Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In what places is it a real problem when a cell phone rings?

I think that if a cell phone rings during a meeting or conference, it could be a real problem. It should not happen for both the speaker and the audience. Usually, if a cell phone rings during these times people can't concentrate. Also, if it happened in audience, a speaker would be in trouble becaue it would be hard to think about what the speaker is goning to say next. So, we need to make sure cell phoones are off before have a meeting or a conference. It is manner, also.

People also get in trouble when cell phones go off at the wrong times, for example, talking about important contract with a business partner. If a cell phone went off during a talk about business, it can change the terms of a business contract. Also, the partner could easily change his thinking about you. And it could change the partner's mind because of the cell phone that just went off. Businessman need to make sure their cell phone's battery is charged before calling about important things, also. -Moon-