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mike jermaine j.imbayan
eap2 writer's workshop
december 8, 2007


The paper is all about the bad things about illegal logging and ways to slow it down and stop this action. There are ways to slow it down. First, we should give everyone an education to learn about illegal logging. Next, we should find the roads that they use for illegal logging and block them. Similarly, we should tighten the law by punishing them really strictly. Finally, make them think about the future.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Helping endangered penguins

Hamad abusaq

EAP2, Writer Workshop
Mr. Leverett
December 8, 2007


The topic of this paper is helping endangered penguins. They have more extinction that makes them still extinguish. Penguins will be extinct when they still have relationship with many causes when people can not work with three solutions that help endangered penguins. There are three solutions for this argument. The first is that control global warming, and the second is that when human activities produce some causes extinction and effects of penguins. The third solution is that make some associations to help extinct penguins.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ways to Adapt in Winter

The weather is extremly hot in the summer, and ti is so cold in the winter. The weather in Carbondale is extreme which people couldn’t adapt to immediately. Befote I came to Carbondale, the only thing I heard was it’s much colder than Taiwán. I prepared for that befote I came, and brought many solid clothes with me. I thought that I was prepared so that I can ride out the time happily in Carbondale without getting cold. However, as I arrived in the mid-night, it’s not cold at all, and I didn’t even have to wear a coat. I was cheated by website information. Moreover, it’s fine for me who was born in Taiwán, because we are used to living under hot weather. Although it seems hotter, I still can deal with that. In winter, comparing 13˚C to 5˚C, it’s much cold, isn’t it? Once I catch a cold, it’ll be a heavy cold. Therefore, I do my best to keep me warm. I wear more clothes to go to school, socks always on my feet (I change them every day of course), covering two blankets, putting one blanket above my bed and opening the heater everynight. Another important thing is to take a hot shower everday, which is a pleasure for me. No matter how the weather is in the winter, I’ll do these things everyday. Those are my ways to get used to it.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The weather

Carbondale is not a city that has regular weather. The worst thing about the weather in Carbondale is that it is always changing and when it become hot weather it is horrible. You feel the sun is very shining on this small city. Also the winter is very cold for me because I did not used to live in such weather. Although the people here say it is not cold yet and the real cold weather did not come yet but I am freezing. The worst weather between them is the winter for sure. In the summer season and the hot weather does not cause many disease. Just the worst thing about the summer in Carbondale is that, you can find insects everywhere. Also in summer afternoon is long and it is boring. The winter is causing to me many problems. I usually get tired because of the cold weather.


The technology for sure has been changing our lives and how we live. When someone gets into videogames or uses the internet so much, there wo;; be a lot of problems for the individual is the isolation from the community. If a person 24 hours plays videogames amd does not make friends he will get hurt in the society;he will be different from other people. Maybe the person's mind will be busy all day about a fictional life and he does not get attention from other people who talk to him and this is because of the videogames. The internet,also, seems to have its own life;many people are attracted to the internet amd spend long times using it. The new technology of the internet has a lot of strong danger. For example,the free download it threatens them and brings losses to them. It also has the sa,e effect as videogames;whem someone uses it a lot he becomes far away from his society amd maybe some people neglect their obligations because they spend much time in the internet.

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the worst thing about carbondale weather is that we dont know what will happen tomorrow unless you watch hte weather or news. Soetimes, the weather in carbondale looks pleasant and great at night, but suddenly in the morning the weather changes to terrible and unpleasant. Also, in carbondale the temperature is sometims unstable; it may be very cold in the day and normal at night like what happended last night. However my way to understand the weather here is when i wake up every morning i open the window and predict what will happen durnign the day and adjust myself according to that. In addition, i always adjust the AC to the middle becaus if the weather changes to cold i still have some heat and if changes to warm weather the AC won't work because it is in the middle. it is difficult choose betweent winter and summer, because in carbondle it is sometheing strange you can not do outdoor activites during the winter. that way i think the place where you live has influence what you like.


The topic of this paper is the golden lion tamarins. It argues that we should protect them and whether the hunting and capturing of them increases the extinction of the species regardless of the benefit to people. There are three reasons for this arguement. The first reason is that the people who get benefit from the golden lion tamarin and other animals are hurting the environmen. The second reason is that when the golden lion tamarins or any species are endangered, they should go to the zoos. The third reason is that, there should be specialists and others who are concerned about the animals to help them whenever they are in danger

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Sea turtle are endangered

The topic of this paper is sea turtles that are in danger of extinction. It argues global warming is a threat for sea turtles. Humans have responsibility to find some methods to save sea turtles and to stop global warming from being worse. There are three ways to save sea turtles. The first is to stop global warming from being worse. The second is making a new law that will save the sea turtles. The third is to establish a safe reserve for sea turtles. In conclusion, saving sea turtles will also save our humans

By Jeremy

EAP2 Class

EAP2 class is the hardest class that I have studied in CESL. I always got low grades in EAP2 class. Before I had EAP2 class, I usually went to the Recreation Center five days a week after class. But I just go to the Recreation Center four times now. Every day I just slept 5 hours or less 5 hours and I felt very tired. So you can understand that EAP2 class is the hardest class for me from these situations. I need to read many articles in the Core class and listening exercises are harder than before. I never actually read all the articles from Core class. In writing class, Summary and Response essay is more difficult than before. I need to find an article and finish this essay in 2 days. There are more and more writing assignment in the writing class, such as the argument essay, Synthesis practice and research paper. The novel class is the more relaxing class. Because I don’t have more time to pay attention in the novel class, I seldom read the novel very carefully. So everything is not a good like before. I think I can’t get a good grade in this EAP2 class. I need to reorganize my time to finish all the assignments from different classes.


Actions to stop illegal logging in the Amazon rainforest
The topic of this paper is illegal logging in the Amazon Rainforest.
It argues
that the practice should be declined and stopped. There are five possible solutions and actions for this argument to fight the problem. The first is that the security plans should be reinforced and reviewed, the second is the application of transparency and authority in the actions against the problem; the third is the reduction of poverty in the rural communities, the fourth is the supervision of all the timber industries and their activities, and finally is the classification of all the most damaged areas in the forest.

