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Russia's population is shrinking. This research paper argues that the best solution that Russia should use in order to stop its population from declining is decreasing its death rate. There are three steps that Russia should take to decrease its death rate. Russia should provide an enduring health care system, decrease the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, and stop abortion.

Call a halt to Facebook

Today, many people of all categories are using Facebook (a social networking website), to stay in contact with their friends, their family members, or to establish new relationships. Since its foundation in 2004, its members have been increasing. More than 175 million people are holding membership in Facebook, about 5 million new users per week (Hempel, 2009). Although this network has become very popular nowadays, I think someone should avoid holding membership in it, for the following reasons: it makes people waste their time, it makes whosoever snoops around their privacy, and it fosters encounters of dangerous kinds, particularly for teenagers.

The proponents of Facebook argued that there is nothing wrong with it, since it is a way that allows people to connect to each other. However, Facebook is a potential danger for the productivity at the workplace. Undoubtedly, Facebook is a thief of time. For instance, there is a so-called “25 Things about Me” that people joining this network generally write. In addition to that, they may send videos, photos of some special occasion. Suddath (2009), estimated the number of individuals who sent those notes, at 5 million during this week. According to the author, if each person spends 10 minutes involving in those stuffs, overall 800,000 hours of work time productivity is lost. It is probably for this reason, some countries such as Syria and Iran blocked the access to this network.

Another issue about Facebook includes the privacy snooping. Some people tend to deliver unconsciously some sensible secrets about their life, when they become Facebook members. The fact is that people are likely to tell everything about themselves while they are online; they do not even figure out if they are betraying themselves by so doing. Most of the times, they put themselves in an uncomfortable position. For instance, Popkin ( 2009) made this important remark in “Random things about Facebook”: a certain employee who would receive an invitation from his boss to bind friendship on Facebook, is faced with the dilemma of accepting or rejecting the offer. If he accepts, he mortgages his chance of keeping the job, for his employer may eventually stumble upon something wrong about him. If he turns him down, he may be fired immediately for offending his or her employer.

Teenagers usually make encounters of dangerous kinds in cyberspace. If adults are prone to tell almost everything about themselves in Facebook, how much more likely will teenagers be to do it? They are so suspicious that some of them are concerned because many parents are also using Facebook. This is the declaration of a young student: “It is really weird that nonstudents and parents use Facebook”, said Emma Gaines (Davis, 2009). She continues by saying: “It makes me really uncomfortable that my older aunt has Facebook, because she says that she likes to check up on her teenage nieces and nephews and takes our pictures for her own use. That is creepy”. Peers easily influence young people. Today’s society is glutted with crimes, and young people commit most of them. Moreover, a large amount of adolescents begin dating early, becoming addicted to cocaine, holding illegal weapons, because of bad influence. The fact of the matter is that parents should be careful about their children’s frequentations. Unfortunately, a network such as Facebook is designed to make void their attempts to really control their offspring’s relationships.

To sum up, in spite of the claim that people make about the advantages of Facebook, it actually takes more from the society than it brings. Its drawback mainly targets work productivity, people’s privacy, and adolescents’ accord with their parents. So, all these reasons demonstrate how deleterious Facebook is for the moral standard of the society.

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Solving India's Overpopulation

These days, India faces many problems because its overpopulation, which affect the economic resources, the job market, and children’s nutrition. This paper argues about three helpful solutions for India to decrease its population growth as soon as possible. These solutions are increasing the education accessibility, increasing the social system, and more opportunities for Indian’s women.

Abstract by Mohamed Ibrahim

I have become interested in the underpopulation of Germany, because it has a big history, it is a developed country, and it is one of the countries, which has negative population growth, which may lead Germany to disappear in the future. My paper argues about how can we solve the problem of underpopulation and what the role of government in this problem is.

Abstract by Zong Jiachen

In my argument essay, many experts argue on whether we should drill oil in Alaska, we should let oil producers evacuate ANWR in Alaska. There are three big main arguments in my essay, first is drilling can not provide enough oil, second is it would not decrease oil prices, last one is it would destroy the ecology around ANWR.

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Over population in India

India is facing a lot of problems because of its population growth. This research paper argues that some solutions need to be done to alleviate the serious effects of overpopulation in India. There are three suggested solutions to India's overpopulation problem, which are increasing the awareness of Indian people about the overpopulation and its consequences, providing improved family planning programs to them, and enhancing the role of government and law in this issue.

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A Worldwide Window To Peer In.

