Monday, October 27, 2008

How much do you know a relationship?

There are many kinds of relationships between people, such as friend, family and couple. The most complicated relationship is between man and woman because when they fall in love with someone, they can not control their feeling and they just think they live only for loving someone. Everyone has been trying to describe and explain what love is and what a rule of relationship is. I think, no one can explain how to make successful relationship because there is no rule and people play their own style.
However, all relationships do not always bring happiness, also, any kinds of suffer might be happened, therefore that relationships will be finished an unexpected day by any kinds of reasons. I prefer to be make friendship because that is easy to communicate with people. Also, if I have many friends as possible as I can, I feel that life is easy. Oh course, not like that easy, but when I have a problem, my friends always help me to solve my problem and also, I always share my happiness with them. However, the finding right friend is very difficult because most people hide their real faces and it is same as puzzle to find who is.
There are many ways to meet with people and they choose the right way, which will work with them. For me, I like an unexpected meeting, because I never forget that in future. I have some friend as we have known each other like that way and when we meet, we always talk about our funny story and tease each other.
In my country, we mostly meet with new people in a public area where many interesting people gather at. For me, I go to many various places, if I want to meet with someone. In truly, I had been in relationship with my boyfriend since I was in the high school, so I do not exactly have an experience of making a new relationship. However, I understood that a long distance is really good challenge of checking my relationship. Sometimes, the goal of my future seems me more important than my relationship, therefore I am here. Sometimes, I regret I left my boyfriend and, at this time, I really could not recognize that our relationship would be failed by challenge of long distance. Next time, if I leave someone, I should choose which one is important in my life: my boyfriend or my education.