Fluency Ex.#8

EAP2 is the last level for undergraduates in the CESL. It is the most difficult one because it is an academic class. CESL is trying to transition the EAP2 students in the university classes. So EAP2 is more clearly to see who is proficient to enter SIU because it is hard. The harder thing is the topic about the environment. It has a lot of difficult vocabulary. The core class is collected with the writing class so they have the same difficulty topic. I believe, we will not use the information and vocabulary of environment in the future. On the other hand, EAP2 students have to study the TOFEL but they do not have time for that. There are many things we have to do in the two months such as four presentations, three exams, and a lot of quizzes a research paper, summary response, and a lot of the homework. I like all the levels except EAP2 in the CESL.

Academic Career

I’m interested in making decisions, solving problems, negotiating, and leading people for the common goals and organizations. However, in the university I plan to take classes which are related to the political career. It is evident that classes provided in the academic areas have a big difference to those of CESL, because, the one prepares you for an academic career, and the other prepare you for how will you deal with some situations and familiarize yourself with the university classes and education. But the academic classes help you to encounter your desire for the future; those classes provide you with possible skills for your professional career. they are very general and intense compared to those of CESL.

According to me, I would major in political science and public administration; these will lead me to take classes that can bring me to prepare for my future responsibilities well and to understand what I have chosen as a major. Moreover, all the classes are linked to international relations, foreign politics, law, administration, economics, finance, and sociology, but are associated to the political studies; I will take my advantages to get them so that my education can be efficient and proficient in what I would be asked to do.

Abstract (research paper)

The topic of this paper is the protection of endangered sea turtle. It argues that amounts of species are threatened in their lives as the world advances in civilization. Because of them, today mankind and species have gotten the environmental problems. People have to protect both endangered species and the environment. There are three solutions for this argument. The first is that humans have to learn about the endangered sea turtle. The second is that people have to decrease resource use and stop land development work. Finally, people should make a reservation for sea turtles.


How lovely macaws are; somehow, these beautiful birds confront the biggest threat -- extinction. The issues are urgent to be solved, or just let go by us. Besides, there was a number of scientists and environmentalists who contributed their own opinions and warned our governments. We still cannot see any apparent effects of it. Once a philosophical school of pragmatism said: “there is neither certainty nor absolutes”. I would like to say if a solution causes positive results, it is certain and absolute. However, whether the huge operating machines, governments, slow down the processes or go towards the wrong ways? Let’s investigate it.

Weather (Fluency Exercise # 8)

Actually, the weather of Carbondale is similar to that of Korea. Before I came here, I had expected extremely different weather and new kinds of trees, such as palm trees. However, I could not find these things in Carbondale. It made me feel disappointed, but at the same time, I did not have to worry about new weather. So, the weather is not really bad for me. Only one thing I was surprised at is that I could know it would be rainy, when I was looking at the sky. Because there are no high buildings in Carbondale, I could recognize the movement of clouds and the color of them. Because I could see everything in the sky, I could see thunderstorms many times in the summer. I have not seen snow in Carbondale yet, so I do not know about it, but I am expecting it. In my opinion, Carbondale is not really a polluted city, so I think the snow will be so fresh and white. In Korea, it is also white, but it is not really clear. That’s why I want to see the snow here.

Fluency Exercise #8 EAP2

I have taken EAP2 class twice, but I still think that the research paper in writing class and the listening comprehension in core class are hard for me. Actually, I tried to find articles that support my opinion, but there are no good articles for me. I read many articles because I wanted to find fitted articles with my opinion. Finally, I found a few articles, so I can’t use many quotes and paraphrases. I think that finding appropriate articles is the hardest thing in the research paper. By the way, in core class, I’m suffering from listening comprehension because it is too hard for me. I know I need more practice to have good listening skill, but it needs more time. I want to listen well in a short time. This is why I feel listening comprehension is hard. As a result, I’m thankful for those classes’ teachers teaching because they are very helpful to improve my English skills. Also, I will practice those skills continually if I graduate CESL. I think I should do well with those skills when I study in the University.

Fluency Exercise #8


I think that the hardest thing about EAP2 is the capacity of time management. I heard that EAP2 class in CESL resembles closely a basic university education, but many kinds of international students don’t have a fluent command of the English language and they have the prominent points of difference like their major or their purpose. After finishing the EAP2 class, many students in EAP2 want to go to SIU, and most of the international students need to practice speaking and listening to English. However, they pass the hours pouring over a lot of homework and many international students who have a variety of majors or purposes also spend a lot of time studying the subject in EAP2 Core because they don’t express good English like Americans. So, many students in EAP2 haven’t had enough time to study the TOEFL and they also haven’t had enough time for conversation. I think that I’ve learned many kinds of English abilities in EAP2 and I’ve also learned the importance of time application in EAP2. Therefore, I think the importance of time application is the hardest thing about EAP2.

Hardest thing in EAP2

I have two hard things about EAP2. One is the core class where we have to do a lot of presentations by ourselves. For me, in Taiwan I usually didn’t do my own presentations often, so I am not good at this. Therefore, when I have to present the presentation I feel so annoyed and nervous. I don’t know how to prepare the presentation to be good and sometimes the presentations have to be long, but I have no idea, so it’s a hard thing for me in the core class. I think I must practice a lot to overcome this problem. The second hardest thing is the writing class. We have to make a research paper, so it is the same situation like core class. I never had a research paper before, so it is a kind of hard thing for me. I have to find a lot of resources for my research paper, so I have to read a lot. We have to have a lot of ideas in the research paper, so we have to write a lot. Next, if we use some sentences or resources from other people we have to cite that and it is very annoying for me. I know I have to do it, but I feel it is really bothersome because everything I found has to be cited. Therefore, I don’t like it and I feel it is hard. In the end, this things are what I feel are hard things in EAP2.

-EAP2 class- Fluency Exercise #8

Fluency Exercise #8

- EAP 2 Class –

I am one of those EAP2 students. This semester is my first semester to take a EAP2 class. EAP2 class is so much harder than EAP1 and there are lots of homework assignments in core and writing classes. In core class, we are using on undergraduate textbook, so it is so difficult to students. In writing class, the teacher hands out lots of work that includes a summary response, research paper and synthesis essay, so students need to work hard. One of my Korean friends like “Choi” said to me, “You need to work hard and focus on EAP2 class because the university is much harder than EAP2 class”. In EAP2 class, students who are working hard in this class will get many skills in writing and lots of information about some news article, and many other things. To take EAP2 class is so stressful, but it is useful.

