Thursday, August 9, 2007

CESL must distinguish students according to their purpose.

I have lived in Carbondale for more than six months. And I have participated in CESL class since the fourth level. So, I have some opinions to develop the CESL program. Now I would like to suggest a view of mine to enhance CESL in SIU. CESL in SIUC has 6 regular courses for undergrad and graduate school and one extra course for only the graduate school. I think that this leveling system is good; however, it is much too simple. For example, some students have the purpose of going to the university and other students do not have that. Accordingly, CESL needs to separate these students according to their purposes. Of course, CESL has some extra courses for students who don’t want to go to the university but these are very boring and useless for students who will go to their countries after CESL classes to participate in extra courses because students wish to learn live English or useful English to travel or make friends. Therefore, CESL should make the students join in different classes according to their purpose to study English at CESL. For example, after level test, the CESL will let the students who want to enter the university take part in the same courses as they do now; however, CESL is going to let the other students participate in new courses for alive or living English. These English courses would consist mainly of speaking and listening. And they would be composed of the cultural experiences such as shopping, reservation for hotel or airplane, contracts for housing or mobile service and so on. Similarly, GE1 and GE2 would become for all students, AE1 and 2, EAP1 and 2 and GSE would become for only the students who will enter the university. And CESL will have to make new courses for the students who just wish to learn alive English.

Sung Jun Ha