Monday, July 14, 2008

High price oil changes our life.

Our life can be changed after the oil increases. First, food price can be increasing, because modern agriculture grows crops with machines. The machines are impacted by the oil price and the crop price also can be increased. Second our economy can be in recession. People have to spend money to buy gas instead of buying other stuff such as clothes, shoes, and foods outside the house, etc. They do not wan to go out and hang out with their friends, because it requires money in modern life. Finally, people do want to travel out of the country or domestically. When oil price increases, airplane ticket prices are increased. Many people should be scared to go to travel by car that requires gas. All of the goods’ and services’ prices can be increased. However, the salary is not increased because oil price is increasing immediately. The biggest problem is their of poor people, who have a tough life because they are very sensitive to price of the goods. We need solutions to solve the problems for the people and our good life