Fluency exercise #8


When I entered EAP2, I felt the hardest thing was listening. Because I am a new student, I never have had class to use full English in the U.S. I tried to figure out every words meaning, and react immediately. I appreciate that every teacher is kind and patient to me, and explains everything for me so that I can be used to the new class and condition. Now I feel better that I can know that the teachers said soon and do my job. Sometimes I feel the homework is much; I have to read and study too many hand sheets and find many articles to read to summarize those. However, I always tell myself that the homework in CESL is easier and less than the courses in SIU next semester. I have to be used to these works and do the best to let everyone know that I can afford those. I think the hardest thing is that I have to use my time successfully and effectively so that I can finish the homework in CESL well and prepare for the TOEFL in the same time. After a while, I think I can handle the all things right. I am used to doing the homework on time and, most of all, make my homework look wonderful and have nice scores on every quiz and test. But it is all almost done. I hope everything I did is good enough to prepare me to enter SIU.

Fluency exercise #8


When I entered EAP2, I felt the hardest thing was listening. Because I am a new student, I never have had class to use full English in the U.S. I tried to figure out every words meaning, and react immediately. I appreciate that every teacher is kind and patient to me, and explains everything for me so that I can be used to the new class and condition. Now I feel better that I can know that the teachers said soon and do my job. Sometimes I feel the homework is much; I have to read and study too many hand sheets and find many articles to read to summarize those. However, I always tell myself that the homework in CESL is easier and less than the courses in SIU next semester. I have to be used to these works and do the best to let everyone know that I can afford those. I think the hardest thing is that I have to use my time successfully and effectively so that I can finish the homework in CESL well and prepare for the TOEFL in the same time. After a while, I think I can handle the all thing right. I am used to doing the homework on time and, most of all, make my homework look wonderful and have nice scores on every quiz and test. But it is all almost done. I hope everything I did is good enough to prepare me to enter the SIU.

Fluency Ex.7

My hometown in Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, which is the capital. I was born there and I grew up there as well. To compare Carbondale and Riyadh, Riyadh is bigger than Carbondale. In Carbondale there is not much to do, but in Riyadh there are many entertainments and activities that I can enjoy. The winter in Riyadh is better than here because it is not as cold as here. There are more restaurants and malls in Riyadh than in Carbondale. I like the environment in Carbondale more than in Riyadh because Riyadh is a city in the middle of the desert. So you can’t see lakes, forests, or huge trees. Carbondale is a very quiet city where you can study and relax, but Riyadh is a very large city and very noisy especially in the downtown. Finally, I can’t say one of them is better than the other, because Riyadh is a large city and Carbondale is a small city, but with Wal-Mart it is large.

Fluency Ex.8

I am going to do the master program in accounting, which is the auditing and information system. I think there are many differences between the academic classes and CESL classes. First, I have 22 class hours weekly in CESL, but I will have from 9 to 12 academic class hours in SIU. Second, all of my classmates are international students in CESL, but I will have American classmate in SIU. Third, I have English teachers in CESL who can explain to me any word I do not understand, but I will have professors in SIU who do not care about my English language. Finally, there is much homework in CESL, but I will have less homework in SIU. The thing that I like in CESL is that I can make relationships with different people from different countries. SIU is one of the best universities in the accounting major and that is why I am interested in doing my master degree here. One important thing I like about the master degree in accounting at SIU is that the master program is about 30 hours. I am really having a good time here in Carbondale, but the weather is a little bit cold these days, which makes some problems especially in the morning when I wake up; I can’t leave my bed. I hope that I can beat this matter when I join the academic classes.

No Fear of Failing (FE8)

I think the most difficult parts in the EAP2 level are the presentations and writing. Before I became an EAP2 Student, I worried about I will fail the class, because I never had a chance to practice my speaking and writing in Taiwan. Moreover, I cannot speak a complete sentence before I came to America. You can imagine how stressed I felt.

However, I realized that it is not as hard as I thought. On the one side, by keeping practice, I can easily express my idea or emotion gradually. I tried to memorize every mistake I made, and corrected it by the Internet or dictionary when I came back to my room. In addition, I tried to remembered every new word I never heard before, and asked my teacher its meaning and how to use it.

On another side, thinking in English is a good strategy for learning English. First, you have to try to think about anything you are doing now in English, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. Then, try to use English to describe your feeling or your expressions to others. The first time, you might just have a little vocabulary to use. Don't be defeated; use the dictionary to find the word you doesn’t know, and keep it in mind. Finally, you will find that you can speak English fluently, because you have already rehearsed the conversation in your mind again and again.

I am so glad I have the chance to study abroad and to improve my language ability. After this, I realized one thing that I can do anything well only I want to try with no fear of failing.

Fluency Ex. #8

EAP2 Gives me Good Experience

EAP2 is the high class in CESL, so it has difficult curriculums. Because I skipped the EAP1 level, I think that EAP2 is so hard to me. However, EAP2 teachers are very kind and teach me generously so I could do my work.

In writing class, writing is difficult to me but Mr.Leverett, who is the writing teacher, gave me good a score so I could do my best. In Korea, I write the essay in Korean but in CESL I should translate my thinking. When I translate, I can’t exactly communicate what I mean. I also had trouble remembering the words. I didn’t memorize many words, so I should find the words. Nevertheless, learning Writing is good for me. Reading articles made me close with reading and improves the ability to read and understand. Writing helped me make sentence in English.

In Core class, the textbook is a little bit tough to me. It has lots of contents and there are lots of difficult and technical terms. So understanding the textbook makes me depressed. Speaking English also tough to me. Except me, my classmates are good at speaking, so communicating with classmates makes me nervous. However, Cheryl, who is the core teacher, encouraged me and her contents help me understand the textbook. Speed reading, presentation, discussion, and listening improve my English skills.


The hardest thing during the EAP2 course was to catch up to the pace of the schedule. For me, this semester is my first time to study in the CESL program. So, everything I had to do was not accustomed and familiar to me. In addition, the biggest problem was English, the only purpose I came here. Speaking, listening, and writing all of them were not easy for me. I cannot forget the first class, which felt uncomfortable. I felt depressed and frustrated when I got the schedule, which included too many quizzes, tests, papers, and presentations. To tell the truth, I would like to go to Korea. At this moment, suddenly, I realized that this semester is almost finished. This semester goes really fast. I feel like I do not know what I did for about two months. I think I enjoyed most of the things I studied and experienced, and am glad to meet great people this semester. During the rest of the semester, I hope that I learn more about English and have a wonderful time with my classmates.

Fluency EX. #8

English for Academic Purposes 2, called EAP2, is a program supported by CESL, which is an English teaching organization. When I studied at the EAP 2 level, I felt so stressed. I thought that I fell behind the other students who are at the same level. However, I feel better than before, and obtain new knowledge to make progress in the school of CESL.

