Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fluency Exercise #1

It's important to me that a characteristic of a good friend is friendliness. No one wants his/her close friends to be hard to communciate with; moreover, the kind person is popular with everyone. My close friend and I take care of each other and we are willing to spend time for each other. if I am sick or have trouble, my close friend can sacrifice her time to help me and give me help. I had a traffic accident, and my friend was worried about me and took care of me all day long. Some people are selffish; however, I don't think this a characteristic of a close friend. I think the close friend can give you a real recommendation and just want you to be in a better situation. Although the advice is too serious for me, my close friend still gives it to me and help me to solve the problem. Finally, whatever decisions I make, my close friend can always help me and go with me. We believe in each other do the best and the right thing. These are the characteristics of a good friend.