Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cloned products

In Guterl’s (2008) magazine article, “ Would You Like Fries With Your Clone? ” the author talks about cloning and food. He says that Government, public, livestock industry, farmers, consumers, and researchers have many opinions about cloned food. First the author says U.S and EU food authorities says that the cloning practice has no harm to meat and milk. Second the author says that government organizations and public sometimes disagrees about safety of food from the clone animals. European people “harbor deep revulsion”(Guterl, F., p. 1) but Americans are “less bothered about biotechnology and food” (Guterl, F., p. 1). Third he says that the livestock industry likes cloning because of profit. On the other hand farmers are discouraged because of high cost. Fourth, Guteri says that researchers are not sure that cloned food is safe. Finally, he asks if consumers should be too much afraid of cloned food. In conclusion the author wonders about cloning will be banned because of bad publicity.

Food quality affects the health of everyone. Therefore animal cloning in food is an important subject. We don’t want society to make a mistake about cloning. At this time I disagree with cloning animals for food. I have three reasons. First, there is lack of research about cloning. Second, there is lack of public education about cloning. And third, there is lack of public discussion about cloning.

Reseach is very important. Now there is not enough cloning research. Guterl says that researchers have big questions about cloning. Good scientific research produces good information. People have confidence if they think information is honest. We need research from many institutions. Research is expensive. Therefore, the government it should give money to this research. The government should give money to many kinds of researchers. The government should give money to researchers of disliking cloning. The government should give money to researchers of liking cloning. Then there will be many research results. Then people can have a lot of information. The result is society can make clear thinking about cloning. Now there is not enough research. Therefore I cannot support cloning.

Public education about cloning is missing. This is why people are confused about cloning. Research facts should be used for education for public. Without public education, people cannot make the good decision. People need simple public information televison shows. People need simple research writings. People need understandable pamphlets. People don’t need complicated theory. People only need truthful simple ideas. The government and schools have responsibility. They should give non bias facts. Otherwise people listen only to television propaganda. Now the public lacks education about cloning. Therefore I cannot support cloning.

Public discussion follows public education. If people have good information, they can have good talking together. Also public discussion must be with respect and patience. Then people can share about their different ideas to each other. This idea sharing activity is very useful. If one person does respect to another, everyone grows respect of others. This respect to others encourages people to think deeply. This respect to others encourages people to be patient with each other also. Respect and patience are best way to learn new ideas. People don’t learn new thinking quickly. People learn quickly when they know the subject. But people don’t know cloning. So we must discuss slowly and fully. Now there is little public discussion about cloning. Society should only use cloning if public is educated and agree. Now society is not educated. Also society does not agree about cloning. Therefore I disagree with cloning.

In conclusion, using cloning maybe has many benefits. But now we researchers and consumers have questions (Guterl, F., p. 1) about cloning. People need more confidence in cloning. So we must be learning more about cloning. Then we must share our research thru public education. Then we can have good public discussion. Until public has good research, good public education, and good discussion about cloning, I disagree.


Guterl, F (2008). Would you like fries with your clone? Newsweek web exclusive.

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