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Brice Danvide
Fluency Exercise #3

What advice would you give somebody who is going to shop online?
What should he avoid?

First, shopping online is one benefit of technology. In today’s world many people are used to shop online, because they do not have time to go to the mall and shop with their friends. It is a common habit that many people have adopted. But there is one problem that some people face when shopping online. Some of them get their credit card information hacked and lose their money. My advice will be, it is good to shop online, but do not trust any site that offers you shopping features, because hackers are very smart and can hack windows firewalls and get your information. Some of the best sites that we know and that most of the people like is eBay. They should also avoid giving their information to anyone. It is very interesting and offers many features. My last advice is about to not shop every time online because you can be the next target of hackers.

Most Important Things When You Shop Online

There are a lot of important things when you buy something in online. First, you should check items and whether you really want to buy these or not. We can see a lot of advertisements online. The temptation of advertisements, the cheapest price and just once chance to buy, is very hard to resist. So, you can buy some items that you didn’t want. Second, you have to check the opinions of buyers. These days, almost all online shopping sites offer a space where buyers are able to write valuation of things that they bought. If you read their opinion, you can know whether items you want to buy have good or bad qualities. Lastly, you ought to know sellers’ personal information. Nowadays, there are a lot of online impostors. If you don’t want to lose your money, you had better buy items after getting the credit of sellers.

Shopping in the Internet

Today there are many people who like to shop on the Internet. They like to do that because it is easy to shop on the Internet. They do not need to spend a lot of their time to find what they want. Some people like it because it is cheaper than when they go shopping from the stores. They can find everything that they want by just going to a website and choosing what they want. When you need to shop in the Internet you have to be sure about many things; the most important thing is that you have to know that you don't have a hacker and know not to lose your money. The other thing is that you have to know the company that you need to buy from is a real company, because today there are many fake companies online. There are some people who like to steal the money from the other people, and they made a fake company online. If you are sure about these two things then you do not have to care about your shopping online. When you need something and you do not find it in the stores you should try to find it online, because it is the easy way to find what you want.


With the development of the computer technology, it is changing the world a lot. For example, we can read an electric book on the computer instead of buying a paper book. Also, we can chat with friends in different place. At the same time, the most interesting innovation is that we can go shopping online. The market is switched from a places to a website. We used to drive to the big mall for shopping, but now they come to my door. That is fabulous. However, everything has two sides. There is something we need to pay attention to while shopping online. First, it is better for you not to buy those desperately cheap things and do not trust the photos because you do not know who you are dealing with and the computer technology can make the product look like whatever you want. Second, if you are shopping on a famous website, you would better not buy something from a person without credits or with minus credits. Those businessmen probably make fake things. Third, you should be careful to use your credit or debit card because the computer virus is not strange. Now it can remember your card number and the password, then send it to its “father”. So you should type in your card number as little as you can and do not forget to delete them in the memory of the website. In all, the trend of shopping on the internet can not be avoided, but we should be careful when we are shopping and enjoy the happiness that the new technology brings us.

Advice for online shopping

In Korea, shopping online is really popular and common. I got some books and clothes from the online shopping mall. And my sister got some foreign DVDs and CDs from online. This is a convenient and cheap way to buy some things. Online, there are many malls and sites for selling products. So, it's difficult to choose where to get the stuffs. In my case, I almost got good and cheap things from online, but I got bad clothes once. It was a sleeveless and pretty cheap. It was just $2, but it was so tight and small. So, it didn't fit me and if didn't fit anyone in my family including my dog. After that, I've become more prudent. The price and size of website are not important. Some small websites have high quality goods, the other hand, some big websites have bad goods. I got tat sleeveless shirt from a big website, and other good clothes from a small websites. You should read the other people's reviews and directions carefully. If there are no riviews, you can challenge them. I have an experience with that, and that was not successful. But you will be nervous until the post officer knocks on your door. And if you want to get the book, I recommend some big website. They have many kinds of books and many kinds of discounts. But I'm not recommending to get some electronic products. Some people sell bad or fake products, and it's difficult to fix them when they become broken. But my sister's DVDs and CDs were pretty good. She got those from a small website. I think that it depends on which website you choose. You can ask people who are around you which website is good or not. If they know those websites, they have some experience from it. This is similar to when everyone knows which restaurant has delicious food.

