Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Favorite movie

If people refer to movie, everyone has their own favorite movie. They will talk about scenario of the movie, and which performer is the best. So do I. I like many kinds of movies such as comedy, action and romance.

My favorite movie is Big Fish. I like it because it talked about what is relationship between the father and the son, and how they change their relationship. Moreover, it is a comic and poignant. The father is a talkative and friendly person. The movie talks about the father likes to tell stories to his son and other peoples, but his son doesn’t like it so there has block between them. When the father told the crazy story on the son’s wedding day. They quarreled and did not contact each other for three years. they are quarrel and never contact for three years. A long time passed after father got cancer. It changed their relationship when he got bad news. Son and his wife returned to look after his father. He found his father is older than before. they have more conversation than before. When his father saw him still told the stories that he did at the past time. The son listened, but he thought these of were are not true, or they are fake, but there was something being change when her mother told him the truth. The son knew all the stories were true and made the stories more colorful. Finally, he knew his father is a great man, while he still loves his father when his father dead. It told us treasure your relative when they are alive, and have a conversation with them.