Thursday, April 17, 2008

Technology has changed people’s lives!

I strongly believe that without the technology people are handicapped. Imagine, without electricity, can we work properly? In same way without computer people are also in trouble. Nowadays people have new fundamental ideas about email, picture messages, Facebook, Orcut, live messenger in their routine life. These are the part of their daily life.

My opinion says that these social networking sites are really very easy to use and to have conversations in these networking sites save people’s time as well as money. I can email to my family, friends, business fellows, teachers, and everyone who is connected with these social networking sites. For example, I came to the USA 7 months ago and I didn’t have any contacts with my friends by cell phone, but I got in touch by e-mail. It’s free, Time saving and very fast service. People love these social networking sites. Live messenger is an advanced example of e-mail, because I can chat and talk to an other person who is online with me. Using Facebook I can make new good friends and I can build strong relationships with them that is the most beneficial part of the social networking sites, moreover, I can share my photos and videos too. Before four years ago I was totally blank about technology, but now I feel that I am the king of my technology world.