Thursday, February 28, 2008

Population Control Policies should not be put in Place

Can anyone live without other people? Can the people who live in this century believe that the population in the world becomes very little? What would happen if the population of USA becomes 5 or 10 million? Maybe, if one of these happens, many problems will appear. Therefore, population control policies should not be put in place because they cause many problems in the areas of security, family, and intellectual ideas.

First, population control policies cause many security problems. It could cause smaller army because we have not enough people. That is, all countries need to protect the border and to protect the people and give them safety in life. In addition, every country needs people for nutrient security. They talk more about labor force and big project in agriculture, industry, and trade. Security is very important to stay in a good life in this world and we need many soldiers to satisfy this security.

Moreover, population control policies cause many family problems. Parents need their children and grandchildren. For example, when parents become older, they need their child to support and to help them. Furthermore, parents need their children to help them in fields, companies, factories, and workshops. If one member of family becomes a candidate for parliament and he has a big family, they help him to gather many voters from friends and colleagues. Another example, if anyone in a family has a problem in money, the family collects for him. Therefore, a big family is better than a small family.

Lastly, population control policies cause many problems for intellectual ideas, too. The government needs many people to apply some big projects. More people have more ideas and the government can take many good ideas from the people. For example, the president of a big country is not the same as another president of a small country. The first has many consultants while the second has one or two consultants. More consultants give more intellectual ideas such as People need many intellectual ideas for agricultural, industrial, education, and more fields are very important to human life. In other word, consultants can explain how we can use the rain in irrigation. Also they can explain how we can preindustrial the rubbish. Therefore, they need many people to apply these ideas and to be successful.

Proponents of the idea that population control policies should be put in place claim that population control policies will give good care and health, good education, and less crime. That is right, but who can say if we agree with population control policies should not be put in place, this agreement do not satisfies health care, good education, and less crime. Many countries have more increase rate in population and assuage good education, good care and health, and less crime. For example, USA has not any control for population and the government of USA encourages the immigration to it. Therefore, the earth need more people to live in it.

In conclusion, population control policies should not be put in place since there are many good planers in this world. Earth needs many projects to become good and useful and to do that we need many people work and live in this area. We need people to solve many problems such as security, family, and intellectual ideas. Some people expect that Japan, as an example, becomes a land without people in year 3000. So, the government in Japan must look to this problem and they must solve it now. Because of all the reason mentioned above, we must stand up with anyone who says the population control policies should not be put in place.