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************* Banglore *************

I have visited a couple of cities not including my hometown. Some of these towns are beautiful places and others are not so bad. Bangalore is the economical city in India. I visited this city in February 2006 when I was 17 years old. Bangalore is not a fantastic city, nor bad; there are some places that if you visit them you will say that it is clean and it is one of the developed cities. On other hand, you will say it is a very poor city and so dirty in other places. I like it because of some reasons. First, most people there can speak English, and I did not have much trouble about communication. Second, the living expenses there are not very expensive, and you can find a lot of places to enjoy yourself. There are many tourist places like museums, fairs and clubs, most of the common things you would like to be involved with. Third, I did not have troubles with food or meals because there are international restaurants and supermarkets from different countries. Thus, nothing will make you sad or homesick, because whatever you want you will find it. Finally, in this city I did not suffer anymore despite of my age; I got a lot of experience that helped me with how to deal with different kinds of people and how to behave and treat the older people.

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I traveled to Chicago during last Thanksgiving break and traveled to New York in this year's winter vacation. I went to Chicago with my classmates. We drove a car for almost 5 hours and arrived in Chicago's downtown. Chicago's downtown is very pretty. In the night it is prettier than days,because of the lights. Downtown has a big bridge which can open in the middle when a big ship goes through this river. The next day we went to the Sears Tower, a building which is very high; people can view Chicago downtown's whole scenery, but we didn't see anything that day, because that day the city was full of fog. So I want to tell you if you want to travel to Chicago, you should go in summer. And there is a famous museum downtown; you should visit it. Also, there is a big shopping mall called Chicago Avenue. And there are many delicious food restaurants downtown. I ate the pasta in Cheese cake factory restaurat; that was very delicious. In New York, you should visit Manhattan; it is an amazing view.

Difference Between Carbondale and Korea

Difference Between Carbondale and Korea

There are many different things between Carbondale and Korea. The biggest thing is the way of driving when drivers meet pedestrians or other cars. Actually, all roads in Korea have light. If the roads in Korea do not have light, many accidents would happen because all roads in cities of Korea are very crowded. On the other hand, small roads in Carbondale do not have light, but just stop signs. But, there are hardly accidents. Furthermore, driving habits in Carbondale are very different from those in Korea. I was surprised when I came to Carbondale for the first time because the drivers concede the road to pedestrians first, although the road does not have a light. In addition, they are likely to concede the crossroad to other drivers. Korean drivers tend to want to go faster than pedestrians when they meet pedestrians on the crossroad. Moreover, walkers also think the driver should go first on the road. It was because they are accustomed to just following the light. Although Carbondale is a very small city, I like Carbondale because of the peaceful atmosphere like this.

The Big Problems to Animals

According to the author, Tim Hirsh(2005), in “Animals ‘hit by global warning’” the report in the UK showed that many animals are in danger of extinction because of climate change. Warming has influence on the migration of some kinds of birds and animals. Some species became accustomed to new environment, but others like polar bears and seals can’t do it because the Arctic sea ice is rapidly melting. There are other threats besides climate change. First, the nests of sea turtles and seals are decreasing because sea level is rising. Second, thanks to warmer sea, eggs with female turtles than those with males. Third, since there is a lack of water in many areas, waterfowl’s habitats have been destroyed their habitats. Fourth, the extent of the Sahara desert makes it impossible for swallows impossible to fuel up. In these ways, the environment surrounding animals is changing rapidly. The change is so rapid that animals can’t keep up with it to get options and to survive.

It is a fact that animals are in danger of extinction nowadays. This problem is not only related to animals but also to humans. It will influence humans later if we don’t do anything to protect nature and animals.

I think the cause of these problems comes from humans. Humans waste a lot of earth’s resources to make their living. For example they get money for cutting trees. Because of this, the habitats of some species are destroyed and they can’t live comfortably. I think every year the environment is getting worse. I can see how much worse it is and how many species have been damaged in this article.

Recently, many people care about the state of the environment more than before. It is a fact that we can’t stop development of destruction completely, once it has become worse. However, we have some ways to rescue nature and animals. First, we can recycle products that we can, like paper or plastic bottles, more and more. Second, when we go to the supermarket, we can use our own bag for packing what we got there. Third, we can depend on solar energy more and more without using gasoline or oil. If we can do these, the air or the oceans will not get much worse than they are now.

In this article, I could learn that many animals are in danger of extinction and we have big problems. We should think of the fact as the symptoms of what they will happen to us in the same way. Actually, we can live thanks to natural resources of the earth like water, some animals or fish. If they decrease or disappear, we can’t live without them. Since they are essential for our lives, we must think of this and find other effective solutions as soon as possible before it is too late.

