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Pu Qin, Bright


My article is The topic of this paper is Scotland’s population and migration. It argues that the Scottish government should improve their own economy to keep population and attract immigration. There are four reasons for this argument. First, Scotland’s poor economy is the key of population. Second, Scotland should know the immigration is not a solution for Scotland’s population negative growth. Third, Scotland should make markets actively and increase domestic demand. Finally, Scotland should imitate other countries to take family-friendly actions to raise the birth rate.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

One of the most beautiful love stories

Long long time ago, there was a beautiful girl, a singing and a retired dancing girl’s daughter who was called “Choon-hyang," and a smart boy, the governor’s son, who was called “Mong-yong,” in Nam-won, which is a county in southern Korea. One day, Mong-yong went to the park with his servant and watched Choon-hyang playing on a swing. And then, he told his servant to bring her to him. So Bang-ja, his servant, went to her and said, “my boss is going to meet you right now! And my boss is the only son of the governor in this county”. So he and she met first. They did love each other as soon as they met and Mong-yong went to her house every night.

One day Mongyong’s mother visited her son’s study room at night; he was not there. And she called Bang-ja, Mong-yong’s servant, and asked him, “Where is he?”. So Bang-ja talked to her about his boss’ girl friend. And then, Mong-yong’s mother worried about her son’s future and she asked her husband that Mong-yong be sent to Seoul for his study. His huband knew his wife’s intention; she didn’t allow his son to marry a daughter whose mother is a singing and dancing girl. So Mong-yong had to go to Seoul for study. After Mong-yong left Nam-won, his father went to Seoul because of a promotion.

After that, a new governor came to Nam-won. He was not good. His name was Hak-do. As soon as he came, he heard about Choon-hyang. And he threatened to marry her himself. But because she still loved Mong-yong, she could not accept Hak-do’s proposal. So Hak-do was very angry and he arrested Choon-Hyang. And he suggested that she would be free if she decided to marry Hak-do. However, Choon-hyang did not change her mind, in spite of much pain and her mother’s persuasion to marry Hak-do. At this time, Mong-yong returned to Nam-won’, and then, he looked like a beggar. After meeting Mong-yong, Choon-hyang’s mother lost her hope to save her daughter.

One day Hak-do said to Choon-hyang that he would kill her if she did not agree to marry him on Hak-do’s birth day. On that day, many people were invited to the party and Choon-hyang was brought before Hak-do by policemen. Hak-do said, “it is your last chance to save your life. Would you marry me”. “No, I won’t, since I love Mong-yong,” Choon-hyang replied. And then, Mong-yong appeared at the party. He still looked like a beggar. He said to Hak-do, “why do you threaten your people? You must stop threatening if you are a good governor.” And then, Hak-do was angry. So he made policemen catch Mong-yong. Then, some people helped Mong-yong to catch Hak-do and all policemen were arrested by them. And Mong-yong gave Hak-do his identification. He was an administrator to check the governor’s mistakes. So he judged Hak-do’s crimes to be bothering people in Nam-won.

And Mong-yong said to Choon-hyang, “Did you remember me?” However, she replied, “If you would bother me, please kill me”. So Mong-yong said again, “Please look at me and reply." And then she became happy and was surprised, as soon as she looked up at his face. It was her lover that he was. After then, Mong-yong and Choon-hyang married and lived long and happily.


I have a proverb which became the guideline of my life. It is "failure is what you give up rather than what you can not do". We undergo many failures in our lives. We might not be able to pass any exam and might be rejected in trying to get a job. I think that we can find two types of people in this situation. One is people who try it again or search for another way to succeed in it. And another one is people who give up. Of course, to give up sometimes requires saving time or helping mental health; however, we have to pay ourselves the failure. So Winston Churchil, the most famous prime minister in England, said "never give up;" it is similar to my favorite saying. I know a story which is about my proverb. I forget his name; however, he was the first owner of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). I believe that everybody can see a grandfather doll in front of the KFC restaurant. Anyway, one day, he had a big problem, which was that his chicken food restaurant would be closed because of highway construction. So he sought about his future and he made up his mind to teach his chicken food recipes to other people who wished to open chicken food restaurants or who already operated one. Of course, he had a plan to earn some money if he had taught it to other people. But people thought that he was crazy. Nobody was interested in his recipes; however, he never gave up and he did not think about failure. So he studied chicken food to enhance his chicken food recipes and introduced his new recipes. Now, KFC is the most famous chicken food chain in the world and many food restaurant brands struggled for benchmarking.