Carlos Malcon Matute Castillo.
Writer’s Workshop.
Argument Essay

I am a brand new user of Facebook. I have just started less than twenty days ago thanks to the instruction of a friend who motivated me to get into this amazing way of communication. Even though I am struggling through this facility, I have also found more issues that favor the network than the cons of using it. I am so happy from seeing again my old friends from school, university and jobs. So, there is no way I would be against the use of Facebook because it has made my life entertaining; besides, it has allowed me to contact most of my friends who have been prompted by others and dropped me some good lines that have embraced more friendship among them. They also seemed interested in contact me again after several years of not seing each other.

Nevertheless, it is up to every individual to decide what is the intention of using Facebook. And so, this is a main source to be considered for people’s opinions and point of view. Personally, I am for the use of Facebook, in many ways, because I do consider that risk would come up, anyway. But as long as we set in mind what would happen to the information we display worldwide it should not be getting us into any trouble.

In fact, in my case, the idea is to meet my old good and new friends in order to make stronger my relationship with them. This is the reason I am for the use of Facebook. Since I have gotten acquainted with it in this short period it has made me happy because I have only to read about people I know and from the others that I have been recommended from my former pals. Needless to say, that as I have reached the Facebook my only target is to see what is happening to my dear friends and I don't go beyond what I am exposed to. Other reasons I am for this website are because the information floods quickly, and I am able to get the gist, right away, from whom or what I am concerned. So, my pursuit is to keep in touch, set a friendship and get stronger on friendship. So far, I am not going beyond this intention. I am a busy person, and I do not want to waste my time.

Moreover, Facebook has not only allowed us to enjoy friendships but also to reach people and even to meet them, in their places. I wish I could have time now. As a result, we can all get excited about this idea of meeting others through the network or personally. Furthermore, these people offer a strong distance company, I have perceived, as I have seen pictures from them, their families or jobs. It also seems to me that it is a polite and educated way to contact people rather than being overwhelmed the net with nasty and insane issues.

The Facebook facility is also a way to keep immersed with a foreign language. As in my case, I have learned a lot of new things from the colloquial talking of some of my American friends. It is also encouraging because it has kept me using English at all times. In addition, by using this website, in particular, it allowed me to ladder up the knowledge of language I have. On top of that, I have the only intention of setting contact with my friends. We never know what future will come through, friends around us are making their dreams come true. And a good time of sharing could be expected for us.

As a conclusion there always be more positive issues to count by using Facebook but we do have to set in mind what is our real pursuit of using this amazing facility that is now narrowing people’s relationship and allowing them to meet and share good memories from the distance somehow.


The Abstract

Nowadays, Germany has had to face a big problem, because of its declining population. There are three problems that Germany has; working class people will be decreasing, the German economy will be brought down, and the German culture will be affected by immigration. This paper argues about three helpful solutions for Germany to increase its population as soon as possible. These are higher pay, better child care, and open immigration.

The research papers can be read in this website:

Facebook – How about privacy?

EAP2-Writing workshop
Argument essay
Feb 17, 2009

How is Facebook latently dangerous?” is a question that always comes to my mind when I put my private thing on it. I think of it, but I have not done anything since I got an assignment to argue about Facebook. I became interested in the bad things to find out what they are. It also helps me to know more about Facebook and prevent problem things that may happen when I use it.

The reason that I use Facebook sounds practical. I used it as a tool that I can use to get pictures from my friends. I didn’t think that means my friends also were able to get my pictures from Facebook without asking my permission. What is that? Are my private things protected? Of course they are not. My information and pictures are still on Facebook, even when I am offline. Facebook has become one of popular websites in the world, because people like it, and they can contact each other easily all over the world. However, users’ privacy may have been a big problem for them since the day they went on Facebook. “(b) Examples of Facebook Site Information. The Facebook Site Information may include, without limitation, the following information, to the extent visible on the Facebook Site: your name, your profile picture, your gender, your birthday, your hometown location (city/state/country), your current location (city/state/country), …”. (Term of service of Facebook, 2008, para. 7). There are some disadvantages of Facebook that we should think about to avoid troubles, such as the fact that your privacy is unprotected, your relationship, and your work may be affected by Facebook, and Facebook has a right to keep and use your information without your authority.