In conclusion, some species are in danger of extinction because humans didn’t think of how the effect is a big deal for animals or other resources. However, we have some solutions such as recycling to reduce amount of garbage or depending on solar power to alleviate this problem, since it is impossible for us to recover it perfectly. The more people realize we can live thanks to the resources of earth, the more people may try to do their best to protect them. If we do as much as possible, I think it will not get worse more rapidly than now, but we have to keep paying attention to this problem.


Hirsch, T.(2005, October 5) "Animals 'hit by global warming'" BBC NEWS.

FE#1 Travel with Bicycle

FE#1 Travel with Bicycle

I do not like big city because there are many people, cars, and buildings. It makes everything a crush. In addition, Koreans usually prefer to use the car whenever, wherever. So, most traffic on the street is heavy. And we have the experience of traffic jams very often. These make so tired for me and are one of the reasons why I prefer the bicycle. The bicycle is useful. It does not require money for me. It only requires my two legs. This is really good for me and the environment. Also, I can go and stop whenever, wherever I want. So, if I want, I can go even though it is forest. And I do not need a big place for parking like cars do. This is a great charm to me.

summary Response practice #1

Summary Response practice #1

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)
Writing- summary response
October 20, 2008

Animals ‘Hit by Global Warming’

In Hirsch’s (2008) article, “Animals ‘hit by global warming,’” he states that the environmental problem is getting serious. Many species are threatened with no habitat or food because icebergs dissolve or deserts extend. According to the scientists’ research, some species can adapt to this kind of condition. For example, migratory birds fly to a warming place. But still some group of animals cannot adapt to this climate change, such as polar bears. Because the ocean rises, polar bears’ habitat was covered. Therefore at the end of the meeting, chiefs want to find a way to solve this problem to help animals live. Because of that, if people don’t do anything, animals have no chance to live.

The author’s statement is right. People should do something for species because people have destroyed the environment deeply. Therefore animals don’t have a place to live or food to eat. Human has responsibility to solve environment problem. It is not too late to rescue this situation. Although environment problems have to take a long time to solve, if everyone can do some small things, the environment will be better than now. There are three ways that people can do to help the environment, planting trees, turning off the electronic equipment, and reducing air pollution.

First, planting trees is a way to spread to the future, because a tree’s life is longer than humans. People have to think about after and prepare for the future. Planting trees is the best way to reduce air pollution because trees can make oxygen. People cut trees more and more, but they didn’t think about the environment. Thus, carbon becomes more and more, because people cut trees down. Then carbon hurts ozone. Earth becomes warmer than before. Then icebergs dissolve. The land is covered by the water. Some habitat was disappeared. Planting trees’ effect is not showing quickly, but people still should plant trees. Rome was not built in a day. Environment problem also cannot be solved in recent years. But if people can do this right now, one day the environment will show what people do before.

Second, we should turn off electronic equipment after we use it. For example, people can turn off the light before leaving. If everyone does this, people can reduce a lot of power use. In many countries, most electronics are made by nuclear energy. But nuclear energy will produce nuclear waste. Nuclear waste is very harmful to the environment. However, people cannot stop using electronic equipment because people’s life depends on electronics. But people can decrease unnecessary power usage. Then, the environment problem might be controlled. And the species can be protected also.

Third, if everyone can try to reduce technology use, I believe that the air pollution will be reduced. Now technology has made people’s lives more convenient and has supported the economy. For instance, people use cars and motorcycles, rather than using bicycles or walking. We have factories instead of handiwork. But when people benefit from what technology gives, they don’t think more about what bad influence it has on the environment. In recent years, people have started noticing that the environment has been hurt by technology. The most important problem is air pollution. Air pollution that people made is more than people think. That’s why the ozone broke. Because ozone broke, people have begun to face this serious air pollution problem that people created. And people have started to think of the way to reduce the pollution and reduce technology people use. For example, people can take a walk or use public transportation instead of private cars.

In conclusion, the environment’s problem is not a personal problem, but is a worldwide problem. It can influence humans and animals. There are so many factors that cause the environment problem. But the most important thing is people’s mind. That is because if people want the environment to get better, they will try hard to solve these problems with many ways and much money. People just have only one earth. If people don’t protect it, then there is no place to live. Thinking about the environment before people do something will hurt the environment. We should protect the environment from usual life.


