Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Overpopulation in India

In the article, “overpopulated India,” by Wahidah, she mentions that India will become the most populated country in the world if it keeps its current population growth rate. Therefore, Wahidah suggests three solutions that India should do in order to cope with its overpopulation and control it. It should increase awareness of the public and of women, it should control the population in several ways, Media can play one of the most important roles in education the public. She thinks that the media such as movies, magazines, newspapers, television, conferences, books, lectures and radio can make the people aware. Also, she thinks that family planning services and programs should be improved to solve the overpopulation problems. Finally, government can play the most important role in the birth control process and in solving the overpopulation problems.

I don’t agree with Wahidah, because she thinks that India is an ordinary country. I feel that she forgets that India is a very poor country, and more than half of its population lives in rural areas. Also, most of them are illiterate. Therefore, the media can not play a strong role to decrease the overpopulation in India. Furthermore, I don’t think that family planning services and programs can do them their work effectively, because it is hard for them to reach some rural areas with many people in India. Also, the government can not reach them, because they are located in Indian mountains. I think that India should keep its population growth rate, because that could help it with growth economy, and it needs high population, especially in agriculture.