Shopping online

When I’m going to shop online in Japan, I never care about fraud. I didn’t know American internet shopping had so many frauds until I came here. One of my friends told me, he doesn’t trust internet shopping because three out of four times the goods didn’t arrive to him. In addition, it happened the only one time he used a Japanese online shopping site. I couldn’t believe it, because I like internet shopping and I used it a lot, but I never got in trouble in Japan. However, after I heard that story, I did internet shopping, and I noticed a difference between American and Japanese. When I bought goods here, I had to wait two weeks until the merchandise arrived, but I could get it in only two or three days in Japan. Also, American online shops sent me different stuff. Beyond question, America is bigger than Japan, so I understand they need more time to arrive, but still two weeks is too long I thought. Therefore, if someone is going to shop online, I recommend Japanese online shops.

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What would the ideal cell phone be like?

People can freely imagine the development of the cell phone in 21st century, because technology is advancing quickly. They also can illustrate the picture of the perfect mobile by themselves, and it will probably come true in the future. In my opinion, then, the ideal cell phone must be equipped with smart guider and digital workstation. If the mobile can provide the function of smart guider, people will use it easily. For example, the product could receive the voice by humans to control its functions, to help people communicate with each other, and to arrange the schedule. Additionally, it would automatically derive various information and knowledge from Internet, TV, or newspaper every day. With the smart guider, it also has a digital workstation to work with a computer that control by the Internet. It integrates all the requirements and ability to provide the resources that people need to use on Internet. For instance, human beings can input their requirements to cell phones such as bill, and it will set all the functions to pay themselves.

people have to be careful when they use online shopping

Young Kwang Jung
3/ 27/ 2008

Many people like shopping to get the satisfaction of a new item that is something special and unique. Nowadays,the home shopping system has become very popular. However, increasing numbers of users make more fraud, because fraud can make easy money. If people want to buy by home shopping system, they have to keep several things in mind to avoid getting bad services and goods. First, do not believe everything that you see. Many of products can be exaggerative because they have to make them look good and nice. Next, people have to make sure of the whole price. The majority products’ price is lower than the normal market, but sellers usually add the price like through shipping and additional items. Then, people who want to buy items through the online system have to check other customers’ comments, because if sellers produced bad goods, they could comment so that people do not buy those products. Online shopping is very convenient and easy, and if people keep that advice, they can buy better goods than before.

Future cell phone

Ring… Ring… Nowadays mostly people have cell phones. The cell phone is the symbol of easy communication. The cell phone is the best friend of human life. The perfect cell phone should have all facilities. Now cell phone companies are providing us the best services we have ever used before. Cell phones have all basic facilities that we are already using, such as phone calls, text messaging, picture messaging, infrared, Bluetooth, voice mail, internet, GPS systems, camera, movies, pictures, audio and video recording, games, windows professional and use as a palmtop. I think cell phone companies should provide us cell phone with the latest features that we have never seen before. For example, we can see our elite future or we can predict everything about our future, we can handle our business without going to our office, we have no requirement of charge the battery and no USB ports, and also we can get 50% discounts at any stores if we show that cell phone. It should be very light weight, and slim, and it should have no more buttons on it, and great color combinations.

My Favorite Band

My favorite band is NOFX, for some reasons. Thay are a rock band from San Francisco. The first reason I like them is because their music is nice. They have a great guitarist and drummer. They can play the guitar and drums so fast. Their music is also melodic. When I listen to their music, it makes me want to play music, sing or headbang. Second, they are not just a rock band. They are interested in politics. They are against the Iraq war, and they are trying to say, "the war is wrong," through their songs. For these reasons, I like NOFX.

Perfect cell phone

I think Japanese cell phone companies already made the perfect cell phone I imagine. The perfect cell phone in my imagination can be used all over the world, can use internet, and can take pictures. Almost all Japanese cell phones can use internet and take pictures, but we couldn’t use them overseas. However, after I came here, one famous Japanese cell phone company produced a cell phone, which can be use in the world. I was very surprised and mad. I knew some cell phones are able to be use some places outside of Japan, but it was limited. However, the new cell phone can be use in almost all the world I heard. That is amazing!! Even American cell phone I’m using, couldn’t work in Canada. Also, my cell phone doesn’t work at Giant City either. I wish I could have a perfect cell phone in Carbondale.

