Thursday, October 25, 2007

Favorite singer and Musical group

My favorite singer is Koffi Olomide; he is from my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and his musical group is called Quartier Latin International. I like this group because it is one of the most famous groups in my country. They show internationally the culture of our music. They are the first group in Africa to play a big concert in Bercy, one of the biggest activities room in France, which can receive more than 16,000 people. Furthermore, Koffi Olomide has created his own style of music that we call tshatsho, a soft and romantic music which almost every musician of the country, and even those of foreign countries, have tried to imitate.

When Koffi's music is playing most of the women are in joy, because he is the most famous artist in my country that many ladies and women like. They nicknamed him Papa Fololo, which means"flower father", and Papa Sucre, which means "Sweet father"; he has many of those sorts of nicknames. In 2005, during Kora, the biggest Afican musical festival that takes place in South Africa once per year, Koffi was elected as the best artist of the decade.

Actually, in his career he has earned 3 golden discs, and published sixteen albums under his name. Koffi and his musical group are counted among the most famous musicians in the African musical story. Some of the titles of his bands are: V12, loi, force de frappe, danger de mort, ultimatum, wake up,and maggie. But the list is long.