Thursday, October 25, 2007

Technology (FE1)

The progresses of technology has changed our life style and improved our life quality. In my opinion, the using of computer is an important part in our daily lives. For example, the innovation of computers and the internet allows people to get new and useful information immediately. Today, students can grasp the content of textbook by the internet and need no papers.

In additional, from flight tickets to hotel reservations, from clothes to shoes, we can order anything we want by the internet. Moreover, people can make new friends who are from other counties in an easy way. Compared to the people who lived in the Middle Age, modern life is like a miracle from God.

However, there are some problems that accompany with the life improvement. For example, people are used to getting anything from the internet such as news, music and movies even relationships. The consequence of relying on the computers makes people rather spend their time with the computer than with families and friends. Moreover, it makes people separate from the real world. Although technology is an essential tool for all people, however, it is hard to say whether it is good for humans or not.