Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More than a mobile phone

I think the perfect phone would be small and thin and, screen would be touched-screen. And it can be put anywhere because it is very tiny. More interesting, the color can be changed by the weather. For example, if it is rainy and cloudy, the phone turns dark. If it is a lot of sunshine, it maybe turns yellow or green. The cover would be made of special glass that is clear and light, the hardness of the glass would be like steel. Sometimes you can wear like a bracelet or a watch. This ideal phone not only has the beautiful design of the appearance, but also it has wonderful functions not the same as the basic function, such as calling, messaging and taking photos. One of the new features would be like when you wear it like a watch on your waist it can test your blood pressure and tell you the result regularly. In addition, you can use this phone to make a special call to your home, then the TV will be turned on and the water-heater and the air-conditioning will start working, also. Also, there is a built-in webcam which makes It so convenient that you could have a conversation with your family or have a short, important and emergency meeting. Therefore, this is the most ideal phone in my mind.