Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vacations (fluency exercise 5)

The best place to take a vacation, for me, is on the South West of France, in the region named “Landes” and the city’s name is “Hossegor; Capbreton” which are two cities glued one to each other; it’s near the beach and there is a big forest which is beautiful to ride, to run or just to walk through. For the teenager like me, it’s kind of fun because there is the beach where we can surf and the beach is big enough to do some activities like beach soccer, beach volley, land everything we want that is fun for the day. For the night, there are some different places where we can eat, drink and dance. It’s also for the younger and the older person, so we can find a lot of activities there, which is why I suggest to go there.

If I have enough money to go wherever I want, I will choose this place in the “Landes’, because I always went to this place for my summer holidays and I passed the best moments of my life with my friends there. So with this money, I will invite all of my friends to come with me and we will rent a big house and pass the best holiday that never passed before. I think for the best vacation, we don’t really need money or a specific city where we can go, we just need our friends or family and that is enough for me to pass a great vacation.