Friday, May 2, 2008


CESL is one of the most successful programs around the country. I have been at CESL more than one year and half. I enjoyed every single day at it. I learned a lot from CESL, not only educational stuff but also social things too. In my case, what I want to advise our awesome CESL to do is to give students some SIU classes while they are in CESL, because most students are shocked when they get to university for the first time. Also, it is great thing for breaking down barriers between CESL students and American students. In addition, some students have the abilities to speak English, but because of the lack of pronunciation classes they pronounce most of the words wrongly. Moreover, if CESL organizes its social life programs with SIU programs, like arranging for visiting different places, this kind of program will help students to interact with other students and improve their language. Also, there is a very important thing that CESL should provide, which is a " psychiatrist" at the CESL. Most of the CESL students suffer almost from the same symptoms, homesickness and loneliness and that might affect their studying progress. Thus following up students on studying as well as personal matters might help to parallel their college life.