When I was studying at the EAP 2 level, the hardest thing was that I was not able to comprehend content from the textbook at the beginning of the term. It likes rush hours. In fact, there are many pages that I should read everyday, and also I must understand what the content means. In contrast, I could not understand some sentences, or did not get the main idea sometimes. This made me in troubles. In addition, I had to remember more important information to prepare for the pop quiz in the core class, after we finished one chapter. Moreover, not only I have core class in the EAP 2 level, but also I have a writing class. Thus, I have a lot of writing homework to do, such as summary response, an argument essay and a research paper. These materials required me to read or seek more articles for the writing assignment. Thus, I must read and understand what the article’s main idea is and understand them. Finally, those made me so stressed, that I could not take a breath.

YoungGhyo Jeong (Abstract)

Polar bears in the Arctic area are in danger of extermination due to global warming. The Arctic area is the coldest spot in the world, so they have nowhere to migrate. The main cause of this problem is human activities, thus we cannot blame any other, and we have to solve it. Fortunately, there are still some solutions to obstruct progress of global warming. First, we have to know what is happening in the Arctic area. Second, we have to regulate using fossil fuel for less emission of CO2. Third, we have to educate our children to have right notion toward our surroundings.

weather in carbondale

I’m not really sure if there is any bad weather in Carbondale because I’ve only been in Carbondale for around three months. This is my first time feeling the weather like this. Back in Malaysia there is only one type of weather. It is kind a hot but not as hot as the summer here in Carbondale. I think Carbondale doesn’t have any worse weather compared to another town, maybe because I’ve been here only a few months. But compared to Chicago, Carbondale is better because right now in Chicago it is already snowing but in Carbondale it is still normal cold. But coming to the states is a bit different because I need to adjust to deal with the weather. The weather is so different I fell sick last month because I’m not used to the weather here. I hate it sometimes to be sick, because I feel the worse when I'm sick. I’m not sure which is the worse, either summer or winter. But many people told me that I will hate the cold because it will be so cold in the winter. Maybe because I’m used to heat back in Malaysia , the summer is good for me. I think the worse weather would be in winter because it will be freezing cold.

Abstract: The Ways of Saving Cora Reefs

Coral reefs are vital species for underwater biodivesity. They are destroyed by many reasons, and human activites are the ones which we can fight for protecting them. Putting artificial reefs, banning overfishing and pushing the US, the leader of the world, to commit to decreasing greenhouse gases are the three main strategies, which will be discussed in the present article. However, if the government doesn't have a positive standpoint toward these strategies, they will still be counterplots of preserving coral reefs.

Link to this argues


Global warming has an effect on polar bears's lives. First, pollution from gases, oil and coal affects negtively on bears' lives. second, the high temperature in the Arctic puts bears' lives in danger; third burning of waste and pollution released by factories must be reduced. Finally, polar bears' lives are still in danger. Therefore we should put all the necessary efforts into portecting them.

this paper argues

How to Protect Turtles


The topic of this paper is how to protect the turtles from the global warming. It argues that human beings should make some efforts and steps to help the turtles to face the global warming’s effects. There are four solutions for this argument. The first is that we should charge the factories’ owners for their pollution, and the second is that we should form special organizations to care about turtles. The third is that we should build special places to produce male turtles, and finally, we should educate the people and change some of their habits.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Not only Why People should Save Polar Bears but How


The topic of this paper is the situation and solution for polar bears. It mentions that polar bears may become extinct in a few decades. There are four solutions to save polar bear from extinction. First, people should cut the emission of greenhouse gases and find a new kind of energy to replace oil or coal, which produces a mass of carbon dioxide when it’s burning. Next, people should ban hunting polar bears in order to keep their amount balanced. Third, it might be an efficient way to help polar bears migrate to the north part of their now current habitat or to Antarctica. Finally, ecotourism can evoke people to become aware of the importance of ecological balance.

Academic Classes


Most students come to SIU to either study in its undergraduate program or study in its graduate school program. For some students who cannot reach to the English minimum requirement of the TOEFL of SIU, the SIU has provided another manner that is through CESL classes and training. However, it would be a good news for the majority of students who want to complete their higher education dream and make them more competitive on the career market. That's our goal and why we are at here.

The regular courses, academic classes, have offered professional courses in many regions such as ECE, Business and Music Institutes and so on. CESL classes can only focus on a small range in which will probably include Environmental issues, Animals, or Space development, and these classes cannot teach students to get deep into the fields. As the small fields, I would rather CESL focuses more on writing and grammar, presentation and speech, and reading skill; because these three skills will be more important and useful when we start our academic classes.

I have felt that CESL classes are too focused on the core class, and sometimes there are too many home works assignments for students from every teacher. CESL should leave a little time for students to prepare for the TOEFL test. The reason is we need to take two tests at the end of the term in which either you pass the academic English minimum requirement, reach the next CESL level of the TOEFL requirement and pass classes, or see you in the same level in the next term. Besides, for this winter term, the final and the TOEFL test are too close. It will make students lack in test practice and fail it. Anyway, class I like most is my writing class because my writing class only teaches us writing skills. The other reason is that the writing skill is much useful.


In this paper, the topic is protecting polar bears from global warming and humans. It mentions that the government should try to save polar bears with many counter-plans. There are three countermeasures to support my argument. The first thing is that reducing greenhouse effect is necessary for polar bears’ haunt. The next thing is that the government has to make a polar bears’ shelter, and the last thing is that prohibiting human’s rash development policy is a vital element.


The topic of this paper is changing the rainforest might be a big reason the Amazon and it’s forests are bearing extinction. The government should provide their farmers other ways to make money. The EU started a ban on Brazilian beef and crippled the international beef export market. Government should give warnings and punishments, and make cutting the forest down more difficult. On the other hand, Brazilian beef is one of best meats in the world, so it's difficult to ban it.


Alternative plans for solving mercury pollution in the Amazon
The topic of this paper is making the counterplan to solve the mercury problem. The Amazon river is polluted by mercury from gold mining. The mercury contaminated fish and Amazon villagers. To protect the villagers and ecosystem, this paper argues for three suggestions. First, the government should stop using mercury. Second, they should make a limit on gold mining. Finally, they should invest in making other methods for gold mining.