Cell phone

Now the cell phone is very popular in our daily lives; we can’t live without it. But high technology is still developing; cell phones change a lot all the time and they are becoming smaller and smaller. But I want to make my cell phone to be different and to be like the laptop. Most cell phones have a camera and a full keyboard. I need something like iphone; it requires a touch screen. When you travel to somewhere very far away, you want to play games and find something for fun, so you can play games or go online; but games for cell phones are very basic and Internet charges you a lot of money and the speed is very slow, so I will make mine have high speed Internet and be cheap. Another important thing is it needs a video card; this is a very important thing in cell phones. If we own a video in our cell phone, the game will be not basic and like a laptop. This is my cell phone in my dream; maybe I can say it looks like a computer, but we need to change it to be like a computer, so it can do a lot of things and make people able to have a more fun time.

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What would the ideal (perfect) cell phone be like?

Fluency Exercise #2
Brice Danvide

What would the ideal (perfect) cell phone be like?

Technology in our day is developing faster than we can imagine. Even in the less developed country it is still under progress. So a perfect phone will be like first, have a good shape. I mean a thin shape but good looking, second have a GPS navigation system. It should have a Bluetooth system that can receive pictures and sending pictures without cable. Another characteristics that it should have are it will be at the same time a smart phone and a cell phone. It will have too an auto human temperature detection that can recognize any person in its directory file, and a synchronizing voice system. If a cell phone does have all these kinds of characteristics I think it is going to be great for people to do many things with it. That would be the perfect cell phone. People will be able to use technology at a higher rate and benefit from it.
Infra port
USB port
Smart phone: Windows vista / Windows XP
Synchronize Voice Recognition
GPS navigation system
Human temperature detection and an auto person recognition

My Ideal Cellphone

The cell phone has improved its functions for 10 years; however, i just need one more convenient function. I think most kinds of cell phone cannot work outside area. I f it works, its cost is too high. Therefore, at first, we need a mobile that can work around the world. Many international students will be satisfied with it. I believe that most people think they do not need functions any more. This is because there are lots of functions in it. We have phone, text message,Internet, music player, camera and more in it. If it has more options, nobody can use all the functions. So, what I want is only a worldwide network.

Necessary function in the cell phone

Now, I have two cell phones. One is in Korea and another is in the United States. I got a cell phone in Wal-Mart in the U.S. This cell phone has a small monitor and some basic functions. But it doesn’t have camera or other fancy functions. On the other hand, my cell phone in Korea has many functions. It has a camera, an English dictionary, and an mp3 player. And I can see the TV by using my cell phone. Definitely, this cell phone is much more expensive than the other one. However, I think this cell phone is the perfect one. Actually I don’t know what kinds of cell phones the United States has. In Korea, camera, English dictionary, and mp3 player are necessary functions in a cell phone. And to add a TV function, it will be perfect. Therefore, nobody knows what kinds of functions will be added in cell phone. The technology is developing every day, and many people are surprised by it.


The cell phone will have more technology in the future than what it has today. It is the most popular technology around the world. We can see that almost all of the people have cell phones. The companies who make the cell phone try to make it with more technology. Today there are some cell phones made with two cameras. When you have one of these kinds of cell phone you can see the person whom you talked with from the cell phone. The cell phone is more like a small computer. There are also some cell phones that you can use the Internet through it. We have also some cell phones with wireless contact. We can use the wireless Internet from them. The cell phone is one of the kinds of technology that the people have and they try to have all of the technology on it because it is easy to have it in anywhere.

The ideal cell phone

In my opinion, the perfect cell phone should have several satisfactory functions. First, it can be used instead of every digital product, such as camera, pc, music player, TV, PSP, USB, etc; of course that includes the function of calling. You can do anything you want to do. It would be the most efficient thing for people in their daily life. Second, people should be reminded about the fees and time when they are getting through to others. It also has a record of each call every single time and tells you how much money you left in your account. In this way, people can live in a schematic life. Finally, the most attractive function is the intelligent chat. That means the cell phone can talk with you like a close friend when you have a bad or good mood. It can share the life experience with you, and also record your growing.

