Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Place where cell phone is hard to handle

Cell phones are very useful in today's world. It is part of technology and this development connects people all over the world. Even though they are useful to our daily lives, they still give some problems with cancer. There are many places where a cell phone may not ring. An example is at the airport,when you are ready to go to the plane, it is strictly prohibited. When the flight is already in the air, you are not allowed to turn on your cell phone because it may create some interference with the system of the engine. That is why people usually do not turn on their phone on the plane. Another place where we should not turn on our cell is at the hospital, especially in the surgery room, because it would disturb the doctor's concentration in doing the surgery on the patient. A situation where a cell phone went off and it was a huge problem, was in a business conference with another firm, and the power ran out. They lost the business and everything that went with that business, because the power ran out. The cause is the power ran out and the cell phone died. It was very bad and made people uncomfortable about what was going to happen next.