Tuesday, October 28, 2008

************* Banglore *************

I have visited a couple of cities not including my hometown. Some of these towns are beautiful places and others are not so bad. Bangalore is the economical city in India. I visited this city in February 2006 when I was 17 years old. Bangalore is not a fantastic city, nor bad; there are some places that if you visit them you will say that it is clean and it is one of the developed cities. On other hand, you will say it is a very poor city and so dirty in other places. I like it because of some reasons. First, most people there can speak English, and I did not have much trouble about communication. Second, the living expenses there are not very expensive, and you can find a lot of places to enjoy yourself. There are many tourist places like museums, fairs and clubs, most of the common things you would like to be involved with. Third, I did not have troubles with food or meals because there are international restaurants and supermarkets from different countries. Thus, nothing will make you sad or homesick, because whatever you want you will find it. Finally, in this city I did not suffer anymore despite of my age; I got a lot of experience that helped me with how to deal with different kinds of people and how to behave and treat the older people.