Monday, October 29, 2007


Mr. Leverett
Fluency Ex #3

Do you know how the first people discovered Internet? Do you know how the first person discovered e-mail? There are many questions people ask themselves about the Internet. The first people who discovered Internet were by American army who used it between centers to send and receive messages and information to soldiers. The American army gave it to the people and they improved it to make its operation very fast and clear. The first person who discovered e-mail was a young guy from India. He came to the United States to study computer science, and when he needed to connect with his family it was difficult, because technology was not advanced in the past. So, he made two e-mails, one to him and one to his brother. After he finished school he contracted with Microsoft to and some of its programs. Internet has many advantages, which are important. So, I will talk about some of them. First, the Internet is a way to help students and workers during work without loss of money and time. For example, when students have classwork or homework and they nedd to do it,so they just look for any websites to search by Google for information. When students look for homework’s writing, they just go to the Internet and click on Google and begin to look for any article or information they need to complete it; that means they will save money by not buying any books and save time by not having to go any place. Another example is that Internet helps workers during work. When workers in a company or government have a lot of files and information about their work, that they need to save, they just save files and information on computer that they need, and go back for them when they need them. Second, Internet makes people in a small circle, which means people have all the news around the world, what happened from the Middle East to North and South America. Another thing is that it helps countries to connect together by sending information. For example, when the students need study in a university in any country they should send their educational records to it to get admission, and they send it by Internet. When students need to go to study, they should have a visa to enter the country. So, the country, that will receive them it needs a visa, so, it connects with their country to send and receive their information; this requires Internet. Internet is important technology, nobody live without using it.