Sung Jun

Cross-cultural marriage

Although I married the most beautiful woman in the world in 2004, I think that everybody must marry a person who you really love. If someone loves a foreigner, he/she has to marry her/him despite their being a foreigner. Of course, to marry a person who has a different language and distinct traditions makes it difficult to live with her/him and to communicate with her/him; however, it is not essential to love each other and to maintain the marital life. In fact, the most important factor to maintain daily life after the marrage is not communication and habit but love and belief. If they love each other, they will try to learn the language of the spouse and to understand better. However, if a married couple does not love each other, they will not be able to understand anything their spouses do, or try to accept their spouses. For example, Jae-Hyung Ahn, a famous Korean table tennis player, married Jaojimeen, a famous Chinese ping pong player. They have lived happily in Korea now. They met in a world table tennis game at first and loved each other: they were mutual friends. And they met again at the Asian games that opened in Seoul in 1986. And then they promised to marry each other; however, they had a big problem to marry. It was a diplomatic problem between Korea and China. In fact, then, Korea had a diplomatic relationship with only Taiwan (free China). But they married after all, even if they didn’t know their spouses’ language and traditions.

And I think that the one who marries can not estimate the advantages and disadvantages. It is not happy marriage if you think about advantages. However, if your wife/husband is from other country, you have some advantages. First, you have many unusal experiences because of your spouse. You will eat foods which you don’t ordinarily eat and wear new clothing which is your spouse’s customary dress. Second, you and your spouse can easily learn a new language. As a matter of fact, the language can be taught and learned in your life. Accordingly, to marry a person from another country is the best way not only to learn another language but to teach your language as well. Finally, if you married this person, you have several chances to travel to your spouse’s nation. Actually, we have the difficulty to decide to travel abroad and it is very expensive; however, if your spouse’s hometown is out of your country, you can not help going to the country more or less. Nevertheless, please, don’t marry a foreigner just to travel abroad, because you have more time with your spouse at your home.


“Though My destiny deprived my sight, the computer gave me new eyes which can see the world!”

This saying was spoken by a blind computer scientist. I agree completely with it. Actually, the computer makes the blind change their lives. The blind using computers can look for many kinds of information on several web sites and they can study with students without the disabilities. Furthermore, computers help the blind to communicate with all the people who can deal with computers. They can chat online, they can email and they give and take a lot of information easily.

However, before computers were introduced, there was a big and hard barrier between the blind and other people. The blind could not read other people’s articles or newspapers and they could communicate with people who were at a far distance by only one way: telephone. Furthermore, the blind could not study at the university without much help from other people. If you can’t understand this essay, please think who this essay is written by?

Sung Jun

CESL must distinguish students according to their purpose.

I have lived in Carbondale for more than six months. And I have participated in CESL class since the fourth level. So, I have some opinions to develop the CESL program. Now I would like to suggest a view of mine to enhance CESL in SIU. CESL in SIUC has 6 regular courses for undergrad and graduate school and one extra course for only the graduate school. I think that this leveling system is good; however, it is much too simple. For example, some students have the purpose of going to the university and other students do not have that. Accordingly, CESL needs to separate these students according to their purposes. Of course, CESL has some extra courses for students who don’t want to go to the university but these are very boring and useless for students who will go to their countries after CESL classes to participate in extra courses because students wish to learn live English or useful English to travel or make friends. Therefore, CESL should make the students join in different classes according to their purpose to study English at CESL. For example, after level test, the CESL will let the students who want to enter the university take part in the same courses as they do now; however, CESL is going to let the other students participate in new courses for alive or living English. These English courses would consist mainly of speaking and listening. And they would be composed of the cultural experiences such as shopping, reservation for hotel or airplane, contracts for housing or mobile service and so on. Similarly, GE1 and GE2 would become for all students, AE1 and 2, EAP1 and 2 and GSE would become for only the students who will enter the university. And CESL will have to make new courses for the students who just wish to learn alive English.

Sung Jun Ha

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Japanese Folk Tale: Princess Kaguya

A really long time ago, in some countryside, there was one old couple that had no children. They lived by cutting and selling bamboos. One day, the old man went to a forest to get bamboos as usual, and found the bright bamboo. He thought the bamboo could be sold for a good price and he tried to cut soon. But, he couldn’t do that, because he noticed there was a pretty little girl into that. It made him very surprised, but the old couple wanted their child for so long. Then he decided to take her his home and raised her as their real child with his wife. Of course, when he came back to home with the girl, the old woman was surprised but really happy. They named her Kaguya and took care of her. They became a good family and were satisfied with their lives. Such happy lives had continued until Kaguya rose as marriageable women.