First, since you have signed up for Facebook successfully, your information can be shown on Facebook every single minute. Let’s go to your Facebook, choose your friends to see their profile. You can know their activities every day. This does not mean your friends put this information there themselves, but the others did. People know them, know their activities and then put these things on your Facebook. Moreover, you can take their pictures without asking them. It seems to be nice when the relationships among them are good. But, if not, what will happen? For example, a young lady after the Valentines Day, she receives a message from her friend “Thanks for wonderful Valentines day. I was happy to be with you last night. Thank you!!!”. It seems not to be nice when people put private things on it and everyone can read it. It can cause a rumor at her school. In my country this lady certainly will not be able to get another relationship after that, or it can be dangerous for her. “A woman was beaten up and shot dead by her father for talking online with a man she met on the website Facebook” (mailonline, 2008, para.1). Showing the private activities on Facebook may be harmful to your friends.

Second, have you ever asked yourself what the important things in your life are? Since I came to the US, I do know my birthday and my last name is very important, because they are related to my activities in my bank, my checking account, my phone contracts, and many things else in my life. In daily life, when you have some problem thing or something that you need to do with your bank or your company, you usually call them, and then come up there. People who work in these places would ask your last name, and your birthday to solve the problem. What will happen if the bad guys use your information for their purpose? You will not be able to know until what happens to you in real life. Facebook is the place that shows a lot of information that intelligent people can find out and use for their own aims that could be harmful for you.

Third, your relationships can be destroyed because of Facebook. When both you and your partner have Facebook, you can also know your partners’ friends. What do you think if you receive a message on your wall “Hey, are you going to divorce?” or the wife may be angry with her husband when she find out what her husband did before, or whether he told a lie to her because of the message on Facebook. Is users’ privacy protected? The fact is that there is no barrier to get their information in Facebook. It is dangerous for users.

In conclusion, there are still many disadvantages of Facebook that we should be aware of, because no one can protect you better than yourself. Be careful with your private information; try not to add the people who you do not really know in your friend list. These are the ways that can help you now. Now let’s take a deep breath and begin to delete your birthday on your Facebook.


Mailonline. (2009,March 31). Facebook girl beaten and shot dead by her father for talking online. Retrieved on February 19, 2009, from

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Nowadays, Facebook is one of the largest social networks on the web. Most of college students use Facabook, which makes them be in touch with their old friends. But now also some old people are using Facebook where they can meet their old friends. It has a lot of applications, which describe your character. Also, the common thing using Facebook is images. Everyone puts his/her pictures there, where his friends can see his photos and comment on them.

Facebook has a problem, which we have to solve it.

There are some people who are addicted to Facebok. These people are used to opening Facebook every day: they want everything that is happening around them and they can’t skip a day without opening Facebook. I was one of these people, but I overcame this problem. Addiction to Facebook is a very bad habit, because it may have side effects on your life. I think that the most important problem of Facebook is addiction to it, which is a problem, which we have to overcome.

I hate Facebook in some things, because sometimes it makes problems. According to Helen Popkin, it may cause some problems; if my boss adds me on Facebook, I will have to accept the invitation, but if I won’t accept it maybe I will lose my job. On the other hand, if one of my family members invites me to a friendship and I don’t like to let him see my profile either, it will be a problem. Sometimes parents decide to sign up for Facebook to know what their children are doing; for me, I hate this; however, I don’t know what to do if my parents add me on Facebook; what can I do?. So Facebook may cause problems sometimes.

For me I like Facebook, because it lets me communicate with all of my friends. Also, I met my old school friends there. Every day I met friends that I didn’t see for a long time. Now, I am new here in the states and all my friends are in my country. Facebook helps me to talk to them and know how they are doing now and see their new pictures.

To conclude, Facebook is a very interesting social site; however, it has problems such as people who are addicted to Facebook. Therefore, we have to know how to use it in the right way, and we have to find solutions to overcome Facebook

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Mohamed Ibrahim


Birth rates

This paper, from,argues that there are three ways to increase the population of a country. First, the government could increase the salaries of people. The second one could be childcare facilities and benefits for women. Finally the government should offer advantages for families to encourage them to have children.

Barbara Fernandez

Put Facebook in your life!

Barbara Fernandez
February 19, 2009

Are you connected enough with your friends? Are you on Facebook? If not, What are you waiting for?

There are many ways to communicate with your friends, but nowadays one of the most common ways is something called “Facebook”. Facebook is a website which was created by Mark Zuckerberg, an American student from Harvard University. At only 23 years old, he became one of the richest people in the world, by creating this popular website in 2004. At the beginning Facebook was created only in English, but then it was also translated into Spanish and other languages. The reason Facebook was in English was because of its creator, and because it became something international. There are many websites on the Internet, but the reality is that almost eight out of ten people could know what Facebook is, and almost seven out of ten could use it. An interesting thing in this issue is that Facebook users do not care too much about their privacy. Everybody who uses Facebook knows that all the information that they upload on Facebook is not a secret, even do they select who can see it. Facebook gives us the possibility to select our own friends and the information that we want to share; also people who have the authorization to see whatever they want about you. But the reality is that all this information is being kept some place. Another interesting thing is that Facebook is not only useful to talk to your friends; you can also play games, compete against people in this kind of games, and create invitations… It could also be good for our apprenticeship, because first of all people could improve or learn English speaking with people from other countries, and they could also learn more culture from these people.

