Monday, June 16, 2008

Technology I want

Now, the world’s technology is developing really quickly, and we can have a lot of new things to use. Like cell phone, the old cell phone is very big, but now we can use a very small cell phone which can do more things. But I want my cell phone to be very real different from others’. I love computer, so I want my cell phone to be like a computer. Now the basic cell phone needs high calculations per second, because this decides whether your cell phone can be used to play games or use other software. The next thing is you need the video card, because in some games the 3D is very good, and you want to play a good game, not an old cell phone basic game, so you need a video card. Now iphone is very famous. Yeah, it is famous because of its touch screen. So I want my cell phone to have a touch screen that will look cooler than others. So this is my dream cell phone; I want to be able to have this kind of phone.