Thursday, November 13, 2008


My dream is designer but I’m not sure exactly what part of the jobs. Actually I had major in my country. My major is metal smith also I have degrees. So, I want to transfer in S.I.U but I am not deciding my major yet. I want to learn Art but I can’t choose one. Now, I am very concerned two things. First, what part of the Art majors do I like more? Which kind of majors can I enjoy? Second thing is getting job. What part of the Art major is getting good job. I know that job is depends on the people who has a good talent. But I figure out the general cases. Therefore, I have very hard to think about the major. I really don’t know which one is better to me. So, I am still thinking.

Also, I have some fear. I never had been to get fear about the future but I am not anymore. I don’t know that I got some fears now why those things I have. I think that reason is the ages. If I am getting older and older, I will get more fear and stress because I am not child. I should decide many things by myself. I hate this things but I have to do that. Another reason is less confidence than when I was young. When I was child, I did know about the social things. I thought if I grow up, I can do that everything. But it is not true. Now, I got a little less confidence than before because I know what is true.

I will try to find my dream. Actually, it is not easy. I will struggle more than before.