Facebook has many things considered good innovations. Three of them could be that people can have free and easy contact with their friends, people can know each other better than in other ways, and it is also good for business if they want to promote something.

The first one could be that people can maintain their contact with their friends, in an easy and free way. In fact, according to the article “Facebook is more popular than student email” (2008), students prefer to have contact with their friends by text messaging and Facebook rather than using email. It could be because of its popularity that this website is spreading in through almost the whole world, and also because of the varieties and facilities that it gives to communicate with. And related with communication, one of the best things that Facebook has is that people can look for friendship that they had in the past, and recover the friendship.

The second reason Facebook is fantastic is because people can know each other very well, because there is very much information of each one online. People can see pictures, comments that other people make, birthday dates, personal details, and others. So because of the amount of information, and according to Gladkova (2009), “Facebook reflects the connections between social networks and our real lives”, by exposing any kind of information and details that people do.

Finally, Facebook could be good in a different ambiance. According to the article “11 business benefits of using Facebook applications” (2007), Facebook has some benefits in the business environment. Companies can try to promote and to show some kind of articles or goods on offer by trying to catch the attention of people. It could be an easy way to get costumers and to do good marketing because the popularity of this website.

So because of this revolution, people can have contact with their friends, people can know each other better, and it is also a good opportunity for companies to promote their products.

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Some people think that Facebook is bad; other people believe that the social network is a time-waster, because anybody can write anything he or she wants about everything. However other people think that what Facebook have is very helpful and interesting. I, myself, am a member of this New World of those who are using Facebook daily, and I believe that Facebook is important, because, it can be used to keep in touch with friends, It can be used to learn some interesting things, and it facilitates people’s keeping contact with the world’s progress.

Facebook is important, because it can be used to keep in touch with friends, and allow friends around the world to know where they are or what they are doing. For example, Now, I have some friends from Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo, Pakistan, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, and Uruguay. I met them when I went to Changchun, in the North-East of China in 2007 for a workshop, so we have become friends. Facebook facilitates me to stay in constant contact with them and know what they are doing, their family, and how they show some picture about their activities. Last year, one of my friends who lives in Canada shared some pictures of his wedding in Facebook; it was very nice to see how his wife and he looked, then ten months later, it was the pictures of his beautiful son that he shared. In this way, we know what each other are becoming.

I also think that Facebook is important because it can be used for us to be able to learn some interesting things about some people or some places. On Facebook, there are some people who talked about bad experiences that they had; I think it is important to read about those experiences, and I am sure that people can learn something very helpful, in order to be more careful in the future. For example, there is a girl who talks about how she lost her first baby and how her husband and friends helped her to lift up. People can learn a lot about this situation and use her story to help someone else, particularly their friend.

At last, I think Facebook facilitates people’s keeping contact with the world’s progress, because nowadays scientific discoveries are going so fast that someone who is in constant contact with technological progress can wake up one day and not able to do anything, for example buy things. In the past if someone wanted to buy something abroad, it was very complicated and it took a lot of time, but now, someone who lives in Africa can order whatever he wants with his credit card. Last month, I wanted to buy a new hard drive for my computer, and then I went online and found which company sold the model compatible with mine, and used my card to order the hard drive. A friend of mine on Facebook had the same problem; he told me that and then I gave her the company website to buy her hard drive. I think someone who does not want to stay behind, knows how this world is changing, and uses this new technology to his advantage will have a lot of problem.

In conclusion, Facebook is important, because first it can be used to keep in touch with friends, second can be used to learn some interesting things about people or some places, and third facilitate people to keep contact with the world’s progress. This New World is interesting; we can use it to withdraw the maximum output with carefulness.

Abortion: a means of controlling overpopulation

In the “overpopulation growing at a furious rate” article, written by Magaret L. Usdansky, in July 18, 1994 USA Today issue, concerns are expressed about overpopulation and its drawbacks on the environment. It is such a crucial issue, that it drew the attention of St-Aime Ricot who expressed his concerns. According to the author, controlling the population growth is possible, but some countries or religions will fight it.

