Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Technology (Fluency Exercise #2)

In these days, there are many kinds of communications technology such as chat and cell phones. Those technologies not only make our life more convenient but also save time. However, it also brings big social problems, especially for people who don't have to hang out with other people. There is also the anonymity of being online. First, people can be alone in their houses if they use many communication technologies. Actually, they enjoy their life even if they don't meet other people, such as friends. It's very dangerous for their personality because it can cause a mental disease, so we shouldn't use communication technology every time. Second, online, anonymity is a huge problem because it allows someone to tell slander easily. For example, in my country, anonymous people damage many entertainers because they make a rumor online. Because of those problems, we have to make a new communication technology with consideration. For instance, a display phone is better than cell phone and chat but it's not sufficient. We need to try to make something that makes people hang out with each other. Also, the government should encourage companies that make communication technology to make new technology.