Thursday, March 27, 2008

Future cell phone

Ring… Ring… Nowadays mostly people have cell phones. The cell phone is the symbol of easy communication. The cell phone is the best friend of human life. The perfect cell phone should have all facilities. Now cell phone companies are providing us the best services we have ever used before. Cell phones have all basic facilities that we are already using, such as phone calls, text messaging, picture messaging, infrared, Bluetooth, voice mail, internet, GPS systems, camera, movies, pictures, audio and video recording, games, windows professional and use as a palmtop. I think cell phone companies should provide us cell phone with the latest features that we have never seen before. For example, we can see our elite future or we can predict everything about our future, we can handle our business without going to our office, we have no requirement of charge the battery and no USB ports, and also we can get 50% discounts at any stores if we show that cell phone. It should be very light weight, and slim, and it should have no more buttons on it, and great color combinations.