Friday, November 9, 2007


In my life I still have two places I want to go. One is Japan and another one is Europe. First, I want to go to Japan, because Japan is a fashionable country which always makes a lot of special things for people to go shopping. Also Japanese food is very delicious to me, because I like Japanese food very much. Then, Japan is beautiful, too. Therefore, these reasons make me want to go to Japan. Another place I want to visit most is Europe. Europe is very a beautiful and romantic place. I like their history and their countries. European country has a lot of old century buildings. These buildings are very beautiful so it makes all Europe so romantic. Also European food is very delicious. I strongly feel Europe is the best place to take a vacation. These countries are romantic; foods are delicious and have a lot of old buildings. Some European countries have some beautiful views we can watch and some countries’ lifestyles are romantic, too. I think taking a vacation there is very good; because we can feel relaxed in the beautiful country, watch the beautiful views and buildings. We can enjoy the different moods in Europe; it’s totally different from the mood in our country. I like Europe very much. Therefore I hope I can visit all of the European countries if I can’t, I still will visit one or two European countries, because I like it very much.