More than a mobile phone

I think the perfect phone would be small and thin and, screen would be touched-screen. And it can be put anywhere because it is very tiny. More interesting, the color can be changed by the weather. For example, if it is rainy and cloudy, the phone turns dark. If it is a lot of sunshine, it maybe turns yellow or green. The cover would be made of special glass that is clear and light, the hardness of the glass would be like steel. Sometimes you can wear like a bracelet or a watch. This ideal phone not only has the beautiful design of the appearance, but also it has wonderful functions not the same as the basic function, such as calling, messaging and taking photos. One of the new features would be like when you wear it like a watch on your waist it can test your blood pressure and tell you the result regularly. In addition, you can use this phone to make a special call to your home, then the TV will be turned on and the water-heater and the air-conditioning will start working, also. Also, there is a built-in webcam which makes It so convenient that you could have a conversation with your family or have a short, important and emergency meeting. Therefore, this is the most ideal phone in my mind.

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Welcome to CESL, 082 students!

Things done below this picture were done in 081 or earlier.

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Durable Food ProductionIssue :Sustainable agriculture

The topic of this paper is sustainable agriculture. It argues that governments should reform their agriculture to meet the principles of sustainable agriculture. There are tree reasons why a long term agriculture should be put in place. The first is that it will be helpful for the environment degradation and the second is that it can be the origin of better quality of farmers’ life. Finally it can enhance the quantity and the quality of the food products.

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The topic of this paper is badly land misusing. Badly land misusing might be a big reason less producing food and less increasing the economic. There are four solutions for abusing land. The first government should care about the land and people that work on it. The second, education is the best way to keep the land safe. The third the law has to be serous to cripple the people who work to abuse land. Finally government should provide their farmers land to work on it.


The topic of this paper is food crises. It argues that we should to increase the food crises to avoid any problems and help other poor countries. there are four reason for this argument. the first is improve soil enrichment, encourage farmers, finally, we should active the GM seeds.
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The topic of this paper is food crises. It argues that we should to increase the food crises to avoid any problems and help other poor countries. there are four reason for this argument. the first is improve soil enrichment, encourage farmers, finally, we should active the GM seeds.

organic agriculture production systems


The topic of this paper is organic agriculture production systems. It argues that people (farmers) should use organic agriculture production systems to get quality and healthy food. There are four ways to know organic agriculture procedure. The first is that Organic agriculture will grow and reduce poverty in agriculture’s world because most depended on agriculture for their livelihoods directly or indirectly. The second is that organic agriculture has also offered attractive business opportunities. The third is that irrigation procedure in agriculture in India is most popular all over the world in agriculture industry. Finally, People and government should encourage traditional farming or agriculture farming to the farmers.

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Solutions for the Food Crisis


The topic of this paper is some steps or solutions to face the food crisis . It argues that rich, strong and more developed countries should help and support the countries that are facing the food crisis. There are three solutions for this argument. The first is that we should send some volunteers to help the hungry people. second, we should form new philanthropic organizations to support the poor countries. Third, we should plan biotechnology projects to face the food crisis. Finally, sending food to the hungry people is an effective way to solve their current problems.

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Why Do We Have Hunger?


The topic of this paper is world's food crises. It explains the real roots of hunger problem. There are four reasons for this argument. The first is that destructive wars are the main reason for hunger. The second reason is that bad food and money distribution cause poverty, which leads to hunger. The third is that unfair systems create discrimination making some people suffer from hunger and poverty while others are very rich. Finally, lack of good manners is one of the roots for the world's hunger problem.

food production


The topic of this paper is food production. It argues that people should solve the hunger problem. There are ways to do this. The first is producing more food, and the second is improving food distribution. The third way is that the people should have population control.

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Food Crisis: All of us Should Help


The topic of this paper is about the food crisis in the world. It argues that the food crisis can be solve by improving the distribution of the resources in the world. There are three reasons for this argument. First, the most developed countries should help the poor countries. Second, the policy makers from the less developed countries have the responsibility for researching about their problem and determining good national policies. Finally, the people in all the countries can do something to redistribute the food with diverse initiatives.

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Food Production is the topic of this paper. It is discuses the hunger in the world. It is argues how important is food to prevent poverty and hunger. Therefore it discuses the way that may help to provide more food in order to save the first solution is proved food by using technology and the second way is to educate poor people. The third one is involve poor people in the problem. Finally, support the food relief organizations to help people.

Soil Erosion


The topic of this paper is soil erosion. It shows many solutions for this problem. It argues the efficiency and differences between solutions. In this article there are four solutions for soil erosion. This paper explains good solutions such as are terracing, ground cover, windbreaks and gully reclamation.

