Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Dream


Each person has one or more dreams that he try in many ways to meet. Some of them are easy to get and some of them are hard. When I was a child, I had a big dream that I wanted to be a surgery. My mother was proud of me because of my dream. I wanted to protect any children from losing their father. I was suffering a lot from losing my father because my father dead when I was a child. When I played with the other children I liked to portray a surgery. It was a great feeling. However, the fate was stop in my way. Since, I graduated from the high school. I applied to the medicine university in my city. The challenge was the university just accepted 200 students each year and had difficult test to join this university. I tried to pass the test, but I failed. I was sad because I lost two things the opportunity to help the people from losing someone they love and making my mother keep proud about me.
Next, I was adult, so I was looking for realistic dream. The second dream was a successful businessman. I chose the prince Alwaleed Bin Talal as role model. Also, I put his picture in every place in my room. I started my first step to make the dream in 1998. I opened a small store to sell cellular phones and Accessories of the cellular phones. The second big jump was investing my money in new business in Saudi Arabia that was advertising. I started with four employees and rented digital printing machine. Now, I owner a small company, which called Dimensions advertising, that have 28 employees and two branches. I had a big fear before I came to the United States, because there was no one can manage the company after I left. My uncle learned the work very fast and he control every thing. My last dream is to find beautiful girls that respect me and the marriage life. I hope from God to give me long time to accomplish my entire dream.