this place for my summer holidays and I passed the best moments of my life with my friends there. So with this money, I will invite all of my friends to come with me and we will rent a big house and pass the best holiday that never passed before. I think for the best vacation, we don’t really need money or a specific city where we can go, we just need our friends or family and that is enough for me to pass a great vacation.


I think the best place for taking a vacation is Las Vegas where there are many shopping malls and things to enjoy the entertainment. When I stayed in Canada to study English, I once took a trip to Las Vegas with my friends. At that time, I had a great time with my friends having a look over the city. Each hotel provided fantastic shows for tourists. Especially, the fountain show provided by Bellagio Hotel was the best. I also enjoyed shopping for some clothes and shoes with cheap costs. If I have enough money to go anywhere, I will go to Hawaii to take some rest with my girlfriend. I have dreamed of the day I and my girlfriend will have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Beautiful sceneries and friendly people are perfect for us to take a rest and refresh. I wish that I have enough time and money to take a vacation in Hawaii during the next break

feed the hungry, learn vocabulary

Here's a site that I think is good for everyone. If you can just keep learning vocabulary, and help people at the same time, what could be better? Try it. As far as I can tell, it's sincere.

-Tom L.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fluency Exercise #4

Wedding Culture in Korea

As everyone knows, marriage devotes all peoples' lives to a matter of the gravest concern. I got married 10 months ago, so I would like to tell you about the wedding culture in Korea. Today's wedding culture in Korea and wedding culture in a foreign country has something in common with each other, but when Koreans get married, they usually wear a Hanbok. Koreans wear a suit and dress to the marriage ceremony with guests; after that they wear a Hanbok and do their traditional marriage ceremony again with their parents. Hanbok is the native clothes of Korea. Finally, their parents talk to the bride and bridegroom with well-meant remarks, then the bride and bridegroom get a marriage bond.

My favorite band

My favorite band is the Beatles. they have been a legend in the music field. I first met them when I was a middle school student. I cannot forget the moment when I listened to the song, " Let it be" through the radio in my room. I like them because their songs have a special rhythm that makes people move. The story in their music is also great enough to love them. When they sing a song, they make a perfect harmony. I enjoy listening to their music when I am depressed or sad They also did not stop trying to make new songs. It was a great lesson for me in the age of puberty. They are my only band I still love.

A fall holiday in Korea

we have a fall holiday, Chu-seok, which is one of the biggest holidays in Korea. During
this holiday, all of the family members get together and make many kinds of traditional foods. Also, we play a traditional game, Yut,which is a kind of role-playing on the board. We make two teams, having for to five on each team, white and black stones and four sticks which are kinds of dice. According to the result of the sticks, the stones move forward. If one of the teams succeed all of their stones pass the finish spot, they are winners. We cook many kinds of traditional food in Chu-seok. My favorite food is Song-pyeon which is a kind of rice cake. Whenever I eat it, it reminds me of my grandmother who made the best Song-pyeon in the world. I love Cho-seok because I can enjoy playing a game and having many kinds of delicious foods with my lovely family.


In my country, many people wish to have a fancy and luxurious wedding ceremony in their lives. On the other hand, some want to have a humble one with only their family. I think the thing that makes the wedding is your visitors who celebrate your wedding with a true heart. I hope that on my wedding day, I have a great time with people who I love. I would like to have a wedding ceremony in my church with a blessing by people. I will do a favor to my friends to sing a special nuptial song for only us. We will worship god with the best gratitude as much as I can do in our first day as a couple. I also have a great plan for our honeymoon trip. The place is Hawaii where we have wanted to take a trip for a long time. In this place, we will never have a wonderful time we never forget. I think that Being together is the most important element among everything we can do.


I think that good friend have many different ways to have relationship with others.
First, they always consider of their others’ feeling than themselves’. For example, If they have some argument with others, they try to understand others’ opinions at least even though they don’t disagree with them. Second, They are always ready to attend to their friends’ situation which is good or not. They are willing to share their feeling with them. It doesn’t matter how bad it is. Third, they don’t hesitate to give them any advice. It’s because they don’t want them have hard time. For example, If their friend begin to use drugs for escaping from reality of their lives. They will give them a warning. If they don’t listen to them, they try to correct them continually. I hope that before you find a good friend for you, you become a good friend for your friends. If all of people in the world try becoming good friends each one, our society is getting better.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Save The Environment

Many species are in danger right now because of the environment. Some species can be saved because it is not too late. For others there is not time to save them because it is too late. Similarly, some species are easy to take care of and others are really hard. Maybe some of the species cannot be cared for with people around, which is why they cannot be saved by people and they only can live with its own species only. Many of the species that are endangered right now end up in the zoo because they can fully take care of that species. Some of them are successful because it is easy and fun to take care of, like the sea-lion, which is really easy to feed and easy to control. Also, they can do shows for people to look at because the sea-lion is a smart animal. Some animals manage to survive because they can live by changing places. Many animals change places because people want the animals to get a good habitat, but some of the animals cannot survive in a different place. That’s why some of them survive and some of them don’t.