Global warming threatens sea turtles

The topic of this paper is the extinction of sea turtles by global warming. It argues that sea turtles should be protected from warming temperature. There are four solutions for this article. The first is that we should stop building new constructions ceaselessly, and the second is that we should reinforce the law. The third solution is that we should breed sea turtles in isolated places temporary. Finally, we should educate all generations about harmful effect of global warming in the first place.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The topic of this paper is global warming ruined our coral reefs. It argues that human being makes fast global warming and global warming may ruin our coral reefs. There are four reasons for this argument. The first is that people should develop new system of machine such as air-conditioner or refrigerator, and the second is people should not damage coral reefs. The third reason is people should conservation our forest. Finally, global warming ruin our coral reefs range with hot temperature.

Abstract (Research Paper)

In the current century, our science and technology are developed. Therefore, it makes our world come to have a lot of pollution. It causes global warming, climate change, sea pollution, ice melting and sea level rising. Then, these kinds of pollution start to affect penguins’ lives and push them to becoming extinct. Here are three solutions in this argument essay. First is we can find a new home for penguins. Second is we should ban some artificial activity which will push penguins to die. Finally, we have to do some solution to prevent and reduce global warming to stop global warming from pushing penguins to die.

my hometown

My hometown is really big and is a capital city in my country. Compared to Carbondale my hometown is much bigger than Carbondale. My hometown is called Taipei and compared to Carbondale is totally different. Because Taipei is a capital and big city, it has a lot of high buildings and stores. Each store and building is very close so it is very convenient for us to buy anything; we don’t have to drive a car or walk a lot to get stuff like in Carbondale. Then, we have a lot of convenient stores; restaurants and night market s that can offer us food at midnight. It cannot happen in Carbondale, so I really like this benefit in my country. We also have a lot of transportation we can take to go anywhere, like bus, MRT and train. I think they are not similar, because Taipei has a lot of things Carbondale doesn’t have and Taipei is bigger than Carbondale. Therefore, Taipei has more fun than Carbondale

Fluency Exercise #7

My Hometown

My hometown is Ulsan in South Korea. Ulsan is one of the principal cities and my hometown is an industrial city, so my hometown has developed a big shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturing and the petroleum industry. Another name of Ulsan is Hyundai group's city. Especially, Ulsan is called "Motor town" because the main factory of Hyundai Motor lies in Ulsan. Many citizens in Ulsan are in the service of Hyundai Company. Ulsan has a lot of movement of population and population influx. The center of Ulsan has some public garden in the terrace land on the river, southern Ulsan has some beautiful seaside area, and northern Ulsan has a lot of mountainous area. My hometown is always an active city. However, I think that Carbondale is a quiet town and natural city. Carbondale has beautiful natural scenery and many kinds of wild animals. People in Carbondale seem quite satisfied and they enjoy their dilettante life in their free time. People in Carbondale have less pollution than my hometown's people; even people in Carbondale seem to know how to enjoy their life. Finally, I think that I live a happy life in Carbondale, so I don't yearn for my hometown.

Dolphins: endangered animals


The topic of this paper is endangered dolphins in the Amazon River. It states that dolphins can keep ecosystem development so local people should preserve dolphins. There are three methods can protect dolphins species. First, local inhabitants should address the problem of pollution, which has an important role in killing dolphins. Next, the local government should set up people’s right consciousness. Finally, the local government should make polices for fishermen to conserve the Amazon River dolphins.

Two Diet Cultures (FE7)

Chinese food and American food are very distinct. We believe that Chinese have abounded in diet culture and we are proud of with that. In Taiwan, we have hundreds of ways to cook food, such as steaming, coiling, frying and roasting.

Unlike American, we have rice as the essential part in our daily diet. Besides, we also prepare three to four dishes to match rice, such as frying vegetable, green pepper beef, tomato egg, etc. After finishing a meal Taiwanese like to drink a bowl of soup. People who come from Guangdong value the importance of soup. They would cook the soup with chicken or fish for almost 6-8 hours, because they believe that can extract the essence.

When I came to America, I was not used to American food. On the one side, Americans do not eat lots vegetables in their meal. They love to eat fresh vegetables with salad, but in my hometown, we think that it is unhealthy if you eat uncooked food. On another side, in my impression, American food is too greasy. They love to eat cheese, ham and creamy sauce, which has been considered as high fat food and may cause some heart disease and obesity.

However, all the impressions I have are based on the food provided by my dining hall and student center. And someone told me that it is not truly American food. Next time, if I have chance, I want to try the really and traditional American food. Maybe I will change my first impression with it.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The forest's nightmare-Illegal logging


The topic of this paper is the problems and solutions of illegal logging in Brazil. It argues about the present problems and shows people how to solve and stop this situation. The first suggestion is that people should make up the environment damages we caused, and second is that the international governments have to stop the international trade about importing and exporting the timber from illegal logging. The third one is that Brazil government can assist residents to find other ways to make money rather than by illegal logging.

title: The forest's nightmare-Illegal logging

Fluency Ex#7

My hometown is a very important city of the world, because millions of people come to visit Makkah in every year. My city is very close to Makkah, maybe 40 miles from Makkah. It is bigger than Carbondale. There are many differences between them. The stores and restaurants close at 2 AM on the weekdays, but they are closing at 4 AM on the weekends; there are almost 10 months of warm weather and the other 2 months of winter. The population's much larger than that of Carbondale. The international visitors choose my city as first choice when they decide to visit Saudi Arabia. It has a huge University, which we call the University City. It is usually a busy city. I do not think that there is any similar thing except the nice people. I love and miss my city very much.

Fluency Exercise #7 Towns

Carbondale is very different from my hometown. Seoul is not only my hometown but also capital of S.Korea. There are about 10 million people in Seoul, even if its size is not big, but Carbondale looks like countryside. Also, quality of life is very different. For example, Seoul has many restaurant, entertainments, cultural places, economy buildings, and universities. Carbondale also has a good university, but there is nothing else. However, Carbondale has a good environment and many facilities for handicapped people. My town needs that because it has air pollution because of many people and cars, and my town is in shortage of facilities for handicapped people. Finally, both towns have many different things, especially population, buildings, environment, prices, and size. Nevertheless, there is one similar thing. It is kindness. Both towns' people are very kind. Although there are too many different things, I like Carbondale as well as my hometown.

Fluency EX #7 -Food-

- Food -

Most Korean foods have some spicy taste with not much grease, such as Kimchi, Bulgogi, Jock-Bal, Soon-Dae and so on; those things are not very greasy. However, American foods are very greasy and salty. For example, when I came to America the first time, I ordered pizza, but it is so different in style and taste. Koreans make pizza in a special way; as topping, they have sweet potato, Bulgogi and Kimchi pizza, so we have lots of taste and it is not greasy, but Americans' pizzas are not. I missed Dduck-Bbock-E and Soon-Dae; I miss those things so much.

