Monday, February 23, 2009

Facebook, The Way Of The Future

Hussein Mansho

In the past, people used to live in tribes or groups to be connected to each other. Connection is very important in every period of the time. In these days people with all the world's new technology don’t need to live in tribes or groups anymore, because the technology has made conation easy in any place in the world. Facebook is a new way of connection that the advanced technology provided to us. It is a very popular website, which people from all over the world use in order to connect with each other. Facebook is a very useful website because of three things. First, it is one of the best ways for friends' connection. Second, it is a very helpful website for college’s students. Finally, it is a practical website for business.

Facebook is a very good way for friends' connection. First, by it users can find their old friend whom they lost connection with them. For example, in it a person can find some friends who he or she had studied with in elementary school, middle school, high school or college. Second, it is one of the cheapest ways that a person can keep in touch with his or her friends by, even if he or he is far away from them. For example, by it I can contact my friends and their new friends In Saudi Arabia while I am studying here in America, and I pay nothing. Third, by it a person can know about his entire Friends’ activities and participate with them if they are interested in that. Finally, by it a person can know more or new information about his or her friends that could make him or make her understand them better.

Facebook is a beneficial website for students. First, students can know the answer of the hard questions in certain classes by a certain group that they make in it. For example, if some students were attending a chemistry class and the teacher of this class gave them 10 questions as homework, a student who didn't know the answer of a question or more could post the question or the questions in Facebook and ask if anyone knew how to do it or them and hopefully he would get the answer or answers. Second, students who are about to graduate from high schools can make groups or inter groups in it, in older to collect information about universities from their future classmates. Finally, students who attend classes with a certain professor can exchange their notes by it or by their group in it. For example, by it an absent student could get other students’ notes and hopefully would understand the lecture that he or she missed.

Facebook is a good website for business. First, because of its huge number of participators companies can advertise their products on it. "Facebook has hit the 175,000,000 active user mark, just 5 weeks after it hit 150 million users in January. At this rate, Facebook has been growing by well over 600,000 users per day over the last several weeks" (Inside Facebook, 2009, p. 1-1). Second, managers and workers in the same company can make close relations by it and know more about each other by it. Everybody knows that the good relationship between manager and his workers make workers work more effectively. Third, by it companies can stay in touch with their ex-employees and get benefits from their experiences. Finally, companies can get feedback from their consumers if they build good relationships with them in it.

Facebook is a great website for Friends’ connection, a useful website for students, and a practical website for business. The revolution of connection makes the connection between people easier and cheaper. In these days a person can connect and make relationships with people even if he or she hasn’t met in regular life. Also, the connections in these days sometimes cost no money because of Internet. People should use the new ways of connection wisely and effectively. They should make them an enduring land for the next generations.


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