Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Worldwide Window To Peer In.

Carlos Malcon Matute Castillo.
Writer’s Workshop.

A Worldwide Window To Peer In.

I am a brand new user of Facebook. I have just started less than twenty days ago thanks to the instruction of a friend who motivated me to get into this amazing way of communication. Even though I am struggling through this facility, I have also found more issues that favor the network than the cons of using it. I am so happy from seeing again my old friends from school, university and jobs. So, there is no way I would be against the use of Facebook because it has made my life entertaining; besides, it has allowed me to contact most of my friends who have been prompted by others and dropped me some good lines that have embraced more friendship among them. They also seemed interested in contact me again after several years of not seeing each other.

Nevertheless, it is up to every individual to decide what is the intention of using Facebook. And so, this is a main source to be considered for people’s opinions and point of view. Besides, this is the second largest social network on the web, in terms of traffic.(Yadav. 2006). Personally, I am for the use of Facebook, in many ways, because I do consider that risk would come up, anyway. But as long as we set in mind what would happen to the information we display worldwide it should not be getting us into any trouble.

In fact, in my case, the idea is to meet my old good and new friends in order to make stronger my relationship with them. This is the reason I am for the use of Facebook. Since I have gotten acquainted with it in this short period it has made me happy because I have only to read about people I know and from the others that I have been recommended from my former pals. Needless to say, that as I have reached the Facebook my only target is to see what is happening to my dear friends and I don't go beyond what I am exposed to. Other reasons I am for this website are: the information floods quickly, and I am able to get the gist, right away, from whom or what I am concerned and keeps briefly and focusing on the main points. So, my pursuit is to keep in touch, set a friendship and get stronger on friendship. So far, I am not going beyond this intention. I am a busy person, and I do not want to waste my time.

Moreover, Facebook has not only allowed us to enjoy friendships but also to reach people and even to meet them, in their places. I wish I could have time now to do so. As a result, we can all get excited about this idea of meeting others through the network or personally. Furthermore, these people offer a strong distance company, I have perceived, as I have seen pictures from them, their families or jobs. It also seems to me that it is a polite and educated way to contact people rather than being overwhelmed the net with nasty and insane issues and follow the idea why Facebook was recently created... as a way for Mark Zuckerberg and other Harvard students to keep in touch over the Internet and get to know each other better (Roeder. N.d.)

The Facebook facility is also a way to keep immersed with a foreign language. As in my case, I have learned a lot of new things from the colloquial talking of some of my American friends. It is also encouraging because it has kept me using English at all times. In addition, by using this website, in particular, it allows me to ladder up the knowledge of language I have. On top of that, I have the only intention of setting contact with my friends. We never know what future will come through, friends around us are making their dreams come true. And a good time of sharing could be expected for us.

As a conclusion there always be more positive issues to count by using Facebook but we do have to set in mind what is our real pursuit of using this amazing facility that is now narrowing people’s relationship and allowing them to meet and share good memories from the distance somehow.

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