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An ecological crisis of food resources

The topic of this paper is how to protect food resources. It claims that what are good solutions of protecting food resources. There are four reasons for this argument. First, people should try to find different ways or types to grow crops each year. Secondly, people should repair the environment. Third, people should maintain food chain. Finally, people should be educated to protect food resources.

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Soil Erosion


The topic of this paper is Soil Erosion. It argues that human all over the world should save our soil from erosion by adequate methods. There are two ways of stopping soil erosion. The first is about wind erosion and we have windbreak, ground cover and the second one is flowing water: counter ploughing and terracing. These methods are used to save soil from erosion.

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The Green Prairies

Look! The land becomes green, no hungry people in the world? Good, what is happen? The world tends to sustainable agriculture. The green revolution extended in the world, this mean the land becomes green because the people return to agriculture. Actually, there are many hungry people in this world. Therefore, we need the solution. We must use the technology development to feed hundreds millions of hungry people. How we can use it? Sustainable agriculture is the best domain that we can use technology development to produce food. We need to product different kinds of food, especially corn, wheat, rice and beans. So many researchers requested from governments to support agriculture field. If any country uses sustainable agriculture, it wills independence and satisfaction by itself. In Rosenberg’s (2007) article, “Oil and Food Do Not Mix,” he says “agriculture’s effect on your every day lives and why it’s simply fun to eat” (para.7). Governments should be encourage and support the farmers in their countries to use sustainable agriculture for many reasons: sustainable agriculture gives people more good food for healthy, it is give them sufficient food, and more using sustainable agriculture will decreases the price of food.

In “Sustainable Agricul Ture” the author states “Sustainable agriculture is the successful management of resources for agriculture to satisfy changing human needs while maintaining or enhancing the quality of the environment and conserving the natural resources” (2006, para.1). This is the definition of sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture produces abundant food without depleting the earth’s resources or polluting its environment. According to Bulletin (n.d.), “”Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture" defines sustainable agriculture by providing snapshots of different producers who apply sustainable principles on their farms and ranches” ("Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture", para.1). According to Dufour and Baier (2006) in their article, Organic Food Production, Consumption in United States Discussed; USINFO Webchat transcript, July 20, “Sustainable agriculture has three legs to stand up: 1) it is economically viable, so that a farmer can make enough money to make a decent living for he/she and their family, 2) it is environmentally sustainable—it must at least preserve the ecological assets, such as soil, clean water, air, plant and animal resources, that make farming possible, and 3) it should be socially just—meaning that workers on farms (including the farmer) can make a living, perhaps even have adequate health insurance” (p.3). Agriculture has changed since 1950; in the past, farmers used initial machines to plow the land. This kind of machines cannot accompany with the development in the world and the rapidly increasing of the population. Therefore, they replaced ancient tools with new machine to get those most, fastest, and easily product. Farmer used chemical materials to produce more food. In 20th century, farms are biological systems, not mechanical ones. Since population need high production, the industrial model has degraded soil and water, reduces the biodiversity that is a key element to food security.

The first reason for using sustainable agriculture creates good food for people to be healthy. There are many diseases are spread in the world now because bad food is eaten by people. Naturally delicious food is created with care from healthy plants and animals. Farmer who uses sustainable agriculture does not use chemical fertilizer to keep soil healthy. Leahy’s (2006) article “Development: Want to Save the World? Go Organic” says that “Organic and other forms of sustainable agro-ecology do not depend on chemical fertilizers, so they must find other ways to enrich soil and keep it that way. That also means there are more minerals and other nutrients in the soil so … food quality high” (para.9). In addition, farmer who uses sustainable agriculture does not use chemical pesticide. Miller (2004) claims, “killing of natural predators and parasites that keep pest species under control. With its natural enemies out of the way, a rapidly reproducing insect pest species can make a strong comeback only days or weeks after initially being controlled” (p.48). Farmers can uses good sources of water and lands to product good food for people. Using these sources, jobs are founded and poverty further decrease.

