Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Necular family

My ideal family is a small family. Here are some reasons. First of all, I think children can become more independent than in a big family. If they live in big family, they will be taken care of by their relatives very carefully. Children will not learn how to do things and deal with things by themselves. The other reason is they can meet this society earlier. Most small families' children need to work earlier; that's because they can't easily get money from their relatives. If they want to get some thing they want, they need to work. My friend is a good example; she lives with a big family. Sometimes I think she doesn't have ability to do things by herself. In addition, I think she is a little bit spoiled ; she just wants to make everybody follow her rules. Finally but not least, living in a small family can give you more privacy. Imagine when you live with a big family; sometimes when you want to go out hang out with other people, most people will ask where you are going. If you don't want to let your parents know, it will come to your parents' ears eventually. Of course people have different views about living with a big family or small one. I still prefer to have a small one.