Next summer, I will go home to take a vacation; I will eat them very much and bring them here. Right now I really want to eat Korean food.

Food (Fluency Exercise # 7)

I think that the biggest difference between Korean and American food is the style of main food and how it is spicy. Most American main foods are hamburgers or just meats. However, we, Koreans, usually eat rich foods with some side dishes. And, there are many foods which are so spicy that some foreigners cannot try them easily in Korea. Usually, we cook food to be very spicy, even though we sweat a lot because of the food. In fact, I like spicy food, also, and that is why I miss Korean food in America. In addition, we usually eat rice with any stew that also has spicy taste, on the other hand, Americans prefer to eat bread with soup. There are really many different kinds of stews and spicy foods in Korea. Moreover, in my opinion, Koreans enjoy eating vegetable more than Americans. I really want to eat any spicy stew. Actually, the foods in America are not bad for me. I think that various American and Chinese foods here have good taste, but I just want to eat some Korean traditional foods.

Compare my hometown and Carbondale

I have been in many cities and towns since I started traveling. Of course, I would compare them to my hometown—Taiwan all along. Comparing them, whether better or worse than mine, doesn’t mean anything or have any purpose, but I merely want to know how much gaps there are and how lifestyles are different among them. Taiwan, in which I have lived more than 20 years, will be compared to my current place in which I am living.

Taiwan, a small island, sits in the eastern Pacific Ocean, where the tallest mountains of Asia are. Most them are over 3000 meters high. The coast’s line is about 1200 kilometers long or over. Its pattern is like a potato, narrow on both the east and west side. Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, and I have lived there for a long time. Taipei is like a sleepless city, operating 24 hours. Business companies work both day and night for linking to every corner of this world. To satisfy these needs, that bookstores, restaurants, shopping centers and others open 24 hours as well.

Carbondale, a small town, is located in the middle east of the United States. Here there are not many mountains but it is quite flat. On the other hand, land collapses will not happen. It has beautiful autumn scenes. Although Carbondale is a small main city in south Illinois, small businesses are everywhere. Most stores are closed before 10 pm. You can say it has already contained everything we need in it. Carbondale’s life is more peace and relaxes than my hometown.

It is not about how better or worse in this article. It is about the lifestyle differences. We said it in Taiwan: “dropping worse to get better from your experience”. Every different lifestyle has its own value, dropping our worse parts, but learning and getting the most valuable parts from others.

Research Paper Abstract

Saving Penguins

In this paper, the topic is penguin, about problems they have and three solutions to recover penguins endangered by global warming. It is about how poeple can treat the problems and how these things can help penguins. There are three solutions in the paper. The first is that people should reduce using their private cars without the equipment reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. The second is that a World Penguin Association should be established for only penguins, and the third is that people should temporarily make a safe place artificially for endangered penguins.

My city

I live in the east of Saudi Arabia in a city called Dammam. There are some things that are similar between my city and Carbondale. The weather is almost the same; usually when I talk to my family and ask them about the weather in my city, I find it the same in Carbondale. Especially the hot weather in the two cities; when there always are sunny days and the people try to find the air conditioning to relate a little bit. My city is bigger than Carbondale. The people in our country tend to come to our city on vacation to go to the beach and enjoy their time. On the contrary, in Carbondale most of the people tend to go out on vacation because most if them are students. This is the biggest difference between them; Carbondale is a small city and a lot of people who live there are not from this city. In Dammam; because it is near the other Arabic countries, the life there is cool, and a lot of people try to be residents of this city.

Fluency exercise #7


American food is very different from Taiwanese food. It was special and delicious when I ate American food first. I like cheese, ice cream, and various steaks. American food is the best choice if I want to eat cheese cuisines, fries, or steak. However, it is too unhealthy for you to eat everyday. Cheese, some sweet snacks and fried food make our weight fatter and cause some diseases in our heart and blood vessels. I confirm that American food is yummy but I also have to care about my weigh. Taiwanese food has more variety than American food, because Taiwanese food not only has the area food but also includes different kinds of Chinese food. The materials in Taiwanese food are also more different and strange than American food. We use sea cucumbers, salted jelly fishes, and even have different preserved ham and so on. There are a lot of dishes that American have never thought of eating, but believe me those all are delicious. In Taiwan, we also have the night market. If you want to eat some traditional and causal snack, you must go there to try everything. Stinky tofu, oyster thin noodles and oyster omelet etc. are all the famous dishes and you can find them easily in the night market. I feel it is hardest for me that I can’t find this food when I miss Taiwan. I think either Taiwanese food or American food has it own advantages and I like them both. Moreover, they all gain my weight.

My Hometown and Carbondale

The first time I arrived here in Carbondale I really liked the place and its environment in the way it looks. Compared with my hometown, Carbondale possesses good road construction; every road is well asphalted and looks good. But compared with my hometown, Carbondale is smaller because in my hometown there are a lot of areas; you may take some hours to get to them, which are far from the downtown, but in Carbondale if you have a car you can easily drive around and see most of the places. In addition, the best thing about Carbondale, but the worst about my hometown is that in Carbondale most of the activities are centered, but in my hometown they are spread out due to the size of the town. Also in Carbondale, there are no bus stations on the big roads, except for students, where people can wait for taxis or bus to go to work, shopping, or any others destinations, and the small and big public markets like in my hometown.

Regarding my hometown, some similarity may found, like restaurants, stores, public soccer field, permanence of the electricity and some interesting places to visit such as parks, farms and other movement activities. Finally, one more thing that makes a difference is that my hometown is a capital, where there is most of the important activities of the country such as politics, music, Culture, sport, and others, but Carbondale is not.

Fluency EX #7


There is a large population in China, so there are many apartments or houses in this country. My hometown is located in the northeast of China. I have been missing my hometown, since I arrived in Carbondale. Each town has its own features. In my town, the most important thing that is very convenient because of mass transit.