Second, sustainable agriculture give sufficient food to the people. Growth of population in the world increases very quickly, so we need sufficient food to protect them from hunger. Many countries have big land and natural sources, but they cannot use its very well. So these countries need help from some organization which are interested in agriculture. Unfortunately, there are many hunger and thirsty people in this world. We saw in television news many people are very hungry in Africa, South Asia, and in South America. According to Wood (2004) in his article, “Policies, investments, incentives and GM crops” “demand is growing, rapidly in some places, so farmers need to increase the amount they produce from a given area of land- otherwise we’ll expand agriculture land use and destroy more habitats and biodiversity” (p.3). More food to people, no hunger in the world and more equity between the people, all these things are very interesting. We need to protect people from starvations. According to “Community health responsibility of all” (2007) the author says “starvation is the greatest threat to children's survival. Even the number of children with these three diseases put together is still smaller than the number of starving children! It is this reality that has become of deep concern to many parties” (para.3). Starvation is very big problems and we need to stop it.

Finally, sustainable agriculture not only gives people good and sufficient food, but also it gives them food with low price, it is reduce the price of food. If the food is founded and the people cannot buy its, then the food will decay. So the governments must support the farmers to sell their products in low price. Indian people, as an example, cannot buy expensive food; in spite of India as an agriculture country. People in many different capacities, from farmers to consumers want to have economic profitability. When the governments give water, chemical material, and seeds to the farmers in low price, they can sell the crops in low price since the cost is very low. In Berntell’s (2004) article, “Food Production should not degrade water supply” he states “Production patterns tend to undermine their own resources base and threaten the resilience of ecosystems which support them. For example, river depletion hurts fisheries and biodiversity.” (p.3). Food price inflation allows increasing the number of poverty population.

An opponent of sustainable agriculture that gives the people good, sufficient, and cheaper food is sustainable agriculture needs many sources to produce food. Some people say the sources do not available in all countries. Fore example, Jordan has not sufficient water and the farmers depend on raining for water. People said that sustainable agriculture needs more workers, seeds, machines, and more and more technology and all of these things demand high costs. They claim that if we require equitable control of resources and full participation, then we reach to the top. That is right, but where we can apply that? We can do that that in only 8% to 10% in the world because the authorities in most countries refuse that for variant reasons; political, socially, or economically. They suggest all people must be able to participate in the essential decisions that determine their lives, especially in the field or market. In Earles 's article, "sustainable agriculture:An introduction" he says "off the farm, consumers and grassroots activities are working to create local markets and farms policies that support sustainable practices. They are working to raise consumers’ awareness about how their food is grown and processed and how plants, animals, the soil, and the water are treated. And they are working to forge stronger bonds between producers and consumers that will cement the foundations of locally and regionally self sufficient food system" (p.2).

In conclusion, sustainable agriculture is ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially just. Sustainable agriculture presents a positive response to the problems of both traditional and modern agriculture. It seeks to take the best aspects of both traditional wisdom and the latest scientist’s advances. Sustainable agriculture gives the population the highest value of natural food. Rural areas become very rich if the population in these areas looks after the land, crops, and water. Land is very necessary in order for a majority of the world’s population to escape poverty and grow the food it requires. We think that at the same time, the right of landless farm workers and the urban poor must be recognized. Sustainable agriculture has many benefits: it gives us the good, sufficient, and cheaper food. We need these benefits to stay alive in this life. People cannot live without wheat, corn, rice, and many crops. They need plants wealth as they need animal’s wealth. Sustainable agriculture is one that produces abundant food without depleting the earth’s resources or polluting its environment. It is the agriculture of social values. We think in the 21’s century, sustainable agriculture is still in its infancy more than any model farm economy.

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Sustainable agriculture

The topic of this paper is sustainable agriculture. It explains how the people will live better if they use sustainable agriculture and return to the agriculture in general. There are many reasons for this argument: we need good food for health, sufficient food to protect the growth of population from hunger, and low price food for all people. If we return to agriculture in all countries, we will not see any hunger in this world.

Look! You are going to die

How many people live in this world without ability to move alone? Can the drivers avoid accidents? Could they know what will happen after few minutes from driving their vehicles? Of course, they cannot expect anything and they cannot avoid any accident if they are inattention. Which is better human life or phone call? If we will ask ourselves, what cause these massacres? One of these causes is using cell phone while driving. Using a cell phone while driving should be banned for many reasons: a ban avoids the accidents and expire of people will decreases, insurance cost will increases, and avoids the environment pollution.

