Friday, February 29, 2008

Population Crisis

Have you ever heard population control policies? You might have heard them in the various mass media. We also learned about population control in educational programs. Presently, all the countries of the world are painfully anxious about the problem of overpopulation. In addition, today the earth has many kinds of serious problems of environment and endangered species because of an increase in population. People wonder whether population control policies should be put in place or not. In fact, population control policies have been in force to all the countries of the world and they show us several point of excellence: environmental preservation, better educational system, and improving welfare policy.

First of all, population control policies provide protection for serious problems of environment. The earth is limited to a fixed natural resources and land. Technological development has been quite remarkable in recent years, however, because of it, we have made the mining industry, reckless deforestation, land development and various indiscriminative industrial developments. As the result, we got many kinds of serious pollution, endangered species, even an international crisis like an ozone layer problem. However, we can protect our environmental problems and various natural resources when we give effect to population control policies. For example, people cannot create new land development and they also can economize natural resources. Moreover, we cannot need a territorial dispute for exploitation of resources and an ecosystem can sustain to ecological pyramid because they are lived the natural world by decreasing of population. In conclusion, we need to population control policies for environmental preservation.

Next, population control policies give us improving educational system. As the world advances in civilization, humans receive many kinds of new education and technical education. However, some people can not receive many kinds of curriculums because congestion of population has a wide gap between the rich and the poor. Population control policies make an offer various education and more systematic educational programs for many kinds of people. Government can make reform of educational system easily, so many kinds of people can receive individual upbringing. People can obtain a home education class and government can cultivate men of talent systematically. For example, People can receive an internet lecture, a small number of students in each class, the high-tech educational program. Uneducated people also can receive some education at various educational institutions. Finally, countries that are used population control policies can create many kinds of specialists or professional managers, so government can invest their money to make better new educational system. In conclusion, we can get great educational system because of population control policies.

Finally, countries which used population control policies can make better welfare society, so we will be live in prosperity, enjoying the blessings of welfare policy. As the world advances in civilization, people can live long and they want to need the high quality of lives. For example, if we get in an accident, government gives us medical insurance benefits and we can also use various facilities for the sake of convenience. We also don’t worry about the state of employment and the percentage of employment because government try to promote national prosperity. We can receive an improvement in living standards. Government can create better urban and environmental plan conveniently in town. They can also build many kinds of Natural Park and invest their money in the beauty of a city. For example, Ulsan is an industrial city in Korea so that Ulsan got serious problems of environmental pollution and government in Ulsan could not promote national prosperity. However, Ulsan is one of population control policies cities. Nowadays Ulsan has a clear river, many kinds of welfare facilities, very big Natural Parks and makes natural areas in the midtown area beautiful, so most of people in Ulsan generally enjoy their lives. In conclusion, population control policies can make better a welfare state.

Some people or some less developed countries don’t want population control policies put in place because they believe that a great many people create higher productivity and economic growth. They also believe that the number of population is economic power and state power. However, population control policies should be put in place because many countries that used population control policies create economic prosperity and the protection of environment. As we know, population control policies offer more money for each person. People in countries that are used population control policies earn a large income. Most of an income levels in less developed countries have a small income and they usually have a work at light industries because they have too many human resources, but most of people who believed population control policies make money to extensive fields of works more than people who don’t believed population control policies. Another point is that the hours of labor. People who don’t want population control policies have more physical labor works longtime, especially; they often don’t find a place to work because too many people want to get some jobs from restriction on employment. However, governments in population control policies try to shorten working hours. For instance, people in population control policies usually work an eight-hour day, five days a week in their companies. In conclusion, population control policies should be put in place for the quality of life.

In conclusion, for the growth of a country, population control policies should be put in place. Population control policies give people a good chance. The main points are environmental preservation, more good educational system, and a welfare policy. Therefore, we have to protect the earth and try to reduce the number of population for the future generation. From our efforts, our future generation will be provided a place with good surroundings and a stable livelihood.