Saturday, April 12, 2008

"famous" problem

My famous singer is Andy Liu. He is a famous Chinese singer. In public eyes, he is charming, because of his appealing voice and handsome appearance. However, in my eyes, he has a high reputation, but he is not happy but tired. Now, he is almost 50 years old, but he is still single. Why? He is a celebrity and he has no time to share with his girlfriend or family. Maybe every day he can only sleep for 4 hours. It is not an easy job to be famous. Also, you can say what you want to say and do what you want to do because what you say and what you do will influence a lot of fans. They may run after you, which is called fashion. In addition, the biggest trouble is that the star never feels what is freedom is. There are always some people with cameras who trace them and peek at their private lives. Why does this happen to the famous person. Because they are famous, and that means their special information is worth a lot of money. According to the supply and demand law, if there is a kind of demand, someone will probably supply the demand. Even though the celebrities have a haircut, it would be the headline of the newspapers just because they are famous. If one day they become the same as us, they will never meet those kind of problems. Therefore, to solve the “famous” problem, one should not be famous at all.