The first reason which we prefer to stop using a cell phone while driving is to avoid accidents. When we drive the vehicles sometimes the cell phone is ring, then we answer this call. After answering, we concentrate on the other voice and this may cause the accident. Not only it causes many troubles for human body, but it also kills people. For example, on January 27, 2008, a horrible accident was happened in Jordan, the driver was calling by his cell phone. Twenty one persons was death, three of them from one family and more people were injured, some have handicapped. Road accidents are very disasters and the government must do legislation to ban using a cell phone while driving. Many families lost their children. Some young people walk up in a good health and go to work, but they did not return to home or return with handicapped. Young people use a cell phone more times while they drive their cars. They make a conversation with others as kind a fun.

Second, not only using a cell phone causes accidents and death, but also it increases the insurance cost. The insurance companies in US will increase the cost for any costumer made any accident while driving. Fore example, the insurance rise from $100 to $200 at least. In “Stop Talking and Driving” the author states that “In the U.S. a survey found the number of people using cell phones while driving rose in 2005. The survey, conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, found 10 percent of the total number of drivers used a mobile phone while driving” (September 2, 2006, p.1). That means the insurance companies becomes very rich.The insurance company wants from the driver to drive safety and to be carefully. The government must help the insurance companies. They can punish anyone make accident while using a cell phone by creating a law says: insurance companies will not pay anything to whom makes accident and using a cell phone while driving. Therefore. People will stop using a cell phone while driving since they pay every thing for the car and the opposite one.

Finally, stop using a cell phone will help us to keep a clean environment. Many accidents cause fire and it is burn trees, cars, and buildings. It is cause pollution in atmosphere which is very dangerous for human life. Drivers are responsibility for the lives and safety and for cleaning environment. People need environment to enjoy within vacations. They do not like to see crashes vehicles.

Opponents of using a cell phone while driving should be banned say that it is true. Some of advocates of using cell phone while driving cite that some studies have shown the total number of accident that fatalities from using cell phone is smaller than another cause of accident. They say that using a cell phone while driving is very important. They can make business while they are driving, they can keep in touch with friends, and they can call parents, wife, and children. Yes they can, but maybe they go to tomb while they do that, then what is the benefit from using a cell phone while driving? There is no benefit in general, they just talking. Sometimes there is a benefit when something happened with your family as an example. So, anyone may not need a cell phone while driving for a long times because the family did not have troubles every day. Using a cell phone while driving lead to many problems we did not need its.

In conclusion, if people use a cell phone while driving, many troubles happen. There are many solutions for that: put the cell phone on client and after reaching the place, the driver wants, the driver can call that person who called him for a few minutes ago. Because many disaster accidents happened, the government must do a deterrent punishment for anyone will take the people life is simple. Human life becomes very interesting if all governments in this world should be banning the use of cell phone while driving.

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How to Solve Food Problem in our World

The topic of this paper is how to solve food problem in our world. It talk about our food is becoming not enough to supply people in the world, because of people made our fertile land become degraded. Therefore, this research paper provides four solutions to solve food crisis. First, we have to change our attitude and manner to use the lands. Next, stop and reduce harm our land and resources. Finally, we can discover and eat other food resources. Follow these methods will help to solve our world food problem.

