Saturday, March 1, 2008

World Food Problem

Food is any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue. People need food all the time, but now we face there are no enough food in the earth. Before we knew hunger and malnutrition are grave problems in the world, but now it is time to say wrong. “World population continues to increase relentlessly, by over 100 million people a year” (The world food problem, 1994). So that means we needs more food for everyone each year, that’s why new map from satellites show us there are more than one third of the world's land is being used to grow crops or graze cattle now we use about 40% land of our earth for farmers to get food, in 1700’s, we just cost 7%. Problem change us believe needs find a way to make more food can let it become grave problems. So people find use high technology like clone to get more food and use aquaculture to the rescue and use greenhouse to try to fix, and these way have a lot of good effect. People use this way can have more food with less time and we can plant all the season and use make aquaculture’s scope bigger and bigger and use soil less technology to keep save land and make health food.
Now world population is 6 billion, and population will still growing, we needs more land for people to living and for farmers get food for large population. People know it is very clearly we have no enough space for both of them and no time, there are millions of people in Africa needs food to help them. Human is smart animal in the world, we can find a lot of way to fix this problem. World’s high technology is developing very faster, we find a lot of way like use clone to get more and good food but cost less then use traditional way. We use it to have Dolly show people we can do it. Use pesticide to kill pest to own good gain like DDT. People know we only can plant in the spring, so people think needs change it for every season, now we use greenhouse for plant. People want to eat health food, but fish can give us more protein and make more health, and get food from fish is another way to fix food problem. We need more land to living, so human find use soilless to get food and save land.
The first one is use high-technology to help us. People can use clone to get more food. People find some of elite cows can let us get more food or chicken can have more eggs than others, so they let these elite can have more babies, then people get more food, so use traditional way to save elite animals. But it will wait long time to get it. Now people use clone to keep elite animals it is faster than traditional way. In 1996, Dolly the sheep come to earth and gives human a surprise. Now some of clone food already in our dishes ready to let people eat. People use just 3 year to fix this problem. This will change our world history, we do not need wait long time to get elite cow and, clone will save more time to let people get it. According to Linda Bren’s article” it show clone can give superior genetics. It can select and propagate the best animal; we can get more good food and can give more milk and sheep that produce high-quality wool.” We can see clone can give us a lot of good thing, for food, people can not wait for long time; we needs get more food as soon as we can.
Now, in a lot of countries, they use another way to get food. This way is greenhouse. When you go to country-side, before you can see more land, but now you just can see some white houses. Before people only know spring we needs go to work, so In China, Chinese New Year means the spring is coming, farmers needs go to work. So people find use greenhouse can change it, we can plating every season if we want. Greenhouse can give you good temperature if people want. In the USA, people love salad everyday, but what about winter; they can not find a lot of fresh food for salad, where they can find fresh vegetable. Now greenhouse is very useful, it can let people change season, we can plant every time if we want. So no season we can get more food for human, and then it can let world’s food more and more. “In cold weather, the warm air heavy with the scent of compost, a greenhouse becomes a sanctuary where time slows and simple tasks” (Greenhouse effect, 2007). So this is one of technology give people’s gift.
The third is aquaculture. Fish, a lot of people like it, but in some people idea, they think fish is important like beef and pork or something, but they do not know fish have more protein than other food. A lot of counties close to ocean people eat more fish. And a lot of people are very poor in developing countries, a dries a few fish will be good and can get more money. “The farmers, most of them poor women and landless farmers, typically raise as few as 200 fish, feeding the carp and tilapia farm waste such as rice and wheat bran.” (Fish-farming pioneer wins ‘Nobel of food’, 2005). Some of people have no money to buy food, but raise fish will cost less and get more back, fish food just comes from farm waste. People can have enough food and money, it is one of good way to fix the world food problem, and we need keep it and make it stronger.
The last good way to fix it, we call hydroponics or soilless agriculture. In the world, a lot of land faces the presence of organisms causing diseases, irregular soil reaction, unfavorable soil composition, poor drainage and degradation due to erosion can cause serious problems for plant growth. Moreover, continuous cultivation of crops can result in poor soil fertility, after this means we have no enough food. In the article , “people find it can prevents soil borne diseases or nematode damage and water waste is reduced to a minimum while providing the possibility of adjusting air and root temperature, light, water, plant nutrition and climate. (Soil-less Agriculture Helps Save Planet, 2008)”. So this can save our world soil and space for getting food so this is good news for human.
People try to get more food, and kill the bug in the land, so they use a lot of pesticide and manure. However these are good at the right now, and we can get more food for short time. After 5 years because of pesticide and chemical fertilizer, we cannot use land and water, because of pollution. In widespread is the problem, (n.d.) “Pesticides are a cause of pollution, affecting land and water in particular. The problem is huger and food. We can think we get more food right now, what about our future, we cannot just think now and forget or think future later. If we loss it, we will lose our life, we still needs land to plant food. And use soilless to plant, not every farmer is rich than can get a lot of money to do it. We not only can get dream, we needs think true, true for farmer and for us.
Finally, if we just use traditional way to try to get enough food, it will never happen. Now high-technology can do a lot of things, we just use it to help us, and people can not stop in old mind and never goes up, it will let people lose a lot of things and more people face hungry. People need food, but some of high technology can get more and more. This is why we can not sit there seeing a lot of people hungry and die. We needs help them and help ourselves. At the end of, we can use clone food, greenhouse and fishing and soilless agriculture to get more food. These are good way to help us.
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