Thursday, November 13, 2008


Soccer is the most popular game in the world. We can watch it, play it, and even play it with play station every time and anywhere. The best thing in soccer is that this game doesn’t know rich or poor, friend or enemy, and son or father. People all play and have fun together as friends. First, soccer is my best game ever. I play this game every time I have free time. I am a good goalkeeper, especially when I have an important game. Second, the difference between soccer in the U.S. and my hometown is that people are don’t have good knowledge about soccer. So, we can’t find a lot American players to play with us. But, there are many international friends who can play with us. The two big differences are that in my hometown we don’t have a lot of grass in the ground but here, most fields have grass. The second big difference is that in my hometown, people speak the same language about soccer, so my team can understand each other and can negotiate with the referee. For Example, foul, corner, plenty, or he kicked me. But that is easy for me now, because here I learned many words with the time. Finally, soccer is the best game for me. I play it, watch it, read news, and the best gamer, in it.