Monday, August 9, 2010

Alissa j. Rubin
Afghans to Form Local Forces to Fight Taliban
The New York Times
July 14, 2010
According to the article, the NATO will help Afghan to create local forces that are easy to fight with Taliban. This kind of force will release the NATO’s army stress. The U.S. army will train local forces to protect their communities by themselves. These forces must belong to the government. Local forces will be set up in a lot of places, which do not have enough army and police. These local forces focus on defense.

1. Why the Afghan government worries about the local forces?
2. Doe local forces will help NATO to protect Afghans?
3. How to avoid the local forces helping Taliban?
4. How to lend local people joining to the local forces?

This is good for NATO and Afghan government, because NATO will not send a lot of armies to Afghan, and the Afghan government can easy to flight Taliban in some small towns with out NATO’s help. Therefore, many small towns use their power to get the peace by themselves. A lot of NATO’s armies can go back to their counties. On the other hand, the NATO and Afghan government should avoid these local forces help Taliban to fight NATO’s armies, because it is easy to happen some places.

New stalk
Westing, A. H. (2010, February 18). Overpopulation and climate change. The New York Times. Retrieved from
In “Overpopulation and climate change”, Westing (2010) population includes two environmental problem, population increasing and emission per capita. The increasing energy demand by fossil fuels is quicker than energy producing by low-emission. A part of global warming is from population. People pay attention to use emission-control, because there is not way to work out population rapidly. Persistent education and publicity are very important. People need follow with interest the attention atmosphere. A safe and sustainable way is cap-and-trade in global world. People have responsibility to share with the other living things and reducing population.
Overpopulation is a huge problem is the entire world. It effects the earth environment and damages other living creatures’ places. More greenhouse gas emissions by people damage the earth environment quickly. The number of countries still thinks how to do carbon-trading scheme with many developing countries that cannot deal with the problem. People need paying attention overpopulation. There are a lot of places has not enough resources to supply because of too much people. People must sacrifice some present advantages in order to insure to itself future ones.
1. What do you think the relationship between overpopulation and climate change?
2. How to reduce the carbon emission in your life?
3. Do you agree cap-and-trade schemes? Why?
4. How dose the climate change affect your life?
5. Many people said people had their eyes on long-term development, not just immediate needs, so what do you think? (According this article)