Thursday, July 3, 2008

The nuclear family

ZhiChu Huang
July 1, 2008

The nuclear family

With the development of the modern society, families have begun to become more and more small. In my opinion, the nuclear family is a more ideal family than the big family. First, I think the less population, the more duty. People in a small family should think about and finish doing lots of things independently; it is not like the members in a big family where they can share the work of a family. So I think it is a good way that people can practice and improve their abilities as much as possible, and it also is a good way for societies’ development. Second, a small family costs less than a big family. That means people in a small family do not need to do too much work for normal lives. That makes the lives become comfortable and suitable, and people enjoy their lives without the heavy work. The last reason is that a small family can easily become a united group of a society. Members in a small family can know each other clearly, which makes it easier for them to understand everyone’s both outsides and insides. I think a united group will be an excellent element of all the society. So, I agree that a nuclear family will become more important and normal with society’s development, and I also think that one day, small families will prevail instead of big families.