She became awfully beautiful lady. Her beauty was not like human, but a fairy or pretty flower. Her hair was extremely long and jet-black like a wing of a black bird. Her eyes were deeply dark as a sky of night, nose was as tall as a mountain, and mouth was pink like a cherry. The skin was similar to pottery and all her actions are elegant. All men who knew about Kaguya wanted to marry her. However, she didn’t want to marry anybody. Still, five rich men seriously wanted to marry with her, and they dangled after her loudly. Finally they became like stalkers, Kaguya said that she would marry whoever could gain what she wants. Of course, they agreed with this idea. She showed five different things as she wanted individually; the bowl of Buddha, the branch with the ball of the water lily, the far of the fire mouse, the bead of the dragon, and the swallow’s talisman. It was almost impossible to get all those things, and they tried as hard as they could, but couldn’t.

This story spread over the city and the Mikado had interest with Kaguya. And, without exception, when he saw her first, the Mikado fell in love. He also wanted to marry with her and the old couple thought it was good for Kaguya. However, she said only no. They couldn’t understand and asked her why. First, she just bended her head, but started to talk about her true story. In fact, she was the liver in the moon. And she had done something bad and been exiled to the earth as a punishment. She said she had to go back the moon soon. That fact made them really sad and they asked her not to leave here. But, she said, the army of the moon would pickup me and nobody could intercept them. What they could do is just crying. After, the Mikado heard about this also and he prepared for fighting back the moon army.

Meanwhile, the time is coming. As she said, the moon army came from the dark sky with a strong wind. The army of the Mikado tried to hit them, but their attack was not effective at all. They didn’t care about such attacks and said Kaguya to come with them. She followed that. In front of the old couple and the Mikado, she started to walk in the way to go the moon. She said goodbye and thank you for the old parents and gave the “Fuji” medicine to live eternally and have no aging to the Mikado. Like this Kaguya went back to the moon.

After her leaving, the Mikado ordered to burn this medicine in the highest mountain in Japan, and now the mountain is called “Fuji-mountain”.

Ayuko Watanabe

The Russia Population Crisis

The topic of this paper is the factors that led to a decline in the population in Russia. In this paper, there are three kinds of factors and each factor has some arguments. First of all, the government should encourage people to marry early and improve health care service. Second, the government should fight disease and give some programs on to how to quit smoking and drinking. Third, the government should improve the economy and provide a good place to start living. The government should not abolish the pension system.

by Fuad

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The topic of my paper is Scotland’s population. It argues about the decreasing of the Scotland’s population and what the good ways to increase Scotland’s population are. There are four good ways which will help to increase Scotland’s population. First, the government should the increase the number of immigrants. Second, the government should help the parents who have more than one child to raise their children. Third, the government should protect the children’s lives from getting hard diseases. Finally, the government should encourage the people to get married early.

by Abdullah


Computer is one of the most important kind of technology in our lives today. Computer changes and improves many thing in our lives very quickly. It makes our lives easier by saving our time and helping us to find and connect with any things around the world. On the other hand computer might cause some problems in our lives. One of the most important problems that using the computer can cause is spending time doing harmful work for other people. Many people today, spend a lot of time using the computer to do harmful work like hacking, and stealing other people’s information. These problems are increasing today. It is so bad using this technology to hurt other people.

by Abdulmajeed

Population of India

In this paper, we will try to examine the current situation of the Indian population. We will also try to identify problems that surround the Indian population and take a look at the means the government of India did in order to solve perceived problems.
India is a very rich country in terms of its potential to be a powerful nation in terms of economy and armed forces. This is due to the fact that it has a high population. High population can be a great potential for a country but can also be dangerous at times. By this moment in time, the government of India is still in its battle to fight the negative effects of population explosion such as poverty, lack of health care and lack of education. In order to fight high population increase the Indian government focused on implementing means such as legislation against early marriage, insurance for families below poverty level, abortion facility rehabilitation, rewards and education.

By Ahmed A. Alzamzam


The topic of this paper is solutions of population increase. It argues that population has become a big threat to India. Therefore, nations should work together to stop this population problem. There are many solutions which help to solve this issue; I will mention four of them. The first solution is that people and government should work to together to stop birth rates and immigration. Second, the government should give chance emigrants to find a new country. Third, the government should make stricter for any families have more than two or three children. Finally, population is really a big threat to India, so government and people should execute these solutions to prevent this population.

