Wednesday, November 14, 2007

fluency Exercise #5

I like to travel to anyplace where I have not been. So far, the place of my first choice to is Egypt. Sometimes I like to just to take a rest, and sometimes I like to explore. But if I can go to Egypt, I want to be an explorer. I want to see the pyramids, even enter the inside; I am not afraid of kinds of curses. I like the history of the Egyptian empire, the strong empire that disappeared quickly; moreover, I am interested in mummies. The people who lived thousands of years ago could figure out the way to build the structure and had enormous knowledge about medical science. How special the empire was. Of course, I want to eat the Egyptian native food. I like eating, and going to Egypt to eat the traditional food. If I have enough money I want to take the ferry just along the Nile river. I can get off where I want to walk around or where they have the remains. I like the place which is historical, which has many stories or constructions. So, Egypt is the best choice I think. Most of all, I think I should save money for traveling to Egypt.