The worldwide population is mushrooming nowadays. To avoid our planet’s being collapsed, population must be controlled. The main way to control overpopulation is through birth control, of which several methods are used. But, out of all these methods, abortion is the key.

First of all, abortion is one of the best methods to control overpopulation, because a lot of teenagers become pregnant both in developed countries in underdeveloped countries. These adolescents are still at school; then they do not do anything. In this case, their parents must necessarily meet their needs. So, it is irresponsible to let these adolescents to have a baby. Abortion must be the tool to refrain from this problem.

Another reason that justifies the use of abortion as a means of control of overpopulation is its innocent target. Just a fetus, not an individual is aborted; in this case their person who initiates the process cannot be held as criminal. For the well being of our planet, people must be aware of the harmful effects of overpopulation on the environment as well as on the natural resources that sustain life on the earth.


EAP2 Jiachen Zong
Today, “Facebook is widely used among students and it is becoming more and more popular around world. Facebook is probably the social network that has the broadest audience and the most community functionality of any of the big services right now. You can find large numbers of college students, people working in the technology industry, and many people in the 20 – 40 year old range; however, I am starting to see anecdotal evidence of some people in the older age ranges starting to join Facebook”(Dawn, 2008). “Facebook is a a social networking Web site, it had the largest number of registered users among college- focused sites with over 30 million members worldwide, it ranked between top 10–20 web sites, and it is seventh most visited site in the US (Wikipedia), A centre of expertise in digital information management” (Lisbk, 2007). “Facebook was originally developed for college students to connect, so it has a more informal, social air than you find on LinkedIn. Now open to anyone, you will still find that Facebook is the preferred network for Millenials who see the encroachment of Boomers and, to a lesser extent, Gen X into the network as cause for some alarm. Facebook combines the personal and the professional. Members can play games, join groups, share photos, and send each other virtual “gifts.” This is the network where you’re most likely to see both pictures of someone’s weekend activities, as well as a link to their online portfolio or professional website. Many companies are using Facebook as a recruitment tool for Gen Y, while college and university professors are exploring its use for their classes” (Martin, M 2008). “The Facebook social network has revolutionised keeping in touch over the internet. Friends and family can now connect with each other in a network of relationships, sending emails, playing trivia quizzes and games, sharing photos and generally having casual day-to-day contact that is often difficult due to geographical distances and busy lifestyles” (Whelan, S. 2008).

The way can we benefit from Facebook is we can cha with our friends and share our own interesting things on Facebook such as experience and photos.

Facebook is only for personal account, not for the company. According to Craig (2008), I agree that you should keep your personal account separate from the company page account, and the company page should be casual if not fun and engaging with the fans. Facebook is not meant to be a dull way to communicate, and neither should the page for your company.

Facebook is not only an entertaining system but also a communal platform. According to Patrick (2009), these notes aren't only informative and entertaining, but they also build community. In a real way, they're the literature of democracy.

Facebook may make people intoxicated in it even though people know they don’t follow their regulatory schedule. According to Robert (2009), that's the thing about "25 Random Things About Me": Once you stop being annoyed you realize that, at its best, it's one of the more compelling -- and, yes, even oddly inspiring -- wastes of time to hit the Web in years.
According to Claire (2009), “it's just so stupid”. Most people aren't funny, they aren't insightful, and they share way too much. Facebook is a loose social network. I really don’t agree with his argument. I saw many students using Facebook in computer lab. That means people are getting more comfortableto using Facebook.
In conclusion, Facebook brings us a lot of fun and make our lives various. We should propagate Facebook with our friends so that we can keep in touch.
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Facebook, The Way Of The Future

Hussein Mansho

In the past, people used to live in tribes or groups to be connected to each other. Connection is very important in every period of the time. In these days people with all the world's new technology don’t need to live in tribes or groups anymore, because the technology has made conation easy in any place in the world. Facebook is a new way of connection that the advanced technology provided to us. It is a very popular website, which people from all over the world use in order to connect with each other. Facebook is a very useful website because of three things. First, it is one of the best ways for friends' connection. Second, it is a very helpful website for college’s students. Finally, it is a practical website for business.

Facebook is a very good way for friends' connection. First, by it users can find their old friend whom they lost connection with them. For example, in it a person can find some friends who he or she had studied with in elementary school, middle school, high school or college. Second, it is one of the cheapest ways that a person can keep in touch with his or her friends by, even if he or he is far away from them. For example, by it I can contact my friends and their new friends In Saudi Arabia while I am studying here in America, and I pay nothing. Third, by it a person can know about his entire Friends’ activities and participate with them if they are interested in that. Finally, by it a person can know more or new information about his or her friends that could make him or make her understand them better.

