Wednesday, October 24, 2007


In the modern word, technology plays more important role in our daily life, and it gives people information conveniently and usefully. There are many different kinds of technologies such as computer, cell phone and internet. First, computer helps people to do much work, and it is easy to deal with working problems in that files can be collected and office paper can be made by computer. Second, cell phone is more common in the world; it is easy to contact with people such as friends, colleagues and customers. For example, people who are far from their hometown, or who miss their family and friends can not contact them. They can use phone that share their feelings very conveniently, and also they will not feel alone. Next, internet makes a great change for making our lives more fun. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as meeting, charting and shopping; people can do these online. For example, people can use internet to do their business and earn a lot of money. Moreover, people can buy anything because internet connect throughout the world, they can buy special things which are made outside their countries. In addition, people can chat with their friends online or they can make friends from different countries, and also they can see each other though video camera online. Finally, technology makes a big change in the world, and it improves our life with more advantages.