Monday, March 2, 2009

How Big Are We Getting To?

How Big Are We Getting To?
Carlos Malcon Matute Castillo.
EAP2 A. Writer’s Workshop.
Mr. Leveret.

How Big Are We Getting To?

The idea from some people about not having children does come along with some reflections they have made by experiencing in the surrounding some difficulties such as global warming, lack of food, spaces to live, ecosystem breakdown and weather, among others. As Cara Swam, author of the article: ”Global Overpopulation” considers that food production has slowed down and consumption has increased creating more health problems in the poorest areas of the world. However, women, nowadays as they have become more independent and productive, have started having babies in later ages than before, and indeed, the family has been more planned as the women are taking some precautions by using contraception pills and spending more time at school in order to ensure what would be called a good life. Nevertheless this attitude from women has not yet stopped growing population, this continuous increasing in big amounts.

The world might take away some of the number of benefits we are enjoying now, if the population continuously grows as fast as it is growing now. That is why many people are watching all over the environment, making sure they still keep in good shape and safe. Moreover, the growth of population, as birth control it refers, has become one of the biggest worries, for governments, since this also carries less production of foods, less spaces for accommodation, health problems, poor maintenance of the natural resources, and all kind of things humans need to run life, as for instance. Indeed, it is not easy to handle a strong opinion about overpopulation, in my concern, because the decision of not having babies or having more, must, in most cases obey to religion, cultural traditions and personal pressures from particular societies.

The number of people in the world numbers now at several billion, and what surprises the must, according from Cara Swam, is that five babies are born every one second, and this increases the population by three humans every second, while only two people die in the same amount of time. Just having this information makes me think about how many people we will be in this world in about ten or twenty years. I do picture those overpopulated countries such as China and India will also continuo dwarfing most countries in the world. It looks like we will be too many, and some of the natural resources, water, plants and petrol, will not be enough to share with others because the consumption of them will become higher than we thought before. Besides, this high consumptions will demand more production that we might not be able to fulfill.

Nevertheless, to avoid certain inconveniences, in the near future, we should keep watching the surroundings in order to keep them in shape and safe. What it also means to keep a balance between humans and the resources we still have. I know, this is not an easy task to achieve when particular interests from country to country vary. And so, this also means to have a common agreement among all nations from all over the world in order to set a very conscious program that would allow the population to pursue a common goal which would be, in this case, “Save the planet from pollution, animal extinguishing, depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, etc.”
In fact, the need is not only creating conscious programs among the population as a prevention to protect the world from overpopulation, as birth rates rise up, but also, is to take into account what we have now in order to run it fairly, the world, with balance provide enough foods, accommodation, good health, etc. to continue living by having, also, fair distribution of the resources. In contrast, controlling the overpopulation is not easy, since there are many issues involved, such as particular decisions religion, cultural traditions, country needs, etc. In addition, the current demands from the society in which people are more interested in spending more time at school to get more professional preparation and indeed more money to survive.

And so, how do we want to enjoy what we have in the world, if we might not have started controlling the balance of the population so far? This would be a matter of communities’ enrollment by keeping safe the environment and surrounding as it provides us food, air, water, etc. There are so many things we can do, but, it all depends on what every one of us wants as our heritage to our future generations. And so the idea of no having children would change.

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