For a perfect wedding, the people are the most important element. If there few people in the wedding we cannot feel the happy mood. More people can make a high mood and bring the happiness and comfortable wedding mood for everybody. The food is also important; good and delicious food can give people a good feeling to eat again and again. They will not feel annoyed, so people can feel comfortable and very easily join the wedding. If there are some comfortable and popular music and some shows for the wedding, that will be perfect. I had gone to my cousin’s wedding before and I really liked that wedding. I think that it is the most perfect wedding I had ever been to before. The place was beautiful, the food was delicious and the wedding played the music and had some shows. The mood was very good and everybody felt happy. Therefore, I like this wedding very much and I cannot forget it. That is a perfect wedding for me.


Redha Alnemer
Fluency Exercise #4

In our culture, the perfect age for the people to get married is above the 20 years old, immediately, and when someone does his wedding in these ages all the people around him will feel happy, so that makes a perfect wedding in my culture. Because most of the people get engaged and do their wedding in these ages, their families prepare the places for the wedding for them, which usually are big places such as the halls that provide kitchens and sitting rooms. In the past the wedding always was in the neighborhoods and its atmosphere was better than the wedding in the halls because the person stayed in the neighborhood which he grew up in and remembered his past while he transferred to another life. The perfect thing for the person in our culture while he is preparing for his wedding is at the same time seeing his friends feel happy for him. Usually the wedding starts at night and before the wedding the young gather in a farm and sing song for the person who will get married and swim with him and clean him and take pictures. I want to do such a thing like that and I want my wedding to be in my neighborhood.

summary response #4 -Technology-


Nowdays, many kinds of robots are being invented. Actually, some kinds of simple working robots are used in Car Company's factories or something like this area. That machine, actually, doesn't have any emotion or expression but robots are changing. Many countries make robots for many purposes. Big Japanese companies such as Honda, Suzuki, and Sanyo make dancing, singing and emotional robots. Japan is the strongest country in the world with technology. In America, they usually make robots for war. They use robots for observing dangerous areas and fighting instead of people. It is not for normal people, just for benefit of the country. In Korea, they invent new styles of robots. The robots recognize human voice, and they have emotional expressions. So when people say some bad words to the robots, the robots have a voice with face. That robot has eyebrows, nose, and eyelids so it can make expressions with its face. Robots are so interesting to us but I wonder if the same things can happen as in the Movie "I-Robot", where the robots are out of control and they try to control people. That is a crazy thing to happen, so I hope scientists just make robots with limits in moderation.

Fluency Exercise #4 Technology

In the future, we will study and invent new technology continuously, because we have limited resources. For example, now we are in a shortage of resources such as water and oil. I look forward to make a method to solve this situation. First, if we invent a machine that changes dirty water to clean water with less cost, we can get infinite water. Then, it will also be helpful for less developed countries because there are many disease problems due to scarcity of water. Next, I think we are going to make many machines that don't need much resource. Actually, oil has disappeared in decades, so I want to see a car that moves without oil and without so much energy. At that time, we can make a flying car. Flying cars would be helpful for limited land and saving time. If this car will be popular, our life quality would go up rapidly. For instance, we can go anywhere we have a mind to go. Clearly, we make many inventions and innovations and those change our life style for the better.

Technology (Fluency exercise # 4)

Today, the world has been changed so fast by science. Each year amounts of new products are introduced to the public and many scientists are inventing new inventions of technology more than the products. If this situation will be continued, the world in the future will be changed very quickly. For example, there is some innovation, which can make people live on other planets such as the moon because the population is growing up steadily. With the innovation, new transportation will appear because of the volume of traffic between earth and moon will go up. Not only is the moon included in the innovation, but also a water world is possible. If the earth cannot afford the population of the world, we should find other places to live. Because there is oxygen or other gases, which are essential for peoples’ lives, it is not really impossible to make a water world. If our technology will be developed more, some scientists will try to invent the technology to use the gases in the water. The problem about overpopulation will be solved if we develop the way.


