Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Technology (Fluency exercise # 4)

Today, the world has been changed so fast by science. Each year amounts of new products are introduced to the public and many scientists are inventing new inventions of technology more than the products. If this situation will be continued, the world in the future will be changed very quickly. For example, there is some innovation, which can make people live on other planets such as the moon because the population is growing up steadily. With the innovation, new transportation will appear because of the volume of traffic between earth and moon will go up. Not only is the moon included in the innovation, but also a water world is possible. If the earth cannot afford the population of the world, we should find other places to live. Because there is oxygen or other gases, which are essential for peoples’ lives, it is not really impossible to make a water world. If our technology will be developed more, some scientists will try to invent the technology to use the gases in the water. The problem about overpopulation will be solved if we develop the way.