Monday, June 9, 2008


Since I came to America, Facebook has become my first personal blog that shares my experience. Facebook is a sharing web site where members can upload their photos, videos, and messages. To use this e-book, it has more privacy, more fun, and less advertising. First, if users want to join Facebook, they will build their account and password to get the application. When people want to visit other members’ Facebook, they need to send an invitation to get permission. By the way, privacy is an important reason people like to use Facebook. Following the privacy, furthermore, users can get more fun from there. It provides a room for members to embed their living videos. Visitors can not only watch the photos, but also enjoy these interesting movie clips. Besides, users can chat with their friends by typing messages online. Finally, it creates a comfortable environment and clear arrangement. There is less advertising to disturb visitors. In conclusion, with these kinds of entertainment, Facebook has become very popular around the world.


Marc said...

There are number of applications in Facebook like Movie Message Such applications allows members to listen to thousands of lines from Hollywood’s greatest movies and share them with your Facebook friends. Add a personal message or just let your favorite actor say it for you.