In my town, it provides mass transit such as public transportation or bus, taxi and pedicab. Everyone always uses them very frequently. If you want to go somewhere, you can find taxis anywhere. It is very convenient because taxis are around your apartments or houses. On the other hand, the price of a taxi is very cheap so everyone can accept it. In contrast, if you do not have a private car, it is very inconvenient. When you want to go somewhere, you should make a reservation with the taxi company. In addition, in my hometown, buses are often to be used by most people. Buses are very convenient vehicles for citizens of the town. Because there are many different buses for diverse routes, and every 15 minutes passes one bus, you do not hurry to catch a bus. In contrast, Carbondale, which has few types of buses, and not too many people often use them, because everyone has a car. Sometimes, if you missed one bus, you should wait for one hour. Therefore, it is inconvenient.

difference of food

I'm from Malaysia so there are many differences with the food. But I like both of the countries food. In Malaysia the food is spicier than here because people in Malaysia like to eat spicy food. One of the foods that I miss from my country is “nasi lemak”which is a type of food that has rice, hot spicy sauce, anchovies, boiled egg, pickled vegetables, and cucumber. This food is so nice that people in my country like to eat this food every time. They usually eat this food early in the morning and they consider it like a breakfast dish. American food is nice too; I like the pizza and pasta. It is little bit different, the Pizza Hut here compared to the Pizza Hut back from my country. I think the best is still from the original country where it came from. The big difference is the place to eat here and my country. In my country many of the places to eat are open air. There are everywhere places to eat in my country, but here many of the places are in a building. That’s difference between food from my country and American food.


Usually food is the first thing that people like to know about if they go somewhere in this world. American people like to test the Asian food, Arabic people like to find out how the western food is. Whoever, food is food, but what makes it different is the spices that people use in their food or the way that food is cooked. In Bahrain we like seafood, but the way we cook our seafood is totally different from what they do in the fare east. Moreover, in Bahrain we like all kind of spices. We inherit our experience in who and when to use the spices from India and Iran. I have been in the U.S.A for more than one year. Food here is totally different from food in Bahrain. American people do not like spices in their food. I missed my favorite food, which is medium size fish whit rice and vegetable salad.


Imagine that you have a multibillion dollar business; would you be thinking about helping society in any way for free?. Most companies around the world operate in a system that works toward pure profit. Rare are the companies that work toward helping society besides profiting. Wal-Mart is one of the most successful and helpful companies to society. Wal-Mart is helpful to society in three ways; socially, economically and individually.

First of all, serving people, especially in social terms, is one of the ways to be successful at any project or company. One of the strategies that Wal-Mart uses is helping the community by providing large number of jobs. J. Hoeing said, " in 2005 Wal-Mart created 125,000 U.S jobs and is continuously adding thousands each month" (2004, para. 16). In fact it is noticeable that Wal-Mart has large numbers of staff of different ages, races and genders. For example Wal-Mart has old, young, black and white employees. Also Wal-Mart cares about poor people in the society. Wal-Mart provides important services such as donations to charity. For example, Wal-Mart has forms that poor people can fill out in order to get a monthly donation. Thus Wal-mart, considered one of the projects that serve the community.

Next, consumers around the world are looking for the best way to save money and time. People are different and they do not have the same budget. Wal-Mart noticed the differences in purchasing ability among people. J. Hoenig said "the truth is that all Wal-Mart is provide low prices,...." (2004. para. 6). For this reason it provides various materials at low prices. For example microwave at Wal-Mart is only for $25. Also it provides nearly all people need in one place to save consumers time and money. For example any customer can change his car oil by taking it to the car service section at Wal-Mart and do shopping at the same time.
Finally, it is difficult to convince customers to buy and return again. Wal-Mart has its way to persuading customers to come back and buy what they need from it. Most of the customers think about the parking and whether it is free or not before they go for shopping. Therefore it has huge and free parking. Moreover, Wal-Mart tries to convince customers by provides returning service. For example if any customer bought a video camera, but for any reason he/she is not satisfied Wal-Mart will return the money.

Opponents claim that Wal-Mart offered low quality products. However this argument comes from people who live in a different world, because many people currently think about how much the product costs them, regardless of the quality. Not all people can afford for product with high quality and high prices. For example, microwaves at Wal-Mart cost between $25 and $40 with good quality and that price is reasonable for many people who do not have that ability to buy a high quality microwave for $200. Also the cost of repairs would be high for the high quality products while it will not cost much for good and low price products. For example a customer can spend $25 for another microwave rather than spend another $100 to fix the high quality products. In conclusion Wal-Mart tries to help people in many different ways. E. Locke states that, " Wal-Mart is on of the most impressive stories in the history of business" ( 2004, para. 4).

In conclusion, Wal-Mart helps America socially by providing many jobs and donating to the charity; economically by having large stores that contain various goods for low prices, and individually, by providing a lot of services to make the shopping experience comfortable to customers. E. Locke mentioned that, “we should thank this great company for being so good at giving customers what they want that they make huge profits, which enables them to build more stores, hire more employees, give more profit opportunities to suppliers and make even more customers happy" (2004, para. 7). I believe that people who do not go to Wal-Mart will not know the meaning of shopping.


Locke,E.(2004, February 24). Three cheers for Wal-Mart. Capitalism Magazine. Retrieved December 05,2007, from cheers for Wal-Mart

Hoenig,J. (2004, february 10). Welcome Wal-Mart. Capital Magazine. Retrieved December 05, 2007, from welcome to capgam.

Chinese Food

I am missing the food of my country. Especially in winter, I want to eat hot pot in the cold weather. American food is different from Chinese food. In the price, I can spend less money to eat in Taiwan than in the U.S. When I came to the U.S., I felt that any kinds of food was every expensive. I need to spend two times the money to eat a meal. In flavor, American food is not spicy but some Chinese food is very spicy. For me I don’t like to eat too spicy food and I can easily accept American food. There are some differences between American food and Chinese food. For vegetables, we usually cook vegetables to be a dish, but Americans love to eat fresh vegetables, like salad. Americans love potato so much and I have eaten several different potato dishes. Like potato salad, fries, sweet potato, and potato chips. We love rice so much and most Chinese people need to eat rice. If we didn’t eat rice for a long time, we will feel something wrong. Beverages are also different. We can find any kinds of food in the convenience store, like oolong tea, green tea, black tea, and flower tea. However, in America we can find many different kinds of soda. Even though I have been in America for 8 months, I have not tried all kinds of soda. Now I miss the food of my country very much; I begin to imagine that I walk in the night market and eat the cheap and delicious Taiwanese snacks.