Hirsch, T. (2008, October 15). Animals ‘hit by global warming.’ Retrieved October 20, 2008, from

Animals ‘hit by global warming

In Hirsch’s (2005) article, “Animals ‘hit by global warming ” he explains that now ecology is changed because climate is altered. According to in the article, he says that we have many problems in environment, so some animals cannot have their habitat. Also, he states that our global stream of climate is already changed and many kinds of animals have moved to take new habitat. However, he explains that now some other animals cannot adjust to new environments, so those are going to disappear. Also, he claims that change of climate is not a big problem, but the biggest problem is too speedy change of climate. Therefore, he mentions that people should solve this problem; if climate does not change, some animal may also disappear with their habitat.

Now, environment is going to change. It is big problem in the world for animals, people, and the earth.

First, animals have sickness because of pollution. Animals live on the ground, in the water, and in the sky. But all habitats have problems such as soil pollution, water pollution, and air pollution. For example, when I came to the United States, I saw the lightning bug for the first time. We don't have lightning bugs anymore because of air pollution. Now, the environment has become polluted, and animals and insects are going to disappear. It is a big problem, so we should struggle to clean the environment for animals.

Second, the problems give a disadvantage to people, because people get their life material from the environment. But environment is getting a change for the worse. If it is causes more serious, people will get disease. For example, in the past, people could use all water such as lakes, streams, and ponds, but now they cannot do that because of water pollution. Many people buy their water for drinking. If this problem gets serious, we cannot drink any water. And water pollution will give some disease to people. Therefore, We should not waste water for our life-support.

Last, earth has gotten a sick now because of many kinds of pollution. These kinds of pollution are making earth terrible. For example, our climate is getting changed. The reason is a big hole in the Ozone. This Ozone protects people from sun, but that is getting thin because of pollution. Now, earth is getting warm. If these happen regularly, the earth will disappear like animals.

In conclusion, environment gets big problems, so it is getting sickness. This effect of this is that it makes damage to animal, people, and Earth. Animals will be disappears. And people will get diseases. Moreover, Earth is getting sick. Those are huge problems. Therefore, we should make some solution for the environment.


Hirsh,T. (2005, October 5). "Animals ‘hit by global warming". BBC NEWS. Retrieved October 20, 2008 from

Save The Environment, Save The World

In Hirsch's article "Animals 'hit by global warming'" (2005), the author states that global warming effects many animals' living patterns. By an association's report, there is a big effect that can cause animals to change their migration routes if global warming continues. Some animals are unlikely to adapt to the climate changing, so scientists are trying to figure out a way that can help animals cope with global warming. Nevertheless the climate becomes warmer so fast that many species have died because they are unable to deal with changes. So a report shows that scientists are supposed to find more methods to help animals avoid being killed by the new climate.

Absolutely, the author’s opinion is correct in the article. Global warming affects many animals by changing their habitats and living scopes. Although scientists have found some approaches to help them adapt to the environmental changes, there are still some species that died during the period. In author’s article, he points out that if animals keep staying in the environment that can harmfully affect them, there will be nowhere that they can be alive. So people should use more alternative ways to help animals to avoid dying, such as population control, new technologies, and education.

First, during the last century, people destroyed the environment more and more since the population of the world has gone up more and more rapidly. By the population raising, the demand for material has been exponentially enlarged. Trees cutting, air pollution, exponential world population growth and so forth make the environment worse and worse, and everything that negatively affects the climate is influenced by humans. That means the larger the population is, the more serious the environmental condition will be. So all governments should have a plan that can effectively control the population. For example, the Chinese government carried out a law that citizens are only allowed to have one child in each family. Although China is still a country that has the most people in the world, and there are 1.4 million people more than last century, it has started to decelerate. The population of China would be almost equal to the total population of other countries in the world without that plan. In addition, so far, the environment of China has become better and better because of the population control plan.

Next, the old technology is one of the biggest reasons the whole earth has gotten warmer than ever. For a long time people have done a great deal with harmful gas in an inappropriate way, and not only have people suffered from hundreds of diseases that have been caused by air pollution, but also animals have died by climate changes that are caused by global warming. Therefore, people should realize that new technology that can prevent the development of global warming, such as heating by solar-energy instead of firewood, getting electricity by wind energy instead of some methods that can cause air pollution, and so forth. All of the above are the ways that have been used by people in their normal lives, but during the time that global environment is getting worse, it is the time for scientists to figure out more advanced technology to cope with the situation that may be likely to be more serious in the future. Species can avoid extinction from the earth; So can humans, especially if people are able to invent more new technologies that can replace those which can cause global warming.