Facebook is a beneficial website for students. First, students can know the answer of the hard questions in certain classes by a certain group that they make in it. For example, if some students were attending a chemistry class and the teacher of this class gave them 10 questions as homework, a student who didn't know the answer of a question or more could post the question or the questions in Facebook and ask if anyone knew how to do it or them and hopefully he would get the answer or answers. Second, students who are about to graduate from high schools can make groups or inter groups in it, in older to collect information about universities from their future classmates. Finally, students who attend classes with a certain professor can exchange their notes by it or by their group in it. For example, by it an absent student could get other students’ notes and hopefully would understand the lecture that he or she missed.

Facebook is a good website for business. First, because of its huge number of participators companies can advertise their products on it. "Facebook has hit the 175,000,000 active user mark, just 5 weeks after it hit 150 million users in January. At this rate, Facebook has been growing by well over 600,000 users per day over the last several weeks" (Inside Facebook, 2009, p. 1-1). Second, managers and workers in the same company can make close relations by it and know more about each other by it. Everybody knows that the good relationship between manager and his workers make workers work more effectively. Third, by it companies can stay in touch with their ex-employees and get benefits from their experiences. Finally, companies can get feedback from their consumers if they build good relationships with them in it.

Facebook is a great website for Friends’ connection, a useful website for students, and a practical website for business. The revolution of connection makes the connection between people easier and cheaper. In these days a person can connect and make relationships with people even if he or she hasn’t met in regular life. Also, the connections in these days sometimes cost no money because of Internet. People should use the new ways of connection wisely and effectively. They should make them an enduring land for the next generations.


Inside Facebook. (2009, February, 14). Facebook surpasses 175 million users, continuing to grow by 600k. Retrieved February 17, 2009, from

Practice Argument Essay

EAP2- Section C


Could the world be in your hands? Of course, it could be with new technological services. Everyone can receive the world in his/her hands. Facebook is one of these services that you can use easily, just by clicks. As Suddath (2009) says, “people write 25 facts about themselves and post them on their Facebook pages, just as they do with videos, status updates and photos of last weekend’s party” (para. 2). Moreover, there is much fuss over Facebook, which is a communicating networking website. People who are against using Facebook omit the positive side. They see that some of what we call "friends" on Facebook are people who we are hardly know as Suddath mentions (2009). On the other hand, there are millions of people who have Facebook accounts; they are enjoying themselves and have their positive views about its use. For instance, Facebook might be effective by filling people’s needs in a way they couldn’t fill them before it (Reardon, 2009).

In my opinion, the three biggest advantages of Facebook use are learning a new technology, sharing with others our diaries, and keeping relationships.

First of all, Facebook is a good way to practice technology and to learn more about it. This includes all Faceboook tools for posting notes, linking URLs, chatting with others and adding video clips. Also, it supplies the opportunities to get free learning about recent methods in the technology world, especially in things that are related to Internet network and computer using. Facebook is used to fit us with modern life.

Second, Facebook benefits people by releasing their inhibitions when they start writing their journals and talking more about their daily lives. Sometimes, this way helps people to abate life pressure, while they are sharing with others their lives’ details. Actually, finding one or more who can feel our pains and happiness is good, mainly if they do not know how you are and so they do not need something from you. They just give you all these senses because they want that. In addition, people who have Facebook accounts in this case can share their experiences together and learn more about each other in a simple and easy way.

Finally, Facebook is creative way to be constant with family members and friends. Not only that, it could be a successful way to find old relatives and friends and contact with them. Also, it is useful for reaching people who live far away. The good thing is meeting these people at any time. Facebook using provides more friends from different countries and cultures. That leads to improving our knowledge about the rest of the world. Facebook is not only a way to meet people, it has “ also built the community” (Reardon, 2009, para. 16).

In conclusion, Facebook has many benefits, such as joining technology, sharing journals, and reaching relationships. People should deal with Facebook as a part of technology whose advantages they can use instead of leave it at all.


Reardon, P. (2009, February 16). Facebook’s ’25 things are life stories in miniature. Chicagotribune website. Retrieved on February 17, 2009, from,0,5562725.story

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Covered Girls

It is difficult to understand the complexity of religions worldwide, especially if those are attached to orthodox perspectives. In her blog Women from Arabia, (2009, February 2) Wahidah presents some of the reasons why most Western people, especially Americans, have erroneous ideas of facial veils. She strongly argued that the mass media has created a bad image of this conservative society. So, what are the positive characteristics the veil is covering to the rest of the world? Obedience, the professional women’s roles, and the Western perception of freedom are just some of the key aspects that apparently the Western societies ignore.