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by Hamad


The topic of this paper is Japan’s population. It talks about the problems of the decreasing population in Japan. There are three problems that the decreasing population will cause. The first one is decreasing the economy. The second is increasing the percentage of elderly people. Finally, it will cause the government to spend money. This paper also argue that the government should give the people some advantages to encourage the people to increase the population. There are four advantages that the government should provide to increase the population. First, it should improve the people’s income. Second, it should make raising the children less costly. Third, it should encourage the people to marry earlier. Fourth, it should give the women more advantages at work.

by Abdulmajeed

Overpopulation in China


One of the countries that are most affected by overpopulation is China. This paper discusses the problem of overpopulation and explores how overpopulation affects the environment. Then, this paper discusses effects of overpopulation on the economy. Finally, this paper briefly considers that overpopulation is a main cause of overcrowding.

Disadvantages of Computer

It’s very common today to use the computer. However protecting our selves from the people who want to attack our PC’s is very important to us. There are some people; they are called self-Hackers, who can steal your identity information or personal information by going through your Internet connection. Even if you clear your browser history the information can be retrieved in seconds. There are a lot of disadvantages and advantages to using the computer in these days; computers make our lives easy, but we see that we buy expensive equipment for this easier life. There are a lot of disadvantages found with computer in these days.

By: Ahmed A. Alzamzam


Nobody thought 20 years ago that the computer would change our lives. It’s amazing how computers can change it. These days, the computer is the most important thing in this life; computer has became a daily thing for the human being. Computers makes our lives easy. In the past the life was kind of hard; no computer, that means a lot of hand work, a lot of wasted time. For example, in the past if you wanted to take some money from the bank, you had to go stand in a long line in a branch and wait to take some money out or deposit money into your account. When the computers came, life definitely changed; it became easier;in a few seconds you can get what you want.

By Ahmed A. Alzamzam


Honeymoon is the place that the people go to it to celebrate their marriage. A honeymoon is a traditional thing that came from France. Honeymoons need a perfect place, and I think Paris is the most romantic place to have a honeymoon, because it is the birthplace of it. When I get married, I want to have my honeymoon in Paris, because it has a lot of amazing places. Also, Paris is a beautiful city, and one visit is never enough for it.

by Ahmed A. Alzamzam


In the Arabic language, there are a lot of proverbs sentences we use to live by. For example, we have a special proverb we use, It is “Once you become a wolf no one can step on you”. This proverb is use when the father talks to him son or sometime it use between the friends and shows the hero. When you do a job or something no one can do the same as you or something you very good on it do, they tell the people this proverb. Some people use it to make a challenge, also. I use this proverb when I know that the job I toke it well be mine, spicily with my friend.

by Ahmed A. Alzamzam


Ramadan in the ninth month in the Arabic calendar. Ramadan is a very important month for Muslim people. The most prominent event of this month is the fasting practiced by most observant Muslims. During Ramadan, there is a traditional job done by special people who volunteer for this job “Almshar”. Almshar is a famous man in Ramadan. He is limited in that month; he awakens people to Sahour “ the last meal can the muslims people eat “ before fasting is to start. Almshar tour starts before holding two hours later in the midnight, carrying drum Fettle rope in the neck to the chest, or carried by hand, and beat them with sticks. Everyone was dismissed in the discharge of Sahour. But today wak up at a certain time, based on the alarm clock hour.Almshar

By Ahmed A. Alzamzam

Outdoor Activity

Everyone likes to do something in his free time. Outdoor Activity simply means any neutral activity that people do such as walking, watching, swimming …etc. Photographer designer, this is my favorite thing in my free time; sometimes I use some program to improve the image and do some design in it. I like to do it by myself; Also, I don’t like someone working with me when I take my own photo, or when I design it because I cannot focus in my work. A Photographer designer can take any picture in any time, not like another activity such as swimming, or any activity that required special time to do it, so this is the most important thing about this activity.

By Ahmed A. ALzamzam

Nizar Qabbani

Nizar Tawfiq Kabban is a Syrian diplomat and poet who has subject matter which is a first strictly romantic. I like the poems that he wrote's because no one can write like him and he writes in sample but eloquent language. His poetic styles simply and it exploring themes of love, religion, feminism and Arab Nationality. He is one of the most famous poets in the Arab world.