Finally, education is a factor that can influence people to protect the environment, because people improve their qualities only by the education. And people's qualities keep them decide how to cope with those environmental problems that can be directly or indirectly related to their lives. For example, there are many workers who are from the countryside of China, and some of them rarely have been educated so much in school. The money becomes the most significant issue for them, so they expect to be rich, rather than focusing on whether they are not supposed to expectorate here or there. Consequently, whether environmental problems can be solved depends on people's realizing how important the environment is. And the only way that can make people clear about that is education.

In conclusion, people should use more methods to help animals prevent dying, because climate changes are more rapid because of global warming. That is a big project for people all over the world, since people can solve this situation by population control, using of new technologies, and education. Therefore, if people can deal with the environmental problems together, animals will be saved soon, and so will we humans.

Hirsch, T. (2005, October 5). Animals 'hit by global warming'. BBC NEWS. Retrieved October, 15, 2008, from

I love the nature of Carbondale


I like nature so I chose to study in Carbondale. I live in the second biggest city of Taiwan. It is a modern city where there is no natural environment anymore. So I like to go to national parks in my free time. But now, I am in nature! There are lots of forests and wildlife in Carbondale. Fortunately, I live in Southern Hills, which is located in the middle of a small forest. Sometimes, I can see some wildlife in front of my door such as deer, raccoon and squirrels. It never happened in my hometown. That is why I really like the natural and beautiful city, Carbondale.

Road Trip

Road Trip
I love traveling. My friends know it. They often call me to have a trip. However, sometimes they do not know why I like road trips. They said road trips are so tiring and so dangerous if you feel sleepy. But I do not think so. A road trip is the best way to have a short trip because you can drive and see the entire places that are beside the highway at the same time. When I prepare for a trip, I will order a hotel on the Internet. And then I just go with my favorite car. My biggest movement was when I drove 23 hours form Carbondale to Los Angeles and never stopped. I feel excited about road trips. I can see the animals, trees and the farmers. Isn’t it interesting? I really love road trips. However, it is not as fast as planes, it is not as comfortable as a boat and not as safe as a train. But it is really like a trip; you have a trip on the way, and also you can have a good trip when you arrive at your destination. If some people ask me what is your favorite way to travel, I just tell them I love road trips.

How much do you know a relationship?

There are many kinds of relationships between people, such as friend, family and couple. The most complicated relationship is between man and woman because when they fall in love with someone, they can not control their feeling and they just think they live only for loving someone. Everyone has been trying to describe and explain what love is and what a rule of relationship is. I think, no one can explain how to make successful relationship because there is no rule and people play their own style.
However, all relationships do not always bring happiness, also, any kinds of suffer might be happened, therefore that relationships will be finished an unexpected day by any kinds of reasons. I prefer to be make friendship because that is easy to communicate with people. Also, if I have many friends as possible as I can, I feel that life is easy. Oh course, not like that easy, but when I have a problem, my friends always help me to solve my problem and also, I always share my happiness with them. However, the finding right friend is very difficult because most people hide their real faces and it is same as puzzle to find who is.
There are many ways to meet with people and they choose the right way, which will work with them. For me, I like an unexpected meeting, because I never forget that in future. I have some friend as we have known each other like that way and when we meet, we always talk about our funny story and tease each other.
In my country, we mostly meet with new people in a public area where many interesting people gather at. For me, I go to many various places, if I want to meet with someone. In truly, I had been in relationship with my boyfriend since I was in the high school, so I do not exactly have an experience of making a new relationship. However, I understood that a long distance is really good challenge of checking my relationship. Sometimes, the goal of my future seems me more important than my relationship, therefore I am here. Sometimes, I regret I left my boyfriend and, at this time, I really could not recognize that our relationship would be failed by challenge of long distance. Next time, if I leave someone, I should choose which one is important in my life: my boyfriend or my education.

I love the nature of Carbondale


I like nature so I chose to study in Carbondale. I live in the second biggest city of Taiwan. It is a modern city where there is no natural environment anymore. So I like to go to national parks in my free time. But now, I am in nature! There are lots of forests and wildlife in Carbondale. Fortunately, I live in Southern Hills, which is located in the middle of a small forest. Sometimes, I can see some wildlife in front of my door such as deer, raccoon and squirrels. It never happened in my hometown. That is why I really like the natural and beautiful city, Carbondale.

Iron City

I went to Chicago 5 months ago, and I felt that it was one of the most developed and amazing cities I have ever been to. I would like to recommend it to you because it is the place that you never can forget if you would be there. First, the subway is one of the most attractive sights in Chicago since it is situated above the whole city. And compared with the car, subway is more convenient for people to go because it is always full of cars on the road. Second, shops there are the most popular cultural factors in Chicago. It abounds all kinds of merchandise that you want, so people are usually crazy for shopping, especially if there is a brand that is said to be on sale. Finally, although Chicago is famous for its iron infrastructure, there are still some wonderful views around Lake Michigan. If you stand in a place that is far away from the downtown, also you can see both Lake Michigan and Sears Tower. At this moment, you will feel that you are a part of a picture or movie. So Chicago is a place that you must go if you would come to the U.S., and I promise that you will never forget how amazing Chicago is.