Obedience is the main reason why Saudi Arabian women cover their pretty faces with veils. Apparently Mohammad, a prophet in the Islam religion, taught about the dignity every woman should profess. In El Salvador, there is a similar custom in a minority Christian religion which asks women to cover their heads with veils as well. They believe that women have to use veils as a manifestation of respect and obedience to their God. The salvadorean society, mostly Catholics, does not accept this practice because they think women are under men’s authority. Some others, like me, consider these kinds of “cover head” women as authentic examples of commitment and transparency to their own beliefs. Moreover, I have learned that you cannot judge someone for what he/she is wearing but, of course, you can perceive the good or bad attitudes no matter the suit, veil, or kimono he/she is wearing.

Fortunately some positive aspects, like the professional women’s roles, are flourishing in Saudi Arabia. They can have the chance to get academic degrees, take part in important places in society and of course, contribute in the political power of their country. Furthermore, Princess Lowowah, one of the greatest representatives of Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia, is doing a great job in helping to change “little by little”, some drastic misconception of what women should or should not do in that society “without losing their traditions”. This is just one plus that should be applauded, but can these women have the opportunity to study majors that are considered “exclusively for men” (i.e.: Aeronautics, Mechanic Ingenering, etc)?

According to the Saudi Arabian people, the Western perception of freedom is most of the time “misunderstood”. If I were born in Saudi Arabia, for sure, I would have my entire faith in Mohammad, but that faith would not let me drive a car! I would not be allowed to play soccer, ride a motorcycle/bicycle, or watch a movie in a theater with my friends (boys and girls). Men in Saudi Arabian society consider that they treat women with respect and they work hard to give them everything they need. But, what if we could change gender roles for just one day? Will men be happy to be the “doll of the house”? I grew up and had a lot of fun in my childhood with a lot of boys, and it is nice to do whatever you want to do without being judged by your sex. For that reason, I do not know if I could survive in this conservative society.

As a conclusion, do women really need to cover their faces to dignify their life? Should they use veils to demonstrate their faith or integrity? Well, in the end, everybody is forced to respect and be flexible with other cultures. This is what makes our countries unique.

Response Assignment

Barbara Fernandez
February 9, 2009

I read this article about population in Germany that my classmate Jeannie wrote. She explains the problem that Germany is suffering because of the decrease of the population there. She also gives three kind of solutions, trying to fix this problem, such as more available jobs with high salary; facilities that should be opened for eighteen-month old children, and the idea that the government should think more about opening immigration. Finally, she tells that the way to increase the population in Germany could be based on these three solutions, and not just on the increase of the population due to the high births.

I choose this article that Jeannie wrote because it is related with the one that I wrote about population in France. I agree with her in two out of the three ways that she explains, because it could be a good solution. In my opinion I do not think that immigration could be a good one. If the government allows the immigration without limit, they are fixing the problem with population, but on the other hand, they could generate another problem in the society. However, I agree with the other one about available jobs with high salary because if people earn more money, they could think about the possibility of having more children. I also agree with the childcare facilities because some women’s problem is that sometimes they decide not to have children because they have no time to take care of their children.

A Real China

A Real China
In the article” A Real China”, the author deny that western countries think Chinese people live in a very poor standard, she indicated many statistics to prove the economy of China has improved rapidly since 2001. The most shocking thing is Chinese is the third largest consumer of luxuties.
In my opinion, Why China developed a lot is depend on where resource is. In western of China, a large amounts of resource located there. Chinese people are opening up them and use them to develop southern and eastern part of China. I am from eastern part of China, I am familiar to that place. China has the largest population and most people live in eastern part of China because they want to get a satisfied job easier. In Shanghai, 2 thirds of people are from outside. If you travel to western part, you will see how terrible people live such bad condition, you may sympathize with them. It is hard to find a flat road in the region which is surr
ounding by many mountains. I met with a boy before in my travel who needs climb over two mountains to go to school every day. China is like a compined country with a LDC and a MDC. As I am a Chinese, Hopefully I want to see all parts of china develop equally and I also want China to be a member of MDCs.

Population in France

February 9, 2009

This summary response, written on February 03, 2009, by Barbara is related to the increasing of the birth rate in France, and the reasons for this increasing. Barbara relates births, marriages, and incentives measures, as three factors that could influence the birth rate in France. Barbara concludes that in their country, they could control fertility if they want.

