Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Benefits of the internet communication

A few years ago, we had just only a few ways to contact with friends and family. Letters and other post system were the only solutions to contact in long distance relationship. However, as the computer technology system developing, many people use other systems to make contact. Like Facebook is one popular system to socialize for young people. They share the information about papers and homework through the networking system; also, they can ask about problems with their work with online friends. Actually, it does not require separate times to meet classmates, because if they have a computer and a networking system, they can discuss things in the same time on the Internet. The online socializing system changes the aspect of our communication system.

It is a very good change, because we can talk with our friends and families wherever we are, and we can use it for free. Furthermore, people can make pen pal friends more easily, but it does not require pencil and paper; also, it can make that expanding our idea of other cultures through socializing with other countries’ friends.