My hometown is Tunis vs Carbondale

My hometown is Tunis. If people from Carbondale travel to Tunis, they will see many differences between these two cities. First, Tunis has a more European style, and it seems more like Italy, Greece, and France. For example, the windows and doors in Greece are blue, while the houses become white. In Carbondale, houses are made from wood and have different style. American food is much easer and fast. But, Tunisian food takes a longer time and tastes better. Then, the economy of the U.S. depends on investors and industrials. The Tunisian economy depends on agriculture first, and tourism second. In the Summertime, Tunis changed as an International country because we can see much International tourism especially from Europe. But, in Carbondale you always feel that you are in English society. Finally, I like Tunis and Carbondale, but there is a very big difference between them.

My favorite State

Gracious State

California is a beautiful state in the United States. This is my opinion about this state. I visited this state on the first day that I came to the United States. It is a huge state and you can find many foreign people who live there. The majority of the population of this state speaks Spanish. There are more than twelve beaches; all of them are fancy. Most of the people in this state are friendly and like visitors. Shopping is one of the amazing things in this state. Many famous names of fashion headquarters are in this state. Also, if you look for cheap clothes, they are available in this state. For example, outlet stores have a lot of products in proper prices. The style of building is special. You can see many castles and glasses houses. Many famous actors like to live there and you can see them in public places. Many beautiful forests are in different places in the state. I recommended anyone to visit San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. There are many majestic restaurants and they serve different kinds of food from all over the world. You can find a lot of coffee shops that you cannot find in other states. If you have a passion for nightclubs, you will find exactly what you want. Many of the best universities are in the United States that you can get strong education from. Also, there are a lot of institutes of English which have nice places, good teachers, homestays, and partner cultures. I hope you like California because sometimes the words are not enough to describe the beauty.

Chicago City

The city I want to talk about contains the highest building in United States (US), which was the highest building in world before ten years ago. This city is Chicago in Illinois State, which is one of the biggest cities in US. There are three reasons why I recommend my friends or classmates to go to Chicago. First, there are a lot of museums in Chicago, such as science museum, historical museum, and art museum. It is really great idea to see many new things in those museums. Next, if you can go to the Aquarium, it is very useful because you can see all kinds of sea animals, for example, turtle, fish, and so on. This is the interesting thing I recommend to my classmates this term to go to, because it is related to our research paper topic. Finally, they can go to Millennium park; it is really wonderful. You can see different chaps in this park. There is something their like a big mirror ball, you can take a good photo to yourself. In conclusion, you should visit this city if you have not yet because you can see many museums, you can find your sea animals in the aquarium and you can have fun in Millennium Park. So , you should try to go there.

Practice Summary Response. Carolina Borrero

Practice Summary Response
Carolina Borrero

Everybody should be worried about

According to Hirsch (2005) in his article “Animals ‘hit by global warming,’” warming already is affecting the life style of some animals. Also, the author explains a few examples of this problem, which were presented in a meeting of E.U. Nature Conservation Chiefs in Scotland. First, warming is changing the routes of migration of birds. Second, some animals are able to adapt to the new weather condition, but this is not an option for animals like the polar bears, because the habitants where it lives are disappearing. Third, environment changes are so fast that is very difficult for the animals to adapt; also, it is difficult for humans to agree to try to find solutions. Finally, the author said that the solutions should be fast and radical because global warming is happening and it is not waiting for a green light to destroy the ecosystem.

It is important to stress the idea of the author about the solution, because it is necessary make an effort to find global answers. The problem is not just that the interest of one country is something that everyone has to deal with. In order to make solutions, it cold be good to educate people about causes and consequences of global warming, invest money in research to find new ways to control the environment, and create new laws made by the environmental organizations.

Educating people is a way to teach them causes and consequences of global problems like global warming, so that people could be conscious and try to help to protect the planet and the sources of our products. People should try to think like all the resources in the world are in extinction, so that they can protect it more and try to causes less damage. Also, protecting the planet people indirectly will help animals that are affected by the environmental problems, because with small changes people will reduce the destruction of animal habitats.