Fluency Ex# 5
Mr. Leverett
Do you know who won the world cup?. Do you know which country has the tower Pisa? Do you what is Italy’s capital? The country that won the last cup is Italy, against France in Germany. Everybody knows the tower Pisa in Italy. Italians build it for a belfry. However, the ground had a lot of water, which made it lean. Italy’s capital is Rome. Italy has a lot of places we can go to , for example, Rome, Venice, Milan, and Naples. I like going there with my best friends because I need to have with them. Italy has beautiful weather and it does not have pollution of air or water. The good weather is in winter and summer because the weather will be warm and it is good for old people because old people cannot bear cool or hot weather. Also, it is good for couples when they get married because it is a good place for romance.

New Technology in the Future

Technology makes the world more convenient. We can see a lot of new technological things appearing in the science-fiction movies. Cars can fly in the air and we can live on the other planets. I am looking forward to new types of transportation. Petroleum will be gone in fifty years. We need to find new power for cars. I think fuel cells will be the future power for cars. Scientists have successfully made fuel cells, but fuel cells are still too huge and the energy is not enough for a car. Some day fuel cells will be like the development of the computer. The size will be smaller and smaller than the initial form. We will not worry about the price of gas, and we also won’t make exhaust gas to pollute the air. Global warming will not get worse and worse. So the transportation in the movies is not a dream. In the future, we will have the same cars that fly in the sky.

By Jeremy

Monday, November 5, 2007

Korean Music Is Going Die

In the Korea, every song sounds sad and is about love. It seems music is just for high school girls, not for every one. There is no diversity of music. Everything has its own diversity, except music. Nobody wants to create new types of songs because they have fallen into commercialism. If somebody makes hip-hop music, it is really difficult to succeed in the business. For example, Joosuc is a unique case of hip-hop musician. He is the most successful rapper, he is only one rich and famous rapper in Korea. In the other view, most people don't buy CD's, but download songs illegally. It is really easy to make a CD with downloaded songs, so many follow the way. Despite the fact that illegal music downloading exceeded CD consumption, the level of the regulation of the government is not sufficient.


When people are getting married in my country, everybody in their family is happy. The wedding is one of the best moments in people's lives, because at this time parents and other family members are all involved in it; they are giving their support in different ways such as financial, moral, physical to help the moment be successful. In addition, you will see how some people in the family or friends contribute by giving some interesting gifts.

A perfect wedding is also when people are getting married officially by going to the church for a blessing, by respecting some customs or traditional systems of marriage, and by being registered in the state for a civil wedding. Also for some tribes in my country, the wedding will not be considered as perfect if the man has not fulfilled all the requirements.

If I was planning a wedding, I would first take my time to prepare it as well as I can, because if you manage your time well in taking some possible provisions, your wedding may be perfect. Furthermore, two of the most important customs mentioned above that I will be planning well is the civil wedding and the custom wedding because, the first helps to guarantee the existence of the marriage in the state and the second is also important for the recognition in the two families.

Fluency Exercise #4


Every woman wants to have a perfect, wonderful, and unforgettable wedding in her life. In my country, there are many special customs, but, in fact, many new couples don’t know them, and the parents teach them when they get married. Because the customs are too complex and detailed, many young and new couples change the ceremony to a simple style, like the western ceremony. In this day, a person that helps the people control and plan the wedding they want as a career appears, and we call them wedding planners. It is convenient for young couples to just tell the wedding planner what kind of wedding they want, use what color flower, hold the wedding in the church or hotel, because people are too busy with work even near their wedding date to handle many details but they still want the wedding perfect. If I have to plan a wedding for someone, I think the most important thing is that I have to know what the brides like and whose ideas I have to obey. I will list the schedule about time and progress, and then I will not forget something important. The most important element I think is collecting everyone’s opinions together and completely, including the bride, groom and both parents, because this wedding not only belongs to the new couple but also both families in Taiwan. Parents in Taiwan usually pay the most part in costs in the wedding, so you have to let them pay the money happily, and obey their opinions. Planning a wedding is not an easy thing, because you have to pay much attention in this. If I marry one day, I think I will find the wedding planner to help or organize it for me.


Fluency Ex #4
Mr. Leverett

Do you know pollution? Do you know some cause of pollution? Many people know about pollution. However, they do not care
about how stopping it and causes and effects. Pollution is anything we add to air, water, soil, or food that threats of health or activities of people and animals. Some causes are the waste of the resources of nature. When people use resources and make things, it causes pollution . Some pollution of environment is volcanic eruptions; another kind of pollution by people is burning coal. Some affects people by making them get some diseases or damage to their health and species get some disruption of their life-support systems. Another effect people can get after pollutions is noise, smells, tastes, and sights. So, pollution is dangerous to environment, species and humans, and people should stop producing pollution and make them clean up pollution.

Tutoring Hours

Fluency Ex #4
Mr. Leverett

Do you know pollution? Do you know some cause of pollution? Many people know about pollution. However, they do not care about offers. Pollution is anything we add to air, water, soil, or food that threats of health or activities of people and animals. Some causes by waste resources nature. When people use recourses and make them is extracted. Some pollution of environment is volcanic eruptions another of pollution people is burring coal. Some effects of people get some diseases or damages of health and species get some disruption of life-support systems. Another effect can people get after pollutions are noise, smells, tastes, and sights. So, pollution is dangers of environment, species and human that people should stop product pollutions and make them are clean up of pollution.

A Small Television In a Cell Phone

When you walk around the city, or take a bus or subway in Seoul, you can see many people staring at their cell phones. What they are doing is watching television. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) is the technology which makes it so we can watch TV anywhere. DMB's most impressive feature is that it can be watched while the user is moving or walking, and also offers high quality sound as a CD. The revolutionary technology has made it possible for us to enjoy watching television anytime, but has also brought some dark affects. For example, it makes relationships among people more individualized. Nobody talks to each other, even between friends on the subway or the bus. Usually, they have two televisions in a family; one is for the living room, and the other one is for the parent's room. Television is one of the best household electric appliances that can intermediate among family members. With DMB, a family is divided into individuals. Every member stays in his or her room to watch the television through their cell phones; Korean families are being disunited.

Wedding (Fluency Ex.4)

In Saudi Arabia, a traditional wedding is very different from those in western countries. Some people in Saudi Arabia follow the arranged marriage and others want to find their future wife without their family’s opinion. Usually the man goes to the girl’s family and introduces himself and asks to marry their daughter. Then, they announce the engagement day and have a small party with their families. There is no fixed time between the engagement party and the wedding day; actually it is based on their agreement. When they decide to marry, they start to arrange for the wedding party, which is much bigger than the engagement party. They have to arrange for a perfect day, for example, the place, the buffet and the invitation card. Both of them do their best to achieve a great party; they work hard to do something new and creative to get the guest’s attention. At the same time they don’t forget to arrange for their honeymoon because they should have some special time together after all of the wedding day efforts. For me, I think I will not follow the arranged marriage; instead I will find my future wife by myself.

Before The Wedding (FE4)

In Taiwan, the style of the wedding has leaned towards the Occident traditional wedding form, but with some difference. For example, if one couple is getting married, it is very meaningful for two families to become one family. Before the wedding, the man and his parents will go to the woman’s house and ask her parents to allow their marriage. After getting their approval, they start to prepare their wedding.

There is one thing different from Occident, which is that our parents are involved with our marriage details. People have to discuss each wedding detail with our parents; most of the time, parents take charge of each trivial part. However, sometime, the couple might be broken because their parents have opposite opinions.

There is another thing different from Occident, which is that people usually spend a lot of money and time to take pictures for memories. Couples go to a wedding studio and wear the beautiful bridal veil to take more than 100 pieces pictures. In their wedding, the album will be put on the table in order to share with everyone.

One interesting custom is that people who join their wedding party should give the couple money to bless their marriage. On the one hand, everyone has the responsibility to share the cost of the wedding breakfast.

Compared to the Occident traditional wedding, I think the Orient wedding has a significant value for two families. Each tradition that we should follow leads the couple to prepare to be one.


In the modern world, people are living in a digital world because people use more advanced technology such as the digital camera, HD TV and electric utilities. If these technologies are used together in a house, there will be a new innovation. It is a perfect house that consists of automatic facilities. In the house, it will have its own master who is the electricity manager. There are many touch screens at every part of the room in the house. It can control the whole system of the house. People just touch the button or screen of the machine. It can do what they want to do. It is so convenient for people to save their time. For example, if people get up later in the morning, they just put some words into the touch machine, and then the machine gets information to do it. After you dress up for a while, you will get your fantasy breakfast. In addition, the master manages your house so you do not have to care about your house or anything. It gives you a safe house and protects the lives of your family. For instance, if your house is on fire, the alarm of the house will be a warning and it will call the emergency number by the automatic machine. Finally, the prefect house gives your more conveniences and protects your life. In conclusion, modern technologies give people more advantages and they give people more conveniences.

Fluency Ex. #4

When I see the destruction of the environment, I feel scared because I think that th earth will be destroyed someday. We make trash all day, and we always try to remove the trash without any effort of reducing. I think that we will make trash forever and we will get a problem because of the trash. So I look forward to creating a machine that can make trash clean.

In my opinion, after gathering the trash, I will set up what we need and the machine will make it. That means we make the new thing from trash. If it occurs, we can solve the trash problem. We don't have to worry about it.

However, most of all, the important thing is reducing the trash. I think we can make the machine but we should make efforts to not make trash.

Environment/Species (fluency exercise 4)

I think that if some species succeed at being saved by people while others do not, it’s because some species are in danger of extinction and if we don’t want to see this species disappear, it’s important to do everything possible to protect them. And when a species has disappeared, we don’t know what will happen afterward, like the sea turtles; if these different species will disappear, knowing that these species lived since the dinosaur, or knowing what is lost from such an ancient and mysterious creature disappearing.

To make them successful, I suppose if my memory is right that they can take one male and one female of the endangered species and they can put them in a zoo to protect them, like the panda which is on the way to disappearance in Central China (I saw a French documentary about that last year). For example, for a long time Chinese fishermen hunted whales; now it is forbidden because it’s in this region of the world that this species is on the way to disappearance. There are a lot of examples like this, in which humans hunted different species in the past and now it forbidden and these species are protected by the World Wildlife Fund for nature.

Different Kinds of Music

There are many types of music in this world. For example, blues, R&B, hip-hop, classical, rock, jazz, etc. For this generation many young people like to hear R&B, hip-hop and rock. It is different from old people and old people listen to classical, light and easy and soft rock. This is because of the difference of age. Teenagers think differently, which is why they listen to a different type of songs compared to old people. In my country, I think the most popular style is soft rock. It is the type that sounds like rock but not that hardcore. The music that I listen to in my country is R&B. I think there is no difference between the American jazz and my country’s jazz because I don't really listen to jazz. For me R&B is the best because I always listen to this type of music. R&B stands for "rhythm and blues". It is so nice to listen to this type of music.

Mixed Wedding

A traditional wedding in Taiwan is very different from western countries, but I prefer to have a wedding outside, like weddings in America. Hence, I would like to combine east and west customs of weddings into a mixed one. Traditionally, we have a wedding ceremony to worship our ancients with food, which will include pork, chicken, and fish as main dishes. Then the groom and bride have to exchange their wedding rings. The bride has to serve tea to all of the older relatives. After that, the bride will go out of her original house with an umbrella to protect her form being taken by ghosts. This would be called the first part of the wedding, and the most important part. This part would be held in the bride’s home or a hotel near the groom’s home.

The second part is the banquet. We usually have a banquet in a restaurant or in the groom’s house. The decorations of the banquet places would not be as particular as in the west and they usually have singing shows only. If I am a the planner of wedding, I would like to choose the bride’s favorite flowers to decorate the places, arrange two slide files to describe the process of them being together and to show their pictures with their song. I think having a wedding in a vineyard would be really cool. However, we don’t have many vineyards in Taiwan or even beautiful gardens.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Friendship is the stongest relation that could happen for two people or more. It does not necessarily happen for non-relative people. It could be between brothers or sisters: also it can be between spouses. The reason it is the strongest relation is that it does not depend on ay any kind of material desires. Although many people can not feel others pain or happiness.but good friends do. Good frineds never wait until you ask for help, because they know when they should be there for you. Furthermore, some good frineds care about their frineds more then theselves. Yet, we can not know whether someone is a good frined or not unless we have experience with them.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Bahrain, which means "two seas" is a small island in the Gulf Sea. A causeway connecs Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. It has a population of about 700,000 and Islam is the religion in it. People will be amazed when they get to Bahrain for the first time. It is known for great hospitality and poeple there are frienaly and they welcome tourists all the time. People who visit Bahrain have diverse choices; for example, they can stay at any one of the multiple five stars hotels in the capital city (Manama) or they can go to one of three islands that include all that tourists need such as hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities, not to mention the warm beaches. Tourists usually like Bahrain's food. They can try "Mahammer" which is sea food; also they can try ' Majboos Hamoore" which Bahrainies use to welcome their guests.