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World Food Problem

Food is any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue. People need food all the time, but now we face there are no enough food in the earth. Before we knew hunger and malnutrition are grave problems in the world, but now it is time to say wrong. “World population continues to increase relentlessly, by over 100 million people a year” (The world food problem, 1994). So that means we needs more food for everyone each year, that’s why new map from satellites show us there are more than one third of the world's land is being used to grow crops or graze cattle now we use about 40% land of our earth for farmers to get food, in 1700’s, we just cost 7%. Problem change us believe needs find a way to make more food can let it become grave problems. So people find use high technology like clone to get more food and use aquaculture to the rescue and use greenhouse to try to fix, and these way have a lot of good effect. People use this way can have more food with less time and we can plant all the season and use make aquaculture’s scope bigger and bigger and use soil less technology to keep save land and make health food.
Now world population is 6 billion, and population will still growing, we needs more land for people to living and for farmers get food for large population. People know it is very clearly we have no enough space for both of them and no time, there are millions of people in Africa needs food to help them. Human is smart animal in the world, we can find a lot of way to fix this problem. World’s high technology is developing very faster, we find a lot of way like use clone to get more and good food but cost less then use traditional way. We use it to have Dolly show people we can do it. Use pesticide to kill pest to own good gain like DDT. People know we only can plant in the spring, so people think needs change it for every season, now we use greenhouse for plant. People want to eat health food, but fish can give us more protein and make more health, and get food from fish is another way to fix food problem. We need more land to living, so human find use soilless to get food and save land.
The first one is use high-technology to help us. People can use clone to get more food. People find some of elite cows can let us get more food or chicken can have more eggs than others, so they let these elite can have more babies, then people get more food, so use traditional way to save elite animals. But it will wait long time to get it. Now people use clone to keep elite animals it is faster than traditional way. In 1996, Dolly the sheep come to earth and gives human a surprise. Now some of clone food already in our dishes ready to let people eat. People use just 3 year to fix this problem. This will change our world history, we do not need wait long time to get elite cow and, clone will save more time to let people get it. According to Linda Bren’s article” it show clone can give superior genetics. It can select and propagate the best animal; we can get more good food and can give more milk and sheep that produce high-quality wool.” We can see clone can give us a lot of good thing, for food, people can not wait for long time; we needs get more food as soon as we can.
Now, in a lot of countries, they use another way to get food. This way is greenhouse. When you go to country-side, before you can see more land, but now you just can see some white houses. Before people only know spring we needs go to work, so In China, Chinese New Year means the spring is coming, farmers needs go to work. So people find use greenhouse can change it, we can plating every season if we want. Greenhouse can give you good temperature if people want. In the USA, people love salad everyday, but what about winter; they can not find a lot of fresh food for salad, where they can find fresh vegetable. Now greenhouse is very useful, it can let people change season, we can plant every time if we want. So no season we can get more food for human, and then it can let world’s food more and more. “In cold weather, the warm air heavy with the scent of compost, a greenhouse becomes a sanctuary where time slows and simple tasks” (Greenhouse effect, 2007). So this is one of technology give people’s gift.
The third is aquaculture. Fish, a lot of people like it, but in some people idea, they think fish is important like beef and pork or something, but they do not know fish have more protein than other food. A lot of counties close to ocean people eat more fish. And a lot of people are very poor in developing countries, a dries a few fish will be good and can get more money. “The farmers, most of them poor women and landless farmers, typically raise as few as 200 fish, feeding the carp and tilapia farm waste such as rice and wheat bran.” (Fish-farming pioneer wins ‘Nobel of food’, 2005). Some of people have no money to buy food, but raise fish will cost less and get more back, fish food just comes from farm waste. People can have enough food and money, it is one of good way to fix the world food problem, and we need keep it and make it stronger.
The last good way to fix it, we call hydroponics or soilless agriculture. In the world, a lot of land faces the presence of organisms causing diseases, irregular soil reaction, unfavorable soil composition, poor drainage and degradation due to erosion can cause serious problems for plant growth. Moreover, continuous cultivation of crops can result in poor soil fertility, after this means we have no enough food. In the article , “people find it can prevents soil borne diseases or nematode damage and water waste is reduced to a minimum while providing the possibility of adjusting air and root temperature, light, water, plant nutrition and climate. (Soil-less Agriculture Helps Save Planet, 2008)”. So this can save our world soil and space for getting food so this is good news for human.
People try to get more food, and kill the bug in the land, so they use a lot of pesticide and manure. However these are good at the right now, and we can get more food for short time. After 5 years because of pesticide and chemical fertilizer, we cannot use land and water, because of pollution. In widespread is the problem, (n.d.) “Pesticides are a cause of pollution, affecting land and water in particular. The problem is huger and food. We can think we get more food right now, what about our future, we cannot just think now and forget or think future later. If we loss it, we will lose our life, we still needs land to plant food. And use soilless to plant, not every farmer is rich than can get a lot of money to do it. We not only can get dream, we needs think true, true for farmer and for us.
Finally, if we just use traditional way to try to get enough food, it will never happen. Now high-technology can do a lot of things, we just use it to help us, and people can not stop in old mind and never goes up, it will let people lose a lot of things and more people face hungry. People need food, but some of high technology can get more and more. This is why we can not sit there seeing a lot of people hungry and die. We needs help them and help ourselves. At the end of, we can use clone food, greenhouse and fishing and soilless agriculture to get more food. These are good way to help us.
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