In order to protect the environment it is necessary to invest a lot of money, because it is important to create campaigns against the planet destruction; it is necessary to find alternative ways to do the thing that threat the ecosystem, like aerosols or deforestation. The problem with this idea is the fact that not all the countries have money to invest. Moreover maybe countries with better economic status could help countries in bad situations. In other words it has to be a global campaign paid by all governments.

Currently there exist few organizations that focus on global environmental problems but obviously those organizations are not enough. Consequently, is essential to make new laws and organizations that could be truly impartial. They have to ensure the survival of the planet no matter who or what is affecting it. These organizations should give a penalty to countries that attempt against the planet. It could not be possible the idea of moving these global problems because it other priorities appear.

It is very important to find global solutions, so that people around the world can help to resolve the problem. Teaching causes and consequences of global warming, investing money in research and creating new laws could help to resolve in some way the issues that global warming produces so that the animals may enjoy and live peacefully in their habitat. But the most relevant thing is to remember that global warming is not an individual problem; it is something that everyone should be worried about. For this reason, everybody should put their grain of sand and start the solution by themselves.

Hirsch, T. (2005, October 5). Animals ‘hit by global warming’. BBC News. Retrieved on October 15, 2008 from


I spent the all break in Carbondale. I only wished to have a lot of money so that I would first of all go to my country to see my relatives and friends. I used to think like if I were at home I would be at the beach with my friends praying or having fun. I can certainly assume that during this break I was physicaly in Carbondale but psychologycaly in my country.I liked because at least I maneged to travel psychologicaly to my country. Besides dreaming I had a walk on cumpos and out of compus which was unusual since I come. The amazing thing that happened is I sow an armadillo I confese that I have never seen it alive in my entire life. The other thing is that I had more time to visit my friends and go to African group.I used to think that Carbondale is very big but I realised tha is not because I used to go to different places around here by car. However, if we walk that is when we realize tha these places are not far. In short I did not have much to do during the break but I enjoed.


california condor

yunfei zheng

California condor is one of the endangered birds. They feed on carcasses. The bird “can weigh up to 25 pounds and stand 45 to 55 inches tall, with a wingspan of 9.5 feet”. In this article, the author says that the number of this bird dropped to 21 or 22 in the late 1980s. A lot of scientists organized together and tried to find the reasons. They find that it is because people hunt them for food and some other use toxic bullet. “People used condor feathers to make fancy hats for women or someone just hunt them for food. It made the loss of habitat. The poison bullets used by people to kill some other animals also cause the death of California condor since they eat the carcass, if the carcass has poisons in it, California condor may get infected. Our government has been trying to stop the decrease by passing some bills for a long time; “they have spent tens of millions of dollars to bring the bird back from the brink of extinction.” They also have found some new problems through the process of rescuing. The bird needs more help.

We are facing a very serious problem. We can’t just watch it but must do something to change the situation. Here are some things that we should do now. Firstly, we should stop hunting for them. Second, stop using poisonous pesticide such as DDT or toxic bullet to kill other animals. Third, help the California condor to get a comfortable place to live where they can find enough food and has mild weather. Here are the details for these solutions.

Firstly, hunting has already decimated large numbers of California condors. People hunt them for their own benefit. In this case, our government can pass some laws to stop it. The laws can be like “if anyone keeps on hunting for California condor, they will be sent to the jail. If anyone sells the California condor’s feathers on the market or uses them to make clothes, they will be fined with a sum of money and also be sent to prison.” In this case, most hunters will stop hunting because of the strict law.

Second, we should stop using poison like pesticide DDT or toxic bullets to kill animals. We can make some traps to catch the injurious animals instead of poison them to death. In this way, there is no toxic element in the dead animals’ carcasses; California condors can eat them safely. Or we can try to find some new medicine what have no harm for California condors. It requires a lot of scientists’ hard work. So, our government should organize them to start the project.

Third, we should create a comfortable environment for them to live. In the past few years, we have destroyed many of their habitats. It makes the birds have nowhere to live. That’s very bad, especially when they can’t find a place to breed. They may die out in a very short time. So what we need to do is to restore their habitats first. And then, we can do some captive breeding to accelerate the speed of the birth. This is a fast thing we can do to save them. The captive breeding requires that we know the habit of the bird such as the best time for it to breed and the conditions they must have for pregnancy. It determines the results of the program.

Though we have a long way to go, if everyone makes a contribution to the California condor, the goal is not far away.