Nowadays, population growth is considered as a problem for the Less Developed Countries. In some countries, like France and Germany, which are More Developed Countries, the birth rate is low. Then, the Government tries to persuade people to have children. Why do they have such an attitude? The reason is first they are afraid of losing their culture, that is to say, their language, and their history. Second is the international role of France, in politics, and in economy. It is important for the French Government to encourage people to have children to avoid losing their culture, because culture is what makes a difference among nations. Each nation has his habits, and his way to clothe. The French are very proud of their fashion style. Another reason is the role of France in international politics and economy, because if they are no French, how can France continue to influence the international politics and markets?

In conclusion, it is important for France to increase its birth rate, first to avoid losing its culture, second to continue its international influence. Survival is important for nations to keep their influence in this world.

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Response Assignment



Feb 9, 2009

Response Assignment

I choose Barbara’s summary to do this assignment because I thought France, the country she wrote about, has the same problem as Germany. The article’s title is “France: the most fertile nation in the European Union”. I was surprised to know French population is increasing now. The birth fertility rate is higher than before. Barbara says there are three reasons for France to increase its population its birth rate is high, people have children without getting marriages, and they are encouraged by the French Government. She also mentions we can control our country’s population in her conclusion.

 It is very interesting for me to write about Barbara’s work. I learnt more when I read her summary and response. She has strong ideas about three main reasons that French population is increasing nowadays. However, I think there is one more reason that makes French population grows up. It is immigration. People still want to come to France to settle down, because there are good living standard and high education. France inherits a long history, and this country is very beautiful. That is why immigrants want to come to this country for many reasons such as getting high education, getting good jobs, and living in a safe, beautiful place.  


Overpopulation in India

In the article, “overpopulated India,” by Wahidah, she mentions that India will become the most populated country in the world if it keeps its current population growth rate. Therefore, Wahidah suggests three solutions that India should do in order to cope with its overpopulation and control it. It should increase awareness of the public and of women, it should control the population in several ways, Media can play one of the most important roles in education the public. She thinks that the media such as movies, magazines, newspapers, television, conferences, books, lectures and radio can make the people aware. Also, she thinks that family planning services and programs should be improved to solve the overpopulation problems. Finally, government can play the most important role in the birth control process and in solving the overpopulation problems.

I don’t agree with Wahidah, because she thinks that India is an ordinary country. I feel that she forgets that India is a very poor country, and more than half of its population lives in rural areas. Also, most of them are illiterate. Therefore, the media can not play a strong role to decrease the overpopulation in India. Furthermore, I don’t think that family planning services and programs can do them their work effectively, because it is hard for them to reach some rural areas with many people in India. Also, the government can not reach them, because they are located in Indian mountains. I think that India should keep its population growth rate, because that could help it with growth economy, and it needs high population, especially in agriculture.

Response on France population

In the article of Barbra , she is talking about France, which has the highest fertility rate in Europe. The main reason for this is that France has high birth rate. The french government made benefits for people which helped  to make a free decision to have children. At the end she says that each country controls its fertility rate.

I agree with Barbra that every country can control its population. France is the most fertile nation in Europe. France has more children in 2006 than any other year in the last 25 years. In France the birth rate has increased; In 2000, it was 1.88 and the last year it was 1.89. This increase is due to the government's help to people. They offer them a lot of advantages and child care. Most of Europe countries population came from immigration, but France's population from births. They have high life expectancy. I think its good for the french government to help the people who will make the population of france grew.

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Response’s assignment

Arabic Spain

In her journal, "Spain: a good place to have fun!!" Barbara writes about her country's way of having fun and how it differs from the United States. She says that people in Spain like to have fun by going to clubs until 6 in the morning, and then they have "Churros" as a breakfast. They spend a long time enjoying themselves with their friends there, whereas American clubs close earlier. Also, she mentions the difference in legal age to go to clubs between U.S. and Spain.

In my opinion, people in my country have the same tradition of celebrating in their celebrations and parties. They stay at the party or wedding until 5 or 6 in the morning. They spend about five to eight hours in a party, talking, dancing, and celebrating the event. After that, they sometimes go together and have a breakfast. There are a lot of similarities between Spanish people and Arabic people. Arab Muslims used to live in Spain for more than eight centuries and some habits are shared between the two cultures. Some of the shared things between us as I learned from some of my friends who visited, Spain that Spanish people take naps in the afternoon as we do. This is one of the most common things in my culture. I want to visit Spain because I think it's one of the most beautiful countries and I can enjoy Spanish culture very much.