Comparison of Seoul and Carbondale(FE7)

I used to live in Seoul, the heart of South Korea. The light is never turned down in the city. The city is pretty attractive. Many shopping malls are in many areas and so many pubs and balls. I believe it is the densest city in the world. The city is not so big but the population is about 12 million. The city also has good public transportation. The subways and the buses are always full of people despite the fact that frequency of their coming is just a few minutes. Living in Seoul is pretty nice, but also stressful. It’s like a war. However, Carbondale is so peaceful. Relaxed life in Carbondale is not bad but so boring. The public transportation is not so good so a car is needed if you want to go anywhere you want. But it has many things such as Wal-Mart and the mall. Living in Carbondale is not so exciting but it’s pretty good because I can enjoy this nature.


There are many differences between Korean and American food. American food such as pizzas and hamburgers is more greasy and oily than Korean food. The taste is also different. Korean food is spicier and more stimulating than American food. Specially, in Korea, when we have a meal, we prepare at least more than five side dishes on the table. So it takes much time to prepare a meal. However, in America, they usually prepare a main dish and a few side dishes such as salads and soups. It has an advantage that they can save their time as well as physical energy. One kind of food I have missed so much is Kim-chi stew, made by my mom. Even though sometimes, I ate it at home and in Korean restaurants, I cannot taste my mom’s. I think that I have not missed food, but my mom.

Abstract (research paper)

The topic of this paper is Sea turtles endangered by Global warming. It argues that global warming has a bad effect on the environment and threatens some species in the world. Especially sea turtles, which is the oldest species alive in the world so we need to find solutions to protect this species. There are three ways to do this argument. The first is that we need to find solutions to decrease global warming. The second is that we need to decrease the pollution due to human. Finally, protect the sea turtle from humans and predators.

Differences between Seoul and Carbondale (Fluency Ex.7)

Before living in Carbondale, I lived in Seoul in Korea. Carbondale is at leisure, whereas Seoul is complex. The public service in Seoul is better than in Carbondale. In Seoul, we can go out and look around the city without a car. Seoul is the capital city of Korea, so there is lots of sightseeing. Korea is smaller than the USA, so everything is situated closely. We can buy the goods by walking because there are many stores near the house. In contrast, there are little small stores in Carbondale.

However, there are similar things. The big market is concentrated in one area. The famous department stores are close to each other in Korea. In Carbondale, Wal-Mart, Dicks, U.Mall, etc. are focused in one area. The restaurants are in the mall. That means that almost all big stores have restaurants. The drinking places areclose to the university. There are lots of drinking houses near any university in Korea. Carbondale also has more drinking houses near the university.


According to a recent statistic, Wal-Mart is the most successful business in the world. “Wal-Mart is one of the most impressive success stories in the history of business” (Locke, 2004, para.4). Recently, Wal-Mart proclaimed a plan to build a new supercenter in the Carbondale-Murphysboro area. This Wal-Mart’s action seemed to
cause some harmful effects on the local business and world economy. However, this project has more benefits to the societies and the economic system in the world. First of all, this project creates a number of employments for citizens living in the region. Second, Wal-Mart provides high quality goods to customers with a low price. Third, customers can reach Wal-Mart for their needs and wants anytime they want.

First, this project creates a lot of jobs. This is the solution for the high rate of unemployment in the society. By building a new Wal-Mart, many jobs will be generated that we cannot expect. Hoenig (2004) explains that Wal-Mart generated 125,000 jobs in the U.S. and has added thousands of new jobs each month continually. This can give a decided solution for citizens who are concerned about the destruction of the local business and the quality of life for them.

Second, Wal-Mart provides customers a high quality of goods to with a low price. Locke (2004) insists, “We should thank this great company for being so good at giving customers what they want that they make huge profits…” (para.7). The price is cheaper than other companies, and the quality is the than others. We do not find any shortcomings from allowing the business to build a new supercenter in the Carbondale-Murphysboro area.

Third, Wal-Mart provides the convenience of the life for customers’ needs and wants. The special advantages that are different from other companies are that customers can go there anytime they want and can get whatever they want. Customers can save their time and gas to reach a great store easily. One store has everything that customers want and need.

Some people claim that Wal-Mart contributes to the economic system in the world directly as well as the local one. However, this is not true. We can find a decided example in Korea. A few years ago, Wal-Mart landed in Korea with the purpose of dominating the economic system. They tried to make Korean customers’ interest be concentrated on Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the business totally failed, because of the different culture problem. So the claim that Wal-Mart causes the destruction of the economic system in the world is wrong.

It is very apparent that the business of building a new supercenter in the Carbondale-Murphysboro area provides several benefits for the society. This project creates a number of employments for citizens living in the region. In addition, Wal-Mart provides high quality goods to customers with a low price. Customers can reach Wal-Mart for their needs and wants anytime they want. We should encourage and support this plan positively.


Hoeing, J. (2006, Feb 10). Welcome Wal-Mart. Retrieved November 29, 2007, from:

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Chat and Text messaging (fluency exercise 7)

For me, I use both. It’s a fast and easy manner to communicate. With chat, I can speak with my family and my friends in France by msn messenger. Text messaging, it’s something I can use when I want to tell or ask something to someone faster than with chat, because it’s with a phone, and everybody has a phone.

I know that in France when we chat, there are a lot of expressions or words which are changed into new words or just a letter, so I think it’s the same with English chat. I start to chat in English with some of my friends who are in the SIU swim team. I think chat makes it easier to meet people or to exchange documents like for SIU students. Text messaging, it’s more useful when we are already friends, because we need to have the phone number to send text messaging.

I don’t know if I will need to use chat or text messaging in the future, probably with my work colleague if we need to exchange some information chat and text messaging are good. But I think, I will use it more just for friends and for fun in general. In business, it’s easier to speak directly face to face or by mail, to explain all the criteria for a contract for example.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Manual of military squad, ‘Saving Private Ryan’

My favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan (1998) is about World War II and the characters in the movie fight against German troops. The most impressive feature of the movie is every character is gallant, like a daredevil. The soldiers kill the German soldiers over and over, but the war doesn’t end in the movie; it is about the squad, not the U.S. Army so the movie doesn’t care how the war ends up. I have fulfilled my duty of military service, for two years. When I was in camp, I was always thinking about whether my squad could show great teamwork. I have watched Saving Private Ryan more than ten times during the two years of military experience. The movie shows the ideal of military squad, it was enough to teach me how to treat my guys and how to be in a good relationship with them. The movie is not only instructional but also attractive. The first scene is one of my favorite scenes of the movie, the amphibious operation. So many guys died for only one goal: capture of the strategic point. The movie is filled with awe. I can see the movie a million times more because I love it.