Jarre Fees. (2008, October, 13) Saving the condor; KQED-TV Pobes the deaths of continent’s largest flying birds Environmental journalism-NEWSPRO; Pg. 50
Retrieved: October 22, 2008, from Lexis Nexis

love change our life

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
krunal. patel
true love story of KRUNAL HEENA

hi!i believe if you fall in love than you are world lukyest person. it doesn't matter you getting married with her/,i am any thing just for my love. when i was 14 years old. i fall in love.she is my neighbor.can u believe that i still know every things about her. i don't know she loves me or not. but, i am crazy about her.whenever i am unsuccess about my love. i read spritual book, pray my god. and try to get my love.she know that i love him lot but i don't know what's problem.when i was 16 years old i promise her,after 5 years i will become something and i shaw you. and now i am in u.s.a.for student visa. before i was coming in u.s.a. i call her and i tell her i promise you one day i will becme successful person. and you offer me i wants to talk to you. at that time i my life just one dream i want to become something and i will show her.last month i call her for talk but she refuse. whenever, i think about my past life at that time my passion is unbelievable. i want to achieve my goal any way. i am sure one day i saw her because my god with me. genarally,yougest are fail in the love at that time they smoke cigarette,drink bear,take drugs and sometimes suicide also.they lose their future. this is a really worst things. they should not do that.they should not lost their life for her/him love but they should take strenth and passion. and challege her/him one day i saw you. love change your life if you think right way otherwise you lose your life. i can't hate her because today i am any thing just for,i am good person and my ambition just for her.if she is not come in my life than i am not in U.S.A.i can't do any thing. but, i really really love her so much. this love always going increase and increase. i have no any photo because i don't need. whenever i close my eye she comes frount of me. many times i am crying. i have just one option to get her and this is pray of last 8 years, i never forget any any single moment about her. even i also know every dress which she wore.all moment is still in my eye. i think, people always say that good woman paly essential in successfull person this is my sad but true stoey of my life. i write down my web log name krunal heena. her name is HEENA.
Posted by krunalkumar at 1:48 PM

Anna said...

Wow, I always thought that Heena was part of your name, now I know the real story behind it.
I'll be praying that things work out for you so that you both can reach true happiness.
October 23, 2008 11:19 AM

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Language Learning

Learning another language is something interesting and hard in the same time. For me I decide to learn another language because it is required in my job and because English is the first language in the world. To learn a new language there are many step you should to do it. First, you should have the motive that let you study hard and not give up. Second, you should find a good institution for teaching this language. Next, you should learn many vocabularies because vocabularies is your basic instructor that help you in learning, then, try to practice what you learn with native speakers if it possible or others who speak the language. Moreover, you should watch TV and listen to music to improve your listening skills. Also, reading is very helpful for you, so you should read as much as you can. Personally I try these methods and it help me a lot, but the most helpful is to have friends from the native language so you will learn fast and they will help you if you have a mistake. I hangover with my friends and I learn from them many things. finally, learning another language is very important for people in there live to help them get better jobs, learn new things, and meet new friends.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Favorite ways of traveling

There are various ways to travel, for example, boat, plane, bus and train, and I like to travel by car the best for some reasons. First, I can go anywhere by car quickly. There are a lot of parking areas anywhere recently, so I don't have to worry about the place to park the car. Second, I can relax in the car. Some ways to travel are public transportation, so of course, there are a lot of people who I don't know. They sometimes make noise and bother me. I also have to care about people around me. On the other hand, I can sleep, talk, listen to music, eat something and so on in the car. Finally, I can plan to travel suddenly if I travel by car. I have to make a reservation or buy tickets when I use other transportation to travel, and I must travel along the plan. However, I don't have to worry about the plan or time if I travel by car, so I can travel easily. The way of traveling is very important because we spend a long time there. If I travel somewhere, I choose to travel by car. Car makes travel comfortable, and I can enjoy travel more than when I travel by other kinds of transportation.


There are many different beautiful cities in the world. But if someone asks me to recommend a city for vacation, I will say Istanbul in Turkey, because this city is different from any other city. Because Istanbul is in Europe and Asia, for this reason it is different. If you want Istanbul you can see the Arab and Europe culture. On the Asian side you can see the Arab people and almost everything from Arab culture. And if you go to the Europe side everything is from Europe. There is only a bridge connecting between them and you need to drive three miles to cross the bridge.
Moreover, Istanbul is a very nice and clean city. There is not any kind of pollution; all the street is green from the trees. Also you can visit one of the important museums in the world, Istanbul Museum. In this Museum you can see the Islamic history and the Ottoman Empire. Also you can see one of the biggest Islamic mosques in the world, Sultan Mohammed Alfateh musk.
Finally, you need to visit Ayah Sofia Museum. This museum before was changed from a church to mosques and than a church. In this museum you see the mix between Islam and Christian. In this city you can see how the people live peacefully together without any problem. Let’s go to Istanbul .