By Ahmed A. Alzamzam


The difference between EAP1 and EAP2 is not only a number. EAP2 is the highest level in CESL (Central of English as Second Language) in Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. In EAP2, students should choose their learning steps according to their abilities and learn the basic. Students are learning about many topics. EAP2 student should be more interacting with taking and discussing the topic with other students. Also EAP1 student should be more comfortable with EAP2 and do not get scared but learn tools which they will have to use to be fully effective professionals.

By Ahmed A. Alzamzam

Language Learning

No one can process information in exactly the same way that he wants. However he can learn things more efficiently and in less time, if he discovers how he can process information best. Arabic language is different than other languages, especially in format. I expand the strategies that I use for learning and studying spicily in English. Because when I learning something new or difficult, I naturally tend to use the learning style that I prefer it. I recommend that every person should have his one learning style to be more successful in life and also they should choose their learning styles according to their abilities and powerful.

By Ahmed A. Alzamzam


I have lived in a huge city in the East Province of Saudi Arabia. Dammam is the capital of the Eastern Province. Dammam lies on the tip of land near the Arabian Gulf; it is a large industrial and metropolitan area. It is a major seaport. The reason that I like this city is because it is near a small city. Also, the Saudi Government focuses on this city because it is a center for petroleum and natural gas, but also the centre of all commerce in the eastern parts of the kingdom.

By Ahmed A. Alzamzam


I bereave, the perfect food is a stew because of those four factors. First, the perfect food has a protein, vitamin, fat, and carbohydrate, and a stew can have too. When we eat a stew, we will eat not only stuffs but also soup, so we can get the all nutrition what stew has. Second, the perfect food has enough vegetables. A stew is a dish cooked by boiling and we can eat more vegetables than that is raw. Third, the perfect food should be eaten with other people not alone. Because of using a big pan, a stew is fit for eating together.Finally, the perfect food must be easy to cook. Of cause, how to cook a stew is usually easy, just putting stuffs into a pan and boiling. That is all. Because of stew’s a lot of nutrition, we don’t have to prepare other dishes. Still sometime we eat that with main foods like a lice or bread, it is not necessary. In conclusion, a stew is the healthiest food.Let’s cook and eat a stew!
Ayuko Watanabe

Tarout Island

Tarout Island, or Ishtarut, named by the Phoenicians, is the second largest island in the Arabian Gulf. Tarout Island, and Al Qatif Oasis, which is on the coast near it, is located in the western province of Saudi Arabia. Before Islam, Tarout Island was known as Ishtarut.
Ishtarut was the name of their God of love and beauty. The history of this island goes back to over five thousands years ago. It was believed to be “the Garden of Eden, a piece of Heaven on Earth,” according to some website. Tarout Island is the birth of cultures, one of the quaint cities in history and the most important seaport in the past. Tarout Island became interesting because it has Tarout castle. This castle is the most important historical location on the Gulf Sea. I was born in Tarout Island and I love this city not just because I was born on it, and also because it’s very old.

by Ahmed A. ALzamzam


As I said before TOEFL is required for International students to study at the American university. Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is important because some universities have an English program for the international students, and TOEFL is the way to know if they improved or not. Some students pass the class and they may have to go to a higher level. I am one of the international students who take the TOEFL test and I try two kinds of this test: IBT and P.P. If you take the TOEFL for the first time, maybe it makes you feel like you became bad because you may get a lower score, but on the other hand TOEFL gives you push to make your English better than what it looks like. I suggest for any student who wants to take this test that he learns the vocabulary; all of us know that if you have a lot of vocabulary you will pass the TOEFL. Also, you may read about TOEFL because TOEFL has a lot of tricky things especially in the grammar part or any any part during the test. Moreover, you may have confidence and a goal because if you work on these two things you will do anything you want.

by Ahmed A. ALzamzam


The English language has become the worldwide formalities language. For many years English stayed in the top of the famous and desired languages. As we know the American university has a special culture, so they require the international students to prove that they speak, listen, read and write in English. The TOEFL exam is made to be the judicious and help the people who speak English as a second language. TOEFL is a very good exam for many reasons. First, is designed to gauge your English, TOEFL is Test of English As a Foreign Language. This exam has more than one kind; IBT, TIP and P.P. It designed for people who didn’t speak English as a first language; also it is the gauge of their English that they have. For example, some students who lived outside the USA may have to prove that they speak, read, listen and write. Second, TOEFL has the attitude to improve your language. For example, TOEFL has a lot of vocabulary and we know if we don’t have a good vocabulary we will not improve in English. Finally, TOEFL is the way to study in the country when they speak English. So we cannot study in any university if we don’t have the TOEFL epically in the United State. I think that SIUC should think about the TOEFL score; it’s huge for some international students, but on the other hand it’s the way to improve your English.

by Ahmed A. Alzamzam


The argument of this paper os Chinese low population problem should be noticed more because of the following 4 problems; the Chinese population growth is "Negative growth", there will be a low population problem, the world influenced by Chinese problems, and the influence in the future of today's overpopulation problem. Today, many opinions notice overpopulation, however, for the future we should care about this Chinese low population.
Ayuko Watanabe

Recovering Abstracts

We have lost all of the fluency exercises- including the folk tales- and that's ok, we'll manage, but we really need the abstracts...if you have already posted your abstract on the eap2 weblog (which is now history) please post it again!...thank you!

MY Friend

My friend saleh is living in a new country out of Saudi Arabia. I'm always connecting with him by chatting on the Internet. Because he didn't find any chances to help him to be successful in his life. He moved out to find more chances to get a better education and knowledge that can help him to improve himself. The good things to living in a new country are to know a new culture and new people, how they live, what are their manners and to get more experience that can help you in your life. However, the bad thing is that you may face a lot of problems; for example, when you buy something or if someone steals your staff or go to dangerous places. Also the worst thing is you will live far away from your family.



Pu Qin, Bright

The COMPUTER is more and more important in the society right now. We cannot live without computer currently. From its birth in the 1950s to now, it has been developing very fast that is out of expectation. We can use it to do the calculation, make some flash pictures and even do some more complex problems that are not solvable with our hands only. The economy becomes global gradually. The primary attribution to this is the computer because we could share the information throughout the internet using the computer in time and efficiently. No matter how far we live, we can contact each other easily. We can write our blogs to express our current lives to our relatives and friends. We can post our pictures or even the videos to them. The computer limits the space and saves time for us to do more things to enjoy our short-time life.


The topic of this paper is Italy's population problems. It argues that people in Italy should find a solution for their work and labor force problems. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that Italy has the lowest birth rate in Europe. The second is that its students don't go to school. The third reason is that the economy will suffer without people in Italy.

this paper



Pu Qin, Bright

The HONEYMOON is that after a wedding, the new couple will go to a wonderful place and have a vacation for celebrating their marriage. I think the new couple is mostly likely to choose a place which is near the sea and has many good beaches, to enjoy their honeymoon. I’m just 21 right now; a honeymoon may be so far from me. However, one time I asked my girlfriend if we got married, where would we go to have a honeymoon? She answered “Greece”! Wonderful, I love Greece, too. I love the waves of the Aegean Sea and the sunshine of the Mediterranean. I love the whitewashed houses, which cover the whole coasts and islands. Imagine it: holding the lover’s hand, walking on the white beach and watching the sunset, how romantic it is!


The topic of this paper is how the government of Pakistan can solve the issue of the overpopulation. In addition, in these papers I argue this t overpopulation has a bad affect on the environment and the economic resources. As a result, the government of Pakistan should make a good strategy to solve the issue of overpopulation by educating people, supporting the private sector, and improving the economic climate.

this paper


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Ahmed Alotaibi

So Bad News

Dear Mr. Leverett,

First I'm sory that the blogger has been deleted and I want to tell you my web site and this is the link : click here .

Thank you and I hope this web site will not going to be deleted agin.

Fuad Saad Alajrafi .



The EAP2 weblog has been deleted in its entirety. It was an accident, and was done by a student, in the process of deleting an extra abstract.

What was lost? The most important thing was the URL's to students' weblogs which appeared in the templates. I have found all but about three. Fortunately I was able to do the grading based on what I knew and what I had. In some cases I had to trust that students put an abstract on the web and that it linked. Please tell me where your weblog is, and I will connect to it. Send the URL here.

We lost most of the folk tales, including the two winning ones, but the research papers and essays are still in students' weblogs, safe.

I would like to get fluency exercises back, especially folk tales, because I would like to see a CESL Today for 074, and I believe that this class produces the best of CESL Today. Also I would like to see the abstracts back. If you could provide it, I'd appreciate it.

Some other stuff was lost too, from other terms, and in fact, since I have often shown off my students' abstracts, etc., professionally, it's a bit of a problem. But it's not too bad. You can read more here.