Wahidah Alsibiani

Global Warming

In his article, ”Animals ‘hit by global warming’,” Tim Hirsch discusses the threats of warming on the animals. He says that warming is causing a lot of changes in the lives of some animal species. Also, it changes the migration ways of some birds and other animals. Some animals adapt to this change by migration and others like the polar bears are disappearing because migration is not an available option. Even small changes in temperature can lead to dramatic effects on the wildlife and sometimes on the sex of some species. In my opinion, global solutions must be found to help animals to adapt to temperature change.

First of all, more animal organizations should be established to help some species to adapt. Governments and international organizations concerned about wildlife should work on having more institutions and employees to cover more endangered areas and help larger numbers of animals which need help as much as they can.

Second, industrial habitats for the endangered species should be built to have large numbers of threatened animals. Therefore, they can breed safely and assure their existence. In the habitats, good, safe, and proper conditions for breeding should be provided for animals.Finally, organizations and universities should make more studies on the impact of warming and what solutions can be offered to deal with the global warming problems. Intensive studies help people involved in the animal field to be more aware and have more solutions so they can deal properly with that they are facing.

In conclusion, solutions must be found and the world must search for all the possibilities which can reduce the threats of the warming. The dangers which the wildlife faces can affect not only the animals but our life too and people should care about participating in solving this problem. That means we have to work together for a solution.


Hirsch, T. (2005, October 5). Animals 'hit by global warming'. BBC News. Retrieved on October 15, 2008, from

Practice Summary Response

Consequences of Climate Change by Vanessa Bereciartu

In Hirsch’s (2005) article titled “Animals ‘hit by global warming’” he explains how changes in the temperature of the world can affect the migration of the animals. This information was discussed in the report of the EU nature conservation chiefs in Scotland. Scientists observed that species associated with the south had appeared in the north such as ringed plover birds that are now spending the winter in Britain. Although others animals have migrated to different routes, for some animals that is not possible. Polar bears and seals, whose habitats are changed, are going to disappear. Another consequence that the author explains of the temperature changes is that the plankton has changed, and that contributes to the decline of the breeding success of Scottish seabirds. Then the author mentions some other consequences of the climate change identified in the report. Finally, the author explains that nature can adapt to the changes but the problem is that these changes are too quick. The species does not have enough time to adapt to it. The conservational official in Scotland urged the population to use biological corridors to help animals to adapt to global changes.

Every country have to find a solution for global warming together and there are tree ways to deal with this problem. First developed countries must help undeveloped countries. Second each government has to educate its population. Third countries have to create an intergovernmental organization for take care the environment.

Developed countries are more worried about global warming and they have to help undeveloped countries with this problem. First, because they have enough money to begin programs that help poor countries to change some process of life that make a lot of pollution. For example, in Venezuela they always have oil spills caused by the lack of knowledge of the people. Oil spills can cause contamination in the water around South America. Second, developed countries are more organized, and they can create a commission that helps poor countries to reduce the pollution. Poor countries are always focusing on how they can subsist and they do not have enough time to think about global warming.

Governments have to educate their population because he principal problem of the global warming is not the governments of the countries but the population. People have to be educated in all countries developed or not. People can cause big damage for the nature. For example people in United States consume a lot of energy. They always leave the light and the air conditioner on and that is one of the causes of global warming. Every country has to teach its population, because global warming affects the whole world, including both humans and animals.

A quick solution for this problem could be creating an intergovernmental organization that observes countries about the environmental damage. This organization must be run like the United Nations. Specifically it has to run like the United Nations Security Council. The organization most have a president elected by the votes of every country. They could give a fine to countries that cause damage to the environment. That can help to reduce the pollution and to teach the population. This could be a way to push the countries developed or not to start thinking about global warming and how that can affect the world.

Climate change is a big problem that affects our ecosystem. Humans, animals and plants could disappear from the planet. People have to start thinking about global warming. The beginning must be that developed countries try to help poor countries. Then people have to be educated about the care of the planet. Finally we should encourage the creation of the intergovernmental organization that can help to push the countries to think about the planet. Global warming can make us die.


Hirsch, T. (2005, Oct. 5). Animals ‘hit by global warming’. BBC News. Retrieved on Oct. 15, 2008 from

Article News BBC

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to a New and Exciting Term of CESL!!!

As you can see, I used to post my assignments on this page, but because you will be posting things here this time around I will give you the link to where you can find my assignments.

After you sign up for your personal blog please add me to you contact list too!

Check out my pages and see you all around!!!

(This is going to be a fun semester!)

(Here's a fun memory from past